hahahaha!!!!  I can’t believe you thought this was Taylor!

And I’ve been out of the loop for a while!

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  1. Chill, I didn’t think it was Taylor, the hair is too white, and the hands don’t look like his either. Somersette said the ears aren’t his, he has tiny lobes this guy has big lobes.

    Its beautiful tonight, nice and cool, but we can’t open the windows for 24hrs. Keep going out on the deck to cool down then coming back in. It was brutal cooking dinner tonight, I had planned this crock pot chicken with rigatini, Tommy was like it has to be 100 degrees in here, perhaps you should have made something else. Almost hit him, like I knew we would be entombed for 24 hours and that the AC unit wouldn’t fit back in the window. He said I’m sorry I’m sorry we will get take out tomorrow, hopefully we can get a new AC sometime tomorrow. I said if we could open the windows it wouldn’t be so bad, the temps are supposed to drop and be cooler the next few days.


  2. Taylor’s lobes are attached. LOL!! I can’t believe we’ve been talking about this since yesterday! hahaha

  3. LOLOLOLOL, Good lordy I’m glad I missed out on that conversation!! In the first place, Taylor doesn’t wear glasses. :D

    Lovin’ the airplane photo…2 thumbs up on that one…although I still like the Uncle Sexy VIP the best ;)

  4. chill, me either, LOL :) When I first saw the pic just thought it was someone saying looks a bit like T, but then folks were saying it was him, I just didn’t see it.

    Plumbers are here, thank goodness the new siding isn’t on yet, they have to cut the outside of the house to fix the leak, they couldn’t do it the way Tommy thought they could. I hear the saw going now don’t even want to look, but I will. I am also thankful Tommy is home today they had called him from work thought they would need him Mon & Tues but it got pushed to Wed & Thurs.

    Gonna talk with Brodie tonight about getting the new AC, its supposed to be cooler through the weekend, so I think we have a little time. If his buddies don’t want the old one I’m gonna put it out in front of the house with a free sign on it, someone will take it.


  5. My house cut open, it was a tiny pin hole, but they are gonna replace the whole drain pipe:


  6. Peeps got mad at me, but it still looks like T. to me. I’ve even seen his lobes look like that at certain angles and then there is the white fuzz all over the photo which distorts things. But I give up and will say Taylor has a double who is in Vegas in Ceasor owned properties.

    Geesh! I was even accused of trolling and I’m not the one who brought the discussion over to T.’s thread. Sometimes it’s hard to have a little fun!

  7. Rosie, you a troll, LOL!! :) Everyone sees something different, but I don’t see T when I look at that pic, we all could be wrong and you right, if he doesn’t answer the question we will never know for sure.


  8. haha!! You’re a troll! That’s hilarious! I laughed for two days going back and forth about that picture.

  9. Tish! That picture is in my Top 5 too!

  10. Boy JI you are having a lot of work done on your house.

    95% of pics of T are good, but we sure could use a few shirtless pics. He’s a bit paranoid about being photographed without a shirt or even w a sleevless cut off shirt. I don’t think we’ve seen his chest since the Maui mess! lol No way could I identify him by his chest.

  11. Rosie, Yes we are, I’m calling the 100,000 mile check up, LOL!! )
    We were having trouble with siding coming off, the guys that are doing the job this time around said it wasn’t done right that’s why in high winds its comes off. The bathroom again some things weren’t done right when we did it 28 yrs ago, the skylight leaked which no matter what we did it ruined the ceiling. The deck it was starting to get wobbly in some areas so it needed to be redone. Our reasoning at this point is if Tommy can’t get a full time job at the salary he was making and we have to sell, the house will be market ready and most of what we are doing we will recoup in the sale.


  12. Rosie, you have a hard time identifying him in a blur too. LOL!!

    Saw the golf shot! Love Golf Taylor!

  13. Maybe that’s what he’s going to look like in a few years. Vegas ages you. LOL. Late nights, lots of restaurant food, short concerts on a little stage so not much exersize there, lack of sunlight. He’s already starting to get that pasty white bloated look.

  14. parleybluehenry

    You all know perfectly well that’s Taylor. :wink:

    I thought I was the troll, rosie. :lol:

  15. haha!!! And the debate rages on!

  16. Henry, Saw the article was very well written and showed what an all around entertainer T is!! :)

    Crazy, crazy around here. We’ve had rain almost a week straight. The guys finally came back today, the new front door and storm door are on, all the window trim should be done by today, then the siding. They finally got the approvals for the deck that will start right after the siding is done. Got the new AC, of course we are running into a problem with that, the old one was on a separate 220 line, the new one runs off of a 110. Tommy is worried it will be too much strain on the socket we will have to plug into. Brodie’s friend Caine is an electrician he is coming over to see what he can do maybe change to 220 line to a 110 so the ac will still be on its own line, never ends, LOL!! :)

    Tonight is my SIL’s retirement party, Kayla is coming up we didn’t tell her she was coming so she will be very surprised to see Kayla there. Brodie is getting out of work early so he can come with us. The star of the show will be there Lily!! :)


  17. That doesn’t look like him, Henry. :-)

  18. Henry, LOL, No doubt about it that’s the man!! )

    Our poor house we haven’t had two days in a row all this month without rain. What should have been a three day job is going on two weeks. Almost all the siding is on, new front door and new storm door are in place. If they can get the 1/2 day in today without any rain the siding may be done. Then they just have to put shudders, and the new outside lights up. The inside of the house is turned upside down, Tommy has just been putting stuff all over. Told him and Brodie the old AC has got to get out of here this weekend, then I’ll be able to put the livingroom back to where it should be. They are saying its supposed to hit 90 today, we can’t put the new AC in until they caulk the windows which is one of the last things they do, ugh.

    After much going back and forth we decided to throw all of Kayla’s bedroom furniture out. I couldn’t get all the stickers and stuff she put all over everything. I wanted to try and hold onto to it, my Mom bought both the her and Brodie’s sets, but it wasn’t meant to be.

    Brodie and the boys are playing today at the Stanhope House not far from us. Its an early show for them, they go on at 4:00. Kayla will meet us there, just gonna get some burgers there for dinner.

    Chill, hope you are doing well. Been thinking about you working the 2nd job again.


  19. ParleyBlue/Henry

    What a mess you have JI. I don’t envy it. Nothing will bring on rain it seems like some reconstruction I’ve heard they have been having way more than normal rainfall back east.
    I might could have got the stickers off for you, I take a lot of them off things at work. Goo-Gone or De-Solv-It usually work but they sometimes leave spots so its hard to say.

  20. Henry, We tried goo gone got some of the stuff off, but was taking the finish off with it, Tommy just felt it wasn’t worth saving. Brodie’s buddy Jeff helped him dismantle everything and put it on the truck. For now we will just put an air matress in there if she comes home. We saved the tower that her tv & stero were in, all of the books, clothes and pictures. When she graduates she can bring the set we bought her for her apt. Not as nice as what she had, but its a chest of draws w/mirror and a desk with a chair. That will be her room for now. I went in her room but really didn’t look at exactly what was on the furniture. Oh well time to get past it.

    Wishing all the Dad’s a happy day! Brodie is taking us out to dinner tonight. Tommy was doing work around the house on Mother’s Day and didn’t want to go out so Brodie is taking us for both days.

    The guy played at the Stanhope House yesterday, it was an early show, all Punk Bands. We stayed a bit, but the drunker the kids got, the wilder the dancing got. They almost plowed into the table we were sitiing at, time for Mom and Dad to leave, LOL!! :)


  21. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Know what you mean JI. Doesn’t always work without leaving spots. I hate goo gone anyway. Sometimes the greasy mess it leaves is worst than the original mess. :lol:

  22. Henry, Once the stuff gets on its really hard to get it off. The other thing she did not intentionally when she worked on school projects and used permanent marker it went through to the wood leaving marks.

    Our next problem is with the deck. They took it down yesterday. When the old deck was put up, one of the footings was right next to the drain pipe for my kitchen. No way it will get approved that close to a pipe. They don’t know how it got approved the first time. The guys were really nice dug out the whole pipe for us so we wouldn’t have to pay a plumber to escavate. Tommy called a plumber yesterday but they haven’t gotten back to him. The guys for the deck just showed up a few minutes ago, they are going to cut the pipe and re-route it the way they feel it needs to go, then we just have to have the plumber ok it. Never ends. The house looks great doesn’t even look like my house anymore, LOL!! :) I’ll post pics after everything is done. For now they moved my grill to the front of the house so I wouldn’t have to run up and down the stairs to cook. Of course now we don’t have any rain, its been clear all week so far, so hopefully they will be able to get back to rebuilding the deck soon.


  23. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Check this out. :lol:

  24. ParleyBlue/Henry

    You gotta go to youtube. :lol:

  25. ParleyBlue/Henry

    He never fails to amaze me. I’ve never heard a more creative musician.

  26. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Be sure to check out the one where you have to go to youtube. There was a reason for not allowing embedding. :lol:

  27. Henry, he sure is amazing, just love watching him perform. Will go to ytube to watch the other one

    The building inspector came yesterday, got all the approvals for the deck, it should be done by Tues and the final inspection. The guys doing the deck rereouted the pipe and covered everything before the inspector came. We had the guy who is doing the bathroom come out and look, he said they did a good job but he would have done it a little different, and would have cost us $2,000. Tommy asked the contractor would the price of the deck go up because of the pipe problem he said no, problems are worked into the price, they usually do run into something that could cause a problem. We have to have the project manager come out. The windows are smaller than what we had, the LR AC won’t be a problem but the bedroom windows are about a 1/2 inch in height too small to get the AC in. We need to see if there is something they can do with the windows so we can get them in. Other than that everything looks great!

    Our little kittie Jameson we think go into some of the styrofoam from the LR AC. He hasn’t eaten much today, but a friend of mine said they usually just wait for them to pass it. If they ate alot they would vomit, but he didn’t. I’m sure Brodie will want to take him to the vet tomorrow.


  28. parleybluehenry

    Check out this review for Taylor on Ticketmaster. Very few complaints among those reviews.

    If you love music and down to earth performer who loves his fans this is the
    show for you. Taylor Hicks loves to perform. Not your typical celeb who hides
    behind an army of security. Book the VIP ticket and take your photos with
    Taylor and your I phone. CD;s, Shirts and photos are available to have Taylor
    personalize for you. He takes his time with every single guest. His band is the
    same group of people he had with him long before American Idol. Not someone
    who forgets the people who started out with him. He deserves a much bigger
    room with a full production. I hear a lot of Adam Clayton Thomas the Blood
    Sweat and Tears lead singer in his voice but a lot of Elvis and a host of great
    deep south R&B performers with a little country thrown in as well. He is
    someone that peforms for the thrill of being on stage in front of his fans. And
    his love for our country and those men and women who serve in the military is
    evident. Spend the money to see his show and you will come away with a new
    appreication for his music and style. He won all of our votes on American Idol
    and now we can show our support for him by getting the word out about his
    show at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Taylor is a true American Icon that
    connects with everyone attending his show in this intimate theater. You won’t
    get more entertainment for the dollar in Las Vegas and be this close to the

  29. Henry, nice review, hadn’t seen that one. Happy to see him getting positive feedback for his shows.


  30. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Well, I guess no one comes here anymore since twitter took over the world. By the way, I hate twitter more than ever, for many, many reasons.

    But anyway, I really thought we needed this pic here.

  31. Henry, Perfect pic, love it!!

    Deck was completed yesterday:

    We’ve been real busy here, washing all the deck furniture today before bringing it back up. Waiting for Brodie to get back to move the grill onto the deck. Next project is the bathroom, we are still waiting for the vanity, medicine cabinet and extra cabinet to come in, then we can schedule the work to begin.


  32. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Looks great JI!

  33. Hey, sorry I don’t post here more. I do read. That’s a great review you posted Henry!! And of course that picture needs to be here, Taylor with showgirls!!

    My husband and I had a great time in Vegas last week. We got to see Taylor’s show 2 nights in a row & I had a blast. I don’t take pictures during his shows, I’m just not wired that way, but I did walk all around the Paris hotel and casino and take photos of all the advertisements for Taylor’s show. Here’s the link to the photos at my photobucket account. Our meet & greet photos are there too. :)

  34. Uh oh, that link didn’t work, let me try this one

  35. Tish, Love the pics you took of all the advertisements for the shows, they were great to see!! Glad you and your husband had a good time!

    Wish I could get down to Alantic City to see him down there, not sure if the bathroom will be getting done then. My SIL said if they are not working on it then, she would go down with me to see a show. Her and Greg go a lot and have comp rooms, so I haven’t given up hope yet of possibly seeing him this month!


  36. I hope you get to go the Atlantic City JI :)

  37. Love this!! Taylor interviewing the top 10 from season 12, he is such a ham:


  38. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I love that too, JI. Taylor did a really good job being an interviewer.
    Hows all the remodeling coming? My money is going on my vehicle. I have to get everything done so I don’t have to worry about it for awhile anyway. Just finished brakes. Now onto the shock absorbers. :lol:

    Do you remember Amy H from the boogie board, JI? She put up a nasty, hate filled blog about T yesterday and replaced it with another today. That’s on HER blog called Crafty Peaches not at the boogie board. I had to tell her what I thought, of course my remarks never saw the light of day. Except I put them on sweetsmokes board and they all read there. :grin:
    Its not that she is worth anyones time anymore, Taylor has moved on and I think hes much more interesting than her. :lol:

  39. Henry, Just waiting for a date for the bathroom now. Everything came in being delivered tomorrow. Got the final approvals for the deck so all is good.

    I remember Amy H wasn’t she an admin over on the BB? A hate filled blog about T, what could he have done to her to cause that, I will go over and look at ss board. Taylor has it all going on, the man amazes me all the time with his abilities to entertain people and truley enjoy what he is doing. :)


  40. ParleyBlue/Henry

    If you go to ss’s board JI look at the American Idol section for a thread called Closing the Door.
    Heres hoping that door did hit her in the ass and hard. :lol:

  41. Henry, Wow, read it, just a crazy rant thats for sure. Sounds like a scorned lover. She went back an listened to his music and his whiskey/smoke voice is off key, boy is she off, LOL :)


  42. ParleyBlue/Henry

    LOL JI, I wanted to go over to the boogie board and post how sad I was to hear their former administrator had lost her mind. :lol:
    Taylors voice is stronger than ever, when he sings night after night you would think he could have a little problem now and then but he seldom seems too.
    She replaced that blog with another this morning, just as bad, and its so clear to see that she really doesn’t have a clue about him, what hes done or how hes had to do it, or his music.
    Shes right about one thing, she was wasting her money and time because shes a complete fool.
    She had a big ol’ fantasy goin on about him in the beginning and of course that didn’t work out so now shes bitter. Mean and bitter.

    There is a Superman manifesto on her blog that I just find hysterical. She is a strange one. :lol:

  43. Henry, Like I said a long time ago, if my interest in Taylor goes away, I in turn would go away quietly. Would never think of trying to diss the man, he has worked so hard to get to where he is. I agree his voice is stronger than ever, he is working it every night just about. Doing Vegas I would think people would want to hear his Idol songs thats probably where they remember him from and spark their interest again in seeing him. It only promotes him more to new fans. I don’t see how believing in someone is a waste of time or money. Something must have changed that made her do a complete turnaround. Maybe she finally realized her fantasy will never come true. Being in a fan base you have to be a realist, realize you will never be a part of the person’s inner circle it just won’t happen. Think many that were in the fan base to start had that same fantasy, which will never happen. I just truley enjoy his music, he has a gift to interpet music and present it, that it never gets old, he always adds something to a song that was different from before.

    Rosie, where are you?? Hope all is well. Haven’t seen you on twitter.


  44. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Rosie tweeted yesterday that she was down with a bad tooth. But she was back tonight and in fine form.
    Taylor and his “super hero” response was funny. :lol:
    He seems to think super heros and underwear go together. At least that’s better than thinking they are real like some folks seem to. :lol:

    I had responded to that goof AmyH but of course she won’t show my comments but she did mention me in her latest dumbass post. I just put it all on sweetsmokes. I think shes getting some comments but shes not going to show them. I guess I must have rattled her cage a little. :lol:

  45. Henry, Saw that she responded to you. She needs to just move on if thats what she wants to do. She should realize that his fans are not gonna sit quiet while someone is being negative about him, think she has been around long enough to know they will jump on it, LOL!! :)

    Didn’t make it back on to twitter last night glad to see Rosie is ok. Always get a little worried when someone who regularly tweets, then nothing, not being nosy just concerned.


  46. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I swear that lady is crazy JI. I think using her blog to respond to someone without showing what they said to her is as cowardly as it gets.
    She spoke to me again, putting the name “henry” in a foreign language. Got all condescending about what I should be doing with my life. You know, all the “get away from the computer, go out and smell the flowers” bull shit.
    I always have to laugh when someone starts in on the “why are you spending all this time on me” crap. Are they idiots? It takes 2 minutes to send a response. Its not like I sat there the whole damn day typing away.
    It seems to me that people do that “wasting your life on the computer” crap when they know you are right and don’t have anything else to say.
    Hey, come to sweetsmokes board more often and check out the other threads. They have all the latest info, pictures, interviews, everything. And if you don’t want to hear bad things about little D you don’t have to look at that section :lol:
    Its really just news about different AI contestants. I saw Picklers new vid on there. The song is pretty good and her dancing is really beautiful.
    I hope this is readable, I can’t seem to find my glasses. :lol:

  47. Henry, I always forget to go over there, LOL!! It is a really nice site, very informative. Guess she only wants the viewing public to see what she has to say and nothing else.


  48. I’m not going to make to Atlantic City too much going on. Bathroom is not getting done until Sept. With vacy at work I can’t get any time off until then. Thats part of the reason not being able to make it down. SIL & BIL are taking my niece and Lily down the shore for a few days they wanted me to come, but I can’t get the time off with folks out on vacy. The other reason my SIL’s good friend lives in a rent control apt, her parents moved in there after they sold their house. She sold her townhouse when her Mom got sick, she passed, she stayed to take care of her Dad. He passed in Sept, the apt is 3 bedrooms 2 baths, they came to her this week and said one person can not be in this apt you have to move out by the end of next week. They offered her a 2 bedroom 2 bath she wanted one bath, nothing available. So Joanne and Greg are helping her to move. They are right now cleaning the new apt, Kathy is packing up the old apt. When they get back they will make the moved into the new apt late next week, Taylor will be done by the time we could get down there, as I can’t get anything during the week off. Hopefully next time he is in Jersey I can get there. I’m sure the shows will be great.

    We went from awful weather to extreme heat, the air has not been off at all. Its so hot can’t even go out on the deck the furniture is too hot to sit on, LOL!! :)


  49. parleybluehenry

    Hi! JI Are we the only ones that can get off twitter long enough to show up here? Too bad you could not make it to see Taylor when hes that close but life just gets too busy sometimes doesn’t it? I’m busy spending my money as fast as I get it on my vehicle. I’m determined to get everything it needs done so I don’t have to think about it for awhile.

    Taylors picked up a lot of followers lately, seems that some are phony but don’t think he added them. Think someone else did it and in fact he got rid of a bunch of them. But that Huff Post interview got a ton of attention and most of the new ones seem like the real deal. I hate that twitter is important in someones career but it seems they need the numbers to get attention. Stupid as it gets IMO.

  50. Henry, Yeah I’m bummed i can’t make it down, but its a 3 1/2 hour ride down then another 3 1/2 hours back. Kayla tried to see if she could use one of her comp rooms no luck. Hopefully he will be back again soon.

    I know he is getting alot of attention from that interview, he knows what to say that will get him feedback, the man knows what he is doing.

    From what I have seen folks are loving him in Atlantic City, read that he bought a fan up to sing yesterday, made her day!!

    Cars can run you a fortune to keep them running. Brodie is trying to decide whether to try to keep his Corolla running it flunked inspection, he doesn’t want to put a catylic convertor in, but thats what it needs. He gonna try a few things and bring it back, hoping it passes.

    They say this heatwave is supposed to break today, we’ve been over 100 all week. Last night Brodie took his Dad and I out to dinner to a Brew Pub close to Pa. It rained while we were in there, thought it might cool things off a bit, it was hotter and more humid when we came out.


  51. parleybluehenry

    Picture of Taylor from the Beach show…Hope we get some vids. Saw on twitter that at the night show he sang DIMYP and it was beautiful Of course. I think theres been some idol fans that have asked about it lately. I know I saw at least one on twitter. Hope we get some vids.

    Enjoy. Maybe chill will make a pic this weekend.

  52. Heney, so glad to hear he did DIMYP, know its not one of his favorites, but boy can he move you when he sings it!!

    Great pic!! I liked this one also that Allison posted of the full stage:

    We did get a little rain last night but doesn’t seemed to have cooled things off much


  53. What is Amy H blog called. I don’t recall if she was posting on BB in 09 and 10 when I was there, but I have heard the name before. It is nutty to turn on him like that, but she isn’t the first one to have done so.

  54. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I had a feeling all day that something bad was coming. My BIL who has had a bad heart for years collapsed and passed away. Damn. He was a good deal older than my sister and my sister is a good deal older than me so he was getting up there in years. But still a shock. Another fine mess I seem to be in the middle of.

    Seor…Amy H blog is called Crafty Peaches. She wasnt’ posting much when you were at the BB. Hasn’t in years. She was the administrator tho and in the early days was there all the time.
    So if she was done , just go quietly. But to defame and insult him, don’t get the reason for that. Just mean. And not true.

  55. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Oh, and seor, she took down the original blog where she really ripped him. Replaced it with another almost as bad but not quite.

  56. Henry, Sorry to hear about your BIL, I get those uneasy feelings also and the end result is never good.

    Seor, I remembered Amy H from the BB, remember something that she was saying in the “basement” or something like that and it wasn’t very nice.

    Henry, I totally agree, if you no longer have an interest in someone move on quietly, there is no need to bash the person, but I guess she felt the need to do so. Most of what she said was nonsense, sounded more like a scorned woman than ever a fan of the man’s music.

    With all the garbage spam tweets I’m getting I’ve been finding it annoying trying to get to the folks I follow. I don’t how I get all these advertisements from products I don’t follow, but I’m getting them.


  57. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I guess I should take a look at my twitter. They seem to be all screwed up. People are finding themselves following people they didn’t want to and vise versa.
    Could be what some of the problem with Taylor twitter followers has been. I have give up trying to figure it out. LOL

  58. Henry, hope you saw this, Taylor in Atlantic City singing DIMYP:

    Hope some more video shows up.


  59. haha!! Didn’t see that you posted the DIMYP video, twice is better than none!


  60. ParleyBlue/Henry

    keep the home fires burning.

  61. Went down to see Lily yesterday, she is getting so tall. We had quiet a conversation, she said to me “Did you know Kitty’s can’t ever play piano, they don’t have fingers” SIL & BIL took her to a zoo in my hometown, she told me about the Sea Lions and how they got to watch them swim through the glass. We went out to dinner, I wanted to take her pic, she was having no part of it:

    Looks like Taylor is off for a vacy, hope he relaxes and has a good time. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend, back to work tomorrow, ugh


  62. ParleyBlue/Henry

    We’re painting the house. (just kidding) :lol:

    Don’t think Taylor has any shows till Aug. 10. Hope he tweets some, that’s a long spell for us addicted fans without his smiling face. :lol:

    If Chill doesn’t show up to stop me, I think I may turn this into a political blog. Bet I could write some things that would get some action. Hehehehe (evil laugh)

  63. ParleyBlue/Henry

    They finally decided to get the kid some transportation so she could run a few errands.

  64. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Everybodys gone :cry:

  65. Henry, Addison is just adorable, getting so big so quick.

    I check in everyday don’t always post, i miss everyone.


  66. Don’t know if everyone saw this one, I thought it was great:

    Hope everyone is doing well!


  67. parleybluehenry

    I just saw it JI and was going to post it. Doesn’t Taylor look great in the black and white shots?
    I guess that is shown in all the Caesars properties. Plenty of people will see it.

  68. Henry, He is a great advertisement for Vegas and they know they have a gem in him! He is not only talented, he photographs well, and his pleasant Southern ways makes him so marketable. Loved the black and white shirt, he looked so good.


  69. Not sure this will work, the video of Taylor “rescuing the baby”, LOL:

    Leaving tomorrow for a week down the Jersey Shore. We are staying in Condo’s this time. They have some folks interested in buying the boat, so we decided it was best to keep the boat empty. The weather has been lousy, hopefully it will be nice next week.


  70. Oh well it didn’t even show up, gonna try again:


  71. Trying one more thing:


  72. Yay, it finally worked!!


  73. ParleyBlue/Henry

    You beat me to it. :lol;
    Want to try this embed code just to see if it works, probably that’s what you did.

  74. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Yep, just like yours it didn’t even show up. They say it works, they lie. :lol:

  75. Henry, Yep, they lie the embedding doesn’t work, I finally just copied the whole page!

    Have a nice week everyone! We are leaving around noon today, sun’s out but a little chilly. I’m not complaining I love this type of weather not too hot just right.


  76. Hey everyone we’re back!! We had a nice week at the Jersey Shore, weather wasn’t real warm, but no rain. Tommy and Kayla hit the beach everyday. The said the water was warmer then the air. I made it to the beach twice. My SIL dragged me to Atlantic City to the oulet stores. She walked my legs off for six hours. Did pretty good, got sandles, shoes and a new pocketbook.

    Hope everyone is doing well.


  77. parleybluehenry

    Hey, glad your are back. We need to get busy and leave some things here. I have been sooooo busy. I miss us. :lol:

    Hey chill, I saw this tweet. Didn’t you do something like this once?

    Victoria Shaw ‏@victoriashaw 6m
    Let me know when u get the answer, RT @KimLeslieFM: Anyone know where I can get those personalized face on a stick fans?

  78. Henry, Thanks, its nice to go away, but also nice to get back home! It was even nicer coming home, Brodie ran the dishwasher, vaccumed and pretty much picked up, so I didn’t have much to do when we got home.

    Saw this think it might be from when he was in AC, not sure if it will come over or not.

    Chill, You must be on count down for the arrival of your first grandchild! I see Caryl has been posting her DIL went to the hospital but they sent her home, so they are near the finsih line! :)

    For some reason this summer has been very busy, for me all the work we are doing. The bathroom is scheduled for Sept 23rd, I will be happy when that is completed. We only have the one bathroom, so we will be staying in a hotel for the week, coming home during the day. I wouldn’t have a problem using the porta johnny, neighbors said we could use their showers, but I’d rather just go and stay somewhere so we aren’t invading someones household for a week, LOL!! :)


  79. I’m so busy that I think I need a month of sleep to catch up. :-( :-)

    Yes, henry, I did have a “Squee” on a stick, but I’m not the one who made it or had it made. But you could probably @ Miss Squeebee on Twitter, she may have more answers as to how that came about. haha!! I still remember the guys in the band reaction. It was SO cute!

    Okay, back to Mr. Clean. :lol:

    I’ll try to stop by later.

  80. Hi Chill! We’ve been missing you! I had today off I did the Mr Clean today. Still doing laundry from vacy.

    Congrats to Caryl and family, Jamie and his wife welcomed a baby boy Luke at 2am this morning. Mom and baby are doing great!! :)

    Was happy to hear some good news, yesterday was a rough day. Brodie’s friend George 32 yrs old passed away. He owned a Towing Company. He thought he pulled a muslce in his back in Dec, when he couldn’t get out of bed in May, some other friends took him to the hospital, he was stage 4 cancer of the spine no hope of recovery. He was such a sweet guy. Then later last night he came in and told me his childhood friend Thomas 25 yrs old, in June same thing had a bad back ache, went to the emergency room, they discovered he had John Hopkins Lymphoma stage 4, said he needed to get his affairs in order. His folks took him to the cancer center in Philly, through July they built him back up his organs were starting to shut down. They started aggressive treatment and he seems to be responding, praying he can make a full recovery. Another really nice kid, can remember him when they started kindergarten a sweet, sweet little boy. Grew into a fine youngman.

    Hearing so many young people getting cancer this is the third one within a couple of months, scary stuff.


  81. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Good heavens, JI that is a lot. A person does wonder what is causing that many young people to be sick. I hope Thomas can make a recovery.

    I have been very busy lately, just checking in to see what Taylor up to and where hes at. I saw a lot of tweets about some award show last night. Timberflake was praised a lot. Hes okay I guess, I never cared much for him and I will never forget how jealous he seemed back when Taylor was on Idol. Justin was the bigshot with the power and he did and said some things that were designed to hurt Taylor and push him back. Didn’t help.

    But I only know one thing for sure, if you put Timberflake and Taylor on the same stage together, Justin would fade into the background. And I think Justin knows that too.

  82. Henry, Yeah its heartbreaking to hear the young ones getting these terrible illnesses. Hopefully this is the end for awhile Thomas was the third one. Brodie’s bosses 21 yr old son was diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer, just so sad.

    Timberflake has always had a grudge against Taylor. He thinks way too much of himself. He is the one who couldn’t hold a note in a bucket, that he was quoted as saying about Taylor after he won Idol. His career is nothing to brag about, he hasn’t done anything in years. I agree he wouldn’t be able to compete with Taylor he just hasn’t the personna to do it.

    I feel like we’ve had no summer, only one week of really hot weather. Since mid July we have had fall like weather, actually gets pretty cold at night. From the reports I have been reading this is supposed to be a mild Hurrican season, I hope so two years in a row getting hit with hurricanes is enough for us.


  83. Hope everyone is enjoying the last weekend of summer! Where we go down the shore Stone Harbor, they have been posting pics all weekend of Oprah and Streadman, his family lives a little further up the coast. When the visit they stay in Stone Harbor.

    We have had one of those weeks. Started with Tommy’s car the starter went, with the holiday weekend Brodie couldn’t get the part until sometime next week. Thurs my washing machine started banging like it was out of balance, nope the whole tub has just broken off from the belt. Doesn’t owe me anything we’ve had for 20 yrs and only put $125.00 into it. So we figured the dryer is about 12 yrs old, we went and decided on an LG washer and dryer, going tomorrow to order. This morning the frige started like whinning, so i guess thats next on our list. Does it ever stop, LOL!! :)


  84. I’m sure you all have seen this pic up on twitter but this is a “three thumbs up” pic:

    Got the new washer and dryer. The wash cycle is longer but it does alot more in one load than my old one. The dryer big difference it used to take 97 minutes to dry a whole load, the new one with more clothes in it takes 41 minutes! :)


  85. HEY JI!! I finally got 5 extra minutes and decided to see if you had been here. I wish we could get a few more to show. I think its nice to have somewhere to talk where you don’t have to abbreviate and cut out words to say something. I truly hate twitter. Got to spread that word around , got to have them followers or life is over.

    That picture is truly a 3 thumbs up. Taylor had a nice crowd at his show tonight. Saw this on the beloved twitter. :lol: I don’t suppose that will come up here. If not I’ll do it another way.

    Glad to hear you are getting everything done. And I never had an appliance break down that another didn’t follow it. Its crazy. Looks like I am going to make another move soon but probably not for 6 to 8 weeks. But so so much to do.

  86. Heres that picture of the line at Taylors show in Vegas last night.

  87. For 9/11…Taylor doing Nineteen for 9/11, Love Lopez on the flute.

  88. That should have been Taylor doing Nineteen for BamaRising.

  89. Henry, Saw that pic of the line, great for Taylor. Very emotional watching that video.

    Sorry to hear you have to be uprooted again, thats really no fun, but you gotta do what you need to do.

    We are slowly getting back to normal, Brodie got Tommy’s car fixed. I won $300 on a rub off lottery ticket. Went in on a pool at work for the powerball, they are hoping we will have a win like a group of folks did at our company in 2009, not likely but its nice to think about! LOL :)


  90. My DS put this pic on his facebook. “Addie at her cousin Harpers birthday party. She was caught red-handed trying to steal her gifts” :lol:

  91. Houston, we have a problem. :lol: Jersey, Henry, bad news. I tried to make your pictures and for some reason, the links totally disappeared. I have no idea what happened. And I really wanted to see those 3 Thumbs Up pictures. haha!!

    And Addie stealing gifts. LOL!! Glad I didn’t try to make that one. She’d be gone.

    Hi, Jersey, nice on the lottery scratch off!!

  92. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Oh darn. Addie must have stole the links. LOL

  93. Henry, that pic of Addie is adorable!! Girls gotta have their pink!

    Chill, think this maybe a wordpress thing, even the pic on this post is x’d out. I’ll try putting up the pic again:

    Keeping my fingers crossed went in the powerball lottery pool at work, they say its up to $400 million. The $300 win was a nice surprise, got so excited didn’t rub the other one I had gotten, that was a $2.00 winner.


  94. My niece just put this pic up of Lily check out her pink cowgirl boots:

    Going down to see her tomorrow Sat. She is getting so big looking forward to spending the afternoon with her.

    Bathroom renovations got pushed again, now we are looking at the week of 10/7. Told Tommy I can’t keep changing these dates, I’ve changed it 3 times. Hopefully this is it! :)


  95. Chill, Congrats on the arrival of Lucy!! Read she had a little of a rough time getting here but she is here and doing well!!. When I read her name was Lucy thoguht of a girl I grew up with her Name was Lucille Marie Rocco we used to call her CeCe, that girl could hold her own anywhere she went!

    Had a great time seeing Lily yesterday what a little chatterbox. Her new catch phrase is “sometimes….” , we heard all about how the clouds come and sometimes we get rain, and how when the wind blows it sometimes makes Nana’s deck messy with leaves, and sometimes she doesn’t always do what she is supposed to do, LOL!! :) She told me she gets in trouble at daycare sometimes during naptime because she talks too much. Said to my SIL wonder where she gets the gift of gab from. Her Mom at her age, her catch pharse was “and you know what?” Stated every sentence with it. When she was first born and until about 6 months ago she was the spitting image of her Dad, now she looks just like my niece at that age with red hair, amazing how much they change as they grow.


  96. Hope everyone is doing well! The bathroom project starts Monday, they say it will be done either Friday or Sat.

    A friend of mine sent me this pic from 1970, think i told you guys about The Rock, the big boulder that was half in my town and half in our football rivals town. The night before the big game each school would try to be the last ones to paint it before the game. We went at 3am painted it then poured motor oil all over it. This pic was taken before we left on our adventure, I’m in the front with the baseball cap on:


  97. Well the bathroom started Monday:

    This is how far they got yesterday, hopefully it will be done by Tues:


  98. hey JI, if you come by, I’m still alive. :lol:

    I really miss this place, wish I had a little more time to at least put up some things. I really hate that twitter has just taken over everything. But it is nice for hearing directly from Taylor.

    He is busy,, spending much time promoting the cookbook, I kind of enjoy him doing these kind of things. I know we’ve waited a long time for music but I really understand why hes waiting. It will get here eventually. But I think hes so smart to get involved with other things and he seems to love the food and restaurant stuff also. Hes gotten me more interested in cooking again and that’s a good thing. I have been really busy, will be moving at the first of the month and starting to get things together for that. Will be really glad to get to the new spot.
    Taylor did a great anthem at the race Sunday. :-)

    I must try to get in touch with Chill, I wonder what shes up to.

  99. Hey I hope your bathroom got finished so you could take a bath. :-)

  100. Henry, Bathroom is complete, turned out beautiful!! They did a great job. They finally finished on Thursday.

    I know everyone wants new music, but he has a plan, a plan that works for him. He will release new music when all is in place. I know he has been busy, and getting alot of good press from the cookbook. Happy he has so many positive things going on.

    Got a great Lily story. Last weekend we went down to my SIL to celebrate Brodie’s Birthday and mine. Lily has been up since 5am wouldn’t take a nap and was getting a bit testy. My niece was at her wits end with her, finally she said I don’t want to hear another peep out of you. As she walked away Lily under her breath went “peep”, my brother in law and I almost bust a gut had to leave the room. She finally fell asleep for about an hour and half. My SIL & BIL are building a new home in an over 55 community, they broke ground last week. They took us over to see the lot and the display home, nice open floor plan.

    Lily gave me a card for my birthday she drew a heart at the bottom:

    Fall is here, the temps have dropped, had to put the heat on this morning, felt good.

    Chill, how is your new granddaughter doing?


  101. parleybluehenry

    LOL about Lilly. That’s the perfect smartass answer. hahahaha


  102. Henry, we couldn’t stop laughing 2 1/2 yrs old and already sassy, but oh so cute!!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! Brodie just came in with an ice cream cake.


  103. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Well, if anyone come by, heres a pic of Addison in her Halloween outfit.

  104. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Looks like she saying “What the hell is this thing?” :lol:

  105. Henry, she is adorable!! The look on her face is like what now? LOL!!! :)

    Lily was a Lady Bug.

    We had light rain alot of kids didn’t come out. The rule is here in town if a front light isn’t on don’t go to the house. The new lights we have are motion sensored, finally had Brodie look at it and he was able to change it so it stayed on for 10mts at a time. I missed the early round 5-6, but they came from 6-8. I had gotten 17 bags because I went through 15 last year, I have 8 bags left. Will bring most into work and leave some for Brodie and Kayla.

    Its really stormy here, we were getting hurricane force winds, but it seems to have died down for now.


  106. Well I thought Taylor did great on SVU. I was in the livingroom watching and laughing at how good he was pulling off Simon. Tommy walked in asked why I was laughing, told him. He said Taylor too nice of a guy to be a prick like Simon. He watched with me and got a kick out of how he had the scowl look and the hand gestures down, thought he did a great acting job on the show!

    Kayla is home for the weekend, her and Brodie and some friends are going to a show tonight. Its always nice to have her home. She won’t be coming home for Thanksgiving she has to work until 2 and is afraid the traffic will be bad, last year the day before took her 4 hours to get home. She said she will come home for the weekend and have leftovers, works for me. Brodie wanted a fresh turkey, I just won’t spend the money they are $70-$80 and frozen free one is just fine for me. He went to a farm and ordered a 20lb turkey and will pick it up on Tues before Thanksgiving. He got one last year, I really didn’t notice the difference, he said he did, so as long as he wants to pay I’ll cook fresh or frozen doesn’t matter to me!


  107. If anyone come by HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! LOL, Brodie got a 19lb fresh turkey, got it out of the fridge fine, but once it was stuffed I couldn’t lift it. Tommy with his bad back, it took the two of us the get the turkey in the oven. He took one side of the roaster I took the other and got it in. Brodie told me to get him up that he would do it, but we were able to do it ourselves, he will have to take it out of the oven later. Kayla isn’t coming home, they needed her at work, two folks that live near by have a family emergency and can’t work a mother and son. They asked Kayla if she could come in to make deliviers today, they are so good to her she said yes. They invited her for dinner, but her good friend Sterling is cooking her first Holiday meal and asked her to join them, so she is going there today after work. She is coming home tomorrow after work and will have left overs here on Sat.

    Got another good Lily story. She goes to daycare a few days a week while Mom is working. There is this little girl her name is Tory, her Mom is a real tough lady with a smart mouth. About a week ago the kids were napping and I guess Tory woke up a little starteled sat up and said “what the f!@k” it is now Lily’s new catch phrase. Keva keeps telling her its not a nice word to use, but Lily says Tory says it all the time, LOL!!


  109. haha JI! They always learn the good stuff at daycare or school. And they always pick up things real quick when its something you would rather the didn’t. :-)

  110. Henry, they certainly do. My niece said everytime she has said it, the hands go up in the air. She says she has to turn away because Lily is pretty funny when she does it. She keeps explaining to her some words we just don’t use and thats one of them.

    Turkey was delicious, we all just missed Kayla being home. It’s 9:30 here and I just started round 2 for my guys. And of course one of the pipes for the furnace sprung a leak today, so we have to have a plumber tomorrow, probably the guys that did the bathroom.


  111. The guys that did the bathroom came today, fixed the leaky pipe, that is for $300.00, LOL!! :)

    Kayla called me last night she was sad not to be coming home, but so excited she did deliveries yesteday and made almost $500 in tips. This one house she went to the guy said bet you can’t wait to get home to Mom’s turkey? He said his wife usually cooks, but had surgery and was just not up to it so they ordered from her place. She told the man she wasn’t going home because they were stuck for a delivery person today, the lady that was going to do it, had a family emergency out of state. The guy gave her the money for the food, then gave her a $100 tip, for helping her boss out by not coming home. She said my friend invited me to have dinner with her, he said not the same as being with family enjoy. She made 11 deliveries got like $50-$60 tips for each one. She wanted to share it with her co workers but they told her she gave up coming home to help out it was all hers. She is thrilled she has all her Christmas shopping money!

    Kayla asked for Turkey soup, spent most of the day making that. Made some with rice and some with noodles, i know she will be thrilled when she gets home tomorrow morning.


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