‘Twas the night before Christmas . . .

Twinkling Christmas tree Multicolor

And I’ve not finished shopping.  :-(

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  1. I’ll be back on Christmas Day. Enjoy the holiday, everyone!

  2. Good luck with the shopping, have a good Christmas. I’m dealing with internet service that is in and out and can’t get it fixed until Friday.

  3. Merry Christmas everyone. I’m with Taylor’s dad, I’ll be glad when it’s over. Going to son’s tomorrow then daughter’s on Thurs. Then going out New Years Eve. with friends.

  4. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Ooo, pretty tree. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
    Seors with Taylors dad? :lol:

    Yeah, I kind of agree with him this year too. I just wasn’t ready for holidays. But here they are.

  5. Look how long her hair is!! She is so cute. Our new baby is losing her hair. haha!

    I hope everyone had a great Christmas morning!

  6. Seor! LOL at your comment, It does appear you’re with Taylor’s dad and can’t wait for it to be over. :lol:

  7. Didn’t see the comments they didn’t show up.

    Henry, she is just adorable, her hair is really getting full.

    Seor, Taylor’s Dad, enjoy!!


  8. Hmmm, comments are not showing up, I thought this thread was closed no comments. When I come into the site it only shows images, but if I click on the last person in, then I can see the comments, interesting


  9. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I keep going to a previous blog instead of the current one. But clicking on the last comment gets you where you want to go.
    I did see your comments on the previous blog also.

    Addisons hair keeps growing in back and the front is growing but very slowly. Its so thin and fine in front that its hard to see but slowly but surely is coming in. I suggested they rub some miracle gro on it. :lol:

  10. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I’m betting that as soon as Christmas was over that Taylor headed to the islands to work on the tan for a few days. We’ll see. :lol:

  11. Henry, Lily’s is just starting to fill in. My niece had to keep getting it cut to keep it even. Now its coming in thick and full.

    No doubt that he is on his way to some island working on his tan. He’s earned it, he always pushing/promoting himself. sometimes he looks so exhausted to me, but he keeps going. Any down time he gets he has worked hard for and deserves it.

    Hope everyone had a nice Christmas.I had said I wanted one of those Kueric coffee makers, so Tommy got me one. He is the coffee drinker not me, I drink tea. I have a hot shot, but its on its way out, been leaking the past few weeks, I can still just heat my water in it. Got him some K-cups from Dunkin Donuts and hot chocolate for the house.

    My SIL is having everyone down tomorrow for a Christmas get together. All but Kayla have to work. Tommy and Brodie will meet us down there. It should be fun, we have all the stuff we got for Lily so it will be Christmas all over for her again tomorrow. My SIL said she was so overwhelmed yesterday that she only gave her one gift and will give her the rest tomorrow.


  12. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I agree, JI, contrary to what some think, I think Taylor works damn hard. The travel alone is exhausting. Hope he has a chance to soak up some sun.
    I laughed at what my son said about Addy. People been warning her away from the packages all month. So yesterday she didn’t know what to think about more under the tree. He said he tore the corner off one to get her started and she tried to repair it. :lol:
    But she finally got the hang of it.

    Oh and JI they have tea for the Kurig, however you spell it. Comes in the little doo dads just like the coffee.

  13. Henry, I know some don’t feel he works as hard as he should, but from what I see/read the man is always working and traveling to advance his career. Some of the last video’s I saw of him on some of those shows where he was cooking, he just looked tired you could see it in his eyes. I am also hoping he is taking some down time to relax and get some needed rest.

    Thats so cute Addy tried to rewrap. I remember Kayla doing the same thing, and Brodie showed her what she was missing then she got the hang of it real quick, LOL

    Kayla and I looked up the tea for the Kueric, I’ll get some, but the tea is pretty expensive its cheaper just getting the tea bags and heating the water.


  14. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Yeah, the coffee is pretty expensive too. After staying with my sister for awhile and using hers, I decided they were very nice but for me, I thought I was better off with my little 4 cup maker.

  15. Henry, Kayla and I figured it out, I’ll be saving half of what I spend at Dunkin Donuts getting Tommy two coffees every Friday, Sat and Sunday, so for that it will be worth it. I drink alot of tea, and the k cups are about $2.00 for each cup, I get 100 bags for $2.79 at Shoprite. We will see how it goes.


  16. Happy Birthday, Henry!!! :-)

  17. Jersey, register your brewer at Keurig dot com. You’ll get free coffee with your first order. For every cup you order, you get a point and after 500 points you get coffee at a better price per box. It averages about 42 cents a cup then. I can’t live without my Keurig. I have one at work in my office and one at home. I don’t buy tea from them, that’s just dumb. haha!! I buy the tea at the grocery store and use the Keurig for the hot water. No brainer. :lol:

    Some day we need to get our babies together for a play date. :-) I love that your baby tried to repair the damage to the package, Henry! haha!

  18. And jersey, once you register, you’ll get coupon codes every so often that give you additional money off. I usually wait for those sales, then stock up.

    I sound like a commercial. :lol:

  19. ParleyBlue/Henry

    You folks aren’t real tea people. A real teapot and loose tea. Tea bags, the very idea, what are you tea baggers? :lol:

    I don’t think the Keurig tea is that high at the grocery store or maybe I’m nuts. But I didn’t care for it that much.

    I don’t drink a lot of tea but when I do its got to be the real deal. I have a number of teapots but I like the little striped one. Has a little basket in the top. Put in the loose tea, pour in the hot water and let it steep. Now that’s real tea. :lol:

  20. hahaha!! Maybe on my vacation. I’ll try “real” tea! I have never done that! I’m all about quick! Oh dear god, please don’t let me like it, I don’t need another addiction. I have another friend who’s trying to talk me into a French press for coffee. Like I have all the time in the world…. lol

  21. Happy Birthday Henry, sorry I missed yesterday.

    Henry, My Grandmother had these little metal balls with chains and a hook on them that she would put the tea in and brew. Think I still have one of them around somewhere, she never used a tea bag.

    Chill, I got some with it the Keurig, I will log onto the site to get the specials you are talking about. I just got some at Dunkin Donuts to get going, I know he likes the coffee and Brodie and Kayla like the Hot Chocolate.

    Going down to see Lily today after work. My SIL wanted to have a get together at her house, since this will be their last Christmas there. Originally they said they would be in the new house in Feb now its May. My BIL has a sinus infection he does all the cooking he still isn’t himself so we are going out to dinner instead of having it at the house.

    Brodie was amazed he was at his buddy Scotty’s house his little boy Dylan who will be 1 in Jan started walking while he was there. He said he pulled himself up on Brodie’s leg and Scotty said “come to Daddy Dylan” and turned around wobbled a bit but took about 5 steps to Scotty then lost his balance. Brodie said “Mom you know me I’m not good with kids, but I got a little chocked up being there seeing him walk for the first time” Little Dylan loves Brodie, he said as soon as he comes in Dylan has his arms out to him to pick him up. I said he is breaking you in your better than you think you are with little ones. Lily seems to adore him too. My niece says when she tells Lily that we are coming to visit she always asks if Brodie will be there.


  22. Just catching up. Haha, about my Taylor’s dad comment. You girls turned it into a humorous one.

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