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My life has been complete chaos lately.  But I do check in on you, mostly on Twitter.  :-)  I’m hoping my life can slow down here really soon.  I have some pictures I want to post, but I have to figure out how to get them off my phone.  I seem to have forgotten the steps.  The pictures are for Rosie.  lol  It’s a screenshot of Taylor’s “following” which captures Rosie, and the other one I took a screenshot of was her tweet to Taylor and Taylor’s reply.  Just thought she might like to have a permanent reminder.  haha!!


Mavis, sorry you were in the holding cell so long, but as you can see I haven’t been around lately.  LOL!!  But you’re a free woman now!  Great to see you here.


I’m sure Henry and Jersey have picture links here that I need to attend to, so that’s my next stop.  Love you both and hope you’ve been well.  :-)


Oh, and Taylor!  I need to catch up with him too.  How’s he been?  Anything I need to know?

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  1. I can’t believe I haven’t been here since New Year’s! haha I am such a bad fan. BUT I do have a good excuse!

  2. Glad you’re back and I do hope your live is less chaotic now. Taylor is still filling the seats out in Vegas in the new venue. I’ve seen you on twitter too. Take care. :)

  3. Where oh where can henry be? haha!! I’m looking around here, girl, and don’t see a reason you can’t post a comment. WTH?

    Thanks, tish, you help me keep track of all things TH. All of you do. I’ve been busy, but I do check in every chance I get.

    I’m also checking in on the Travis Alexander murder trial. Why? No idea. LOL But I am kind of hooked. Wonder who will play her in the Lifetime movie? I’m hoping she won’t be able to profit in any way from this killing. Believe it or not, I saw a website that promotes her innocence and is taking donations for her defense and selling drawings that she has signed. The starting bid is $1,000. Um, yeah, I wouldn’t pay $1 for anything she touched. We live in a sick world, ladies and gents. *shaking my damn head*

  4. Well I’m in the dark about that trial, and I think I’ll just keep it that way. ;)

  5. parleybluehenry

    Well, well, well, I’m baaaack. LOL
    Back on my own computer. I wonder how long this will last. :lol:

  6. parleybluehenry

    Say chill, Clevelands not all that far from you. :lol:

  7. What’s in Cleveland? LOL!! What have I missed?

    And welcome back, henry! :-)

  8. parleybluehenry

    If it isn’t one thing its something else. :roll: This new internet I am on is working great but it does not put the proper address at the top of the page to pick up. I will try this one I picked up elsewhere.

    The concerts on April 9 and 12 are for total rewards members but they say it doesn’t cost anything to be a total reward member. Thought you might have a chance to go, Chill. About 350 miles.

  9. parleybluehenry

    Well, crap that did not work. This is going to drive me nuts. Someone leave a link for Chill please.

  10. parleybluehenry

    Well, Hallelujah!!

  11. parleybluehenry

    facebook.com/home.php#!/questions/434931463261690/ …
    If this link works, vote for Saws BBQ

  12. parleybluehenry

    Didn’t work, damn it.

  13. parleybluehenry

    Taylors going to be at a fashion show too in Cleveland on the 11th. You got to go to that Chill. :lol:

  14. Hey Chill, Lots going on, getting ready for the new arrival must be so exciting! The way I get pictures from my phone to the computer is I send them to my e-mail and download them from there.

    Henry, Missed you glad your back in action. Been thinking Addison 1st birthday is coming up soon, can’t believe she will be a year old!

    Well we got our taxes back from the accountant yesterday we don’t owe, they owe us again two years in a row! YAY!!!! :)

    Kayla came home for the weekend. She kind of went out with a new fella last night his name is Anthony. She showed me his pic last week when she was home, cute in a dorky way, LOL!! Him and his brother are looking to open a Brew Pub in Philly, Brodie will like for that reason alone. She said he is nice she still isn’t sure she wants to get into another relationship yet, we will see how it goes.


  15. I think I’ll pass going to the fashion show. LOL!! Unless… is he modeling? Calvin Klein? haha!!

    I saw someone in spam, thought for sure it was you, henry. Nope, it was spam from another country. LOL!! Are your internet problems solved yet?

  16. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Yes, I think I’m pretty much back to normal on the internet now.

    I see the powerball went out in New Jersey. Are we rich JI? :lol:

  17. ParleyBlue/Henry

    The one thing about this new system tho, is that it doesn’t put the address links at the top of the page in the same way that the other always did. They are hard to find and sometimes don’t even seem to be there.
    Maybe I will get it figured out sooner or later.

  18. Henry, Nah not so lucky here. From what I have been told the winning ticket was bought at a place in the town next to my hometown, but so far no one know who it is. My hometown friends are trying to find out if its anyone we know.

    Kayla bought a few bottles of beer home with her that Anthony and his brother made for Brodie. The one beer was aged in Burbon barrells, Brodie’s eyes lit up when he tasted it and said “when do we start planning the wedding?. ” LOL!! :) She’s getting ready to head back, Brodie changed the oil in her car and just checked things over. She said she will be home again next weekend for Easter.


  19. Looks like Taylor finally got to meet Mr Las Vegas, Wayne Newton:

    Taylor looks great, Wayne looks plastic too much plastic surgery!


  20. ParleyBlue/Henry

    For the life of me , I don’t know why people think that will help. They end up looking like a mask of themselves. Cher looks exactly like a Halloween mask of Cher. Its terrible.

    I can see something small, like tightening the neck or chinline a little but that much just looks ridiculous.
    Have you ever seen that ad on tv that William Devane does? Hes an old character actor that was never known for his looks, but hes become kind of a nice looking older man because he let himself age naturally.

  21. Henry, you and me both, another example is Bruce Jenner he was a nice looking youngman, now its hard to even recognize him, his skin is just pulled way too tight. My SIL said she was going to have a tummy tuck, minor face lift and asked me if I wanted one too she would pay for it, told her no thanks I have no problem with the aging process, anolther reason I never dyed my hair, it is what it is.


  22. Podcast of interview Taylor did with the Matt Murphy show for Birmingham talk radio

  23. Tish, cute interview!


  24. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Loved the interview, really a good one for on the phone. Laughed at him being beat by a 1st grader. :lol:
    Hes doing well with his brackets tho. And he says he ordered the pants. haha

  25. Didn’t think he’d do it, Taylor in his red striped pants:

    He looks great!!


  26. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Hes rising to the occasion!! :lol:

  27. I love the striped Hoosier pants….he’s a riot!!

    And in case you haven’t see it yet, Allison posted an awesome video of Taylor at the Crooning for Critters event in Birmingham tonight. Killer Harp!!

  28. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Taylors just having a blast in that video isn’t he? Hes having a busy time off from Vegas.
    That damned Indiana didn’t cooperate. T could have had a lot of fun with that outfit if they had went on to the finals. Many people, including Taylor, had them winning it all. Bet it really messed up his brackets and his gambling. :lol:

  29. ParleyBlue/Henry

    See if this link works here. Taylor on Good Day Alabama this morning.

  30. Henry, The pants looked great on him!! Guess you have to be friends with Allison to view the video, said content was not available.

    Love his interview this morning! Hinting he will be at th Idol finale, hoping he performs not just being in the audience.

    My take on Idol it will be a girl this year, much stronger than the boys. Think the top 4 will be Kree, Candace, Janelle and Amber, think it will come down to Kree and Candace. Janelle has really peaked these last couple of weeks, she may make the top 3.


  31. ParleyBlue/Henry

    JI, check Tish’s twitter . I think she got the video moved to where it showed on twitter or maybe it works the same.
    Allison is among my friends.

  32. Happy Easter everyone!!

    Henry, Looked on NFF did’t see it. I tried all the links on twitter all said the same. I’m sure it was some awesome harp playing on it.

    Tommy was away for a Council seminar will be home this afternoon. Kayla had too much school work and tests to study for, so she isn’t coming home . Will just be the three of us.

    Chill, I’m sure it will be a nice day for you with your son’s girlfriends little girl. Lily got everyting ready for the Easter Bunny to visit.


  33. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Why do they keep changing things? Youtube is stupid.
    Hope this link works.

  34. ParleyBlue/Henry

    There you go, it did work. :lol:

  35. Henry, That was cute!!


  36. JI, there are download links in the Saw’ s thread at NFF. Check the Taylor Tour 2013 forum, Saw’ s Juke Joint 3/29

  37. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I was looking for Taylors TITTS performance on Idol. Couldn’t find it on youtube. I had completely forgotten it was the Easter bunny one. JennyJac had it on Vimeo.
    This is the joy and life that Idol is missing. Simon made no sense. You can see how much he enjoyed it but then said it was a radio performance. I think Simon has something againist joy and passion. Embarasses him almost.

  38. That was an awesome performance for sure. Simon seems to only like singers that stand behind the mic and don’t move. I remember he liked it when Taylor sang Trouble that way.

  39. All of Taylor’s performances were awesome. He not only commanded the stage when he performed and made every appearance on stage memorable, his interveiws were always candid and made you want to come back for more.

    Big bummer, Tommy got laid off after 30 years. He was so upset he didn’t want to tell me thought I would totally freak and send my pressure through the roof, but I didn’t. They told him right now they couldn’t keep him but they have the jobs coming up that would keep him working overtime usually from June through Oct and sometimes into Dec. We applied for unemloyment and with the tax return we got this year, we should be good for awhile. I am putting in today to pick up the health insurance that we now lost with him. When you think things can’t get any worse, somehow they do. Brodie is looking into some stuff for his Dad.


  40. Oh Jerseyirish, I know exactly how that feels. My husband’s plant closed in 2008 and he had 30 years there. He was off for 2 1/2 years but did finally find another job. The one he has now pays better and is easier in some ways. Hang in there.

  41. tish, Thanks, I remember you talking about when your husband was laid off. We sat down and figured everything out with the unemployment it will be half of his gross we will be ok, just gonna have to cut back a bit. We will be saving alot on gas, it ran him $90 a week to go back and forth so we won’t have that now. I was able to get health insurance today through my company blue cross/ blue shield, its gonna be a chunck out of my check, but the coverage is very good. With Tommy’s old coverage we had alot of out of pocket, the 3 surgeries I had was over $3,000 out of pocket, with this new coverage no out of pocket, its all covered. Brodie told him you put into unemployment for 30 years, take it as long as you can. He figures he will get the inside of the house painted and get rid of alot of junk he just hasn’t had time to deal with. I just don’t know if he will drive me too nuts being in the house all day when I’m working, LOL!! He said he promises he won’t bother me.

    Can’t believe its that time of year again, going down next weekend to open the boat for the season. Kayla is going to meet us there, as she is she lives only about an hour from Stone Harbor, then drive back up to school. She loves going down to open the boat.


  42. JI, it was actually nice having my husband off for that amount of time. He became very good at keeping the house nice. :) We were also lucky because besides the unemployment, he could draw on payments from his union. Of course we did have to cut down on expenses. Too bad he seems to have forgotten how to keep the house nice. ;)

  43. tish, So true, he has been doing the laundry and most of the household stuff for me. Running out and picking things that I would normally do. My BIL & SIL have work that needs to be done around their house especially the side my MIL lived on. They called Tommy to see if he would want to do it instead of hiring someone else to do it, they will pay him cash. We should be fine. He filed for unemployment we haven’t heard anything yet. Its just weird for me to have him here all day. I’m so used to working here at home and having the house to myself, just gonna take a little getting used to. :)

    Such a beautiful day here today, up in the 60’s opened the windows to let the fresh air in! :)


  44. parleybluehenry

    Sorry to hear about the job loss. But at least you do have some safety nets in place.
    Us self-employed types really had to be creative.
    Don’t know if I could turn over my laundry, I am really picky about that. Martin would have been out hunting and fishing and bringing home a real mess. :lol:
    I must get going, Addisons having a birthday party today and I am heading over to their house.

  45. Henry, Happy Birthday Addison!! Knew her first was coming up.
    He is taking more time with the laundry then I usually do, he is separating more than I did, he doing a really good job. He read in one of the books he has to put a dry towel when starting the dryer and it will cut the drying time, he said it worked, LOL!!

    My niece put this up of Lily walking her babies last night after dinner, beautiful Spring evening:


  46. parleybluehenry

    Addisons Birthday!

    With some fat lady. :wink:

  47. Henry, She is getting so big!! Love the little sneakers! Just adorable! They grow so quickly, once they become mobile and start talking they are so much fun.

    Beautiful day here again. We are going down to my SIL & BIL’s today, Greg wants to show Tommy the stuff he needs done around the house, so Tommy has an idea of how long things will take to get done.

    Looking forward to going down to the boat next weekend. Looking at the long range forcast should be nice weather. It will be nice just to get away. They think they may have someone interested in buying the boat, they have been trying for a couple of years to sell it. They won’t bring Lily on the boat, my SIL wants to buy a townhouse or house not on the water. When they bought the boat the housing market was so high they couldn’t afford a house so they bought the boat. With house prices going down, the townhouse she originally wanted is half the price they were asking a few years ago. I’ll be sad to see the boat go, we really enjoyed going down, but the townhouses are just beautiful that they are looking at. They are about two blocks over from the marina where the boat is.


  48. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Not sure if the link will work right or not. But this is one of the cutest I’ve see for awhile. :lol:


  49. Henry, Hadn’t seen that one, loved it!! :) You just can’t help but love him, his stage presence is beyond words! These kids on Idol could learn alot about presenting themselves on stage by watching him perform, that’s for sure.

    Two days in a row we hit 80 degrees, it was wonderful. Tomorrow back into the 50’s :(

    The weather is not supposed to be to great this weekend for opening the boat. My SIL called tonight and told me one of our favorite places to eat, has been restored after hurricane Sandy and is open.


  50. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Taylors looking good lately. It has been really cold here JI for April. The Royals were playing ball last night in near freezing rain. That can’t be fun. Think its going to warm up the next few days. Last year it got hot so fast, this year it can’t seem to stay warm.
    Heres one I love. Was watching it on youtube this morning.

  51. Henry, Great video!

    Getting ready to head out to the boat. Weather is miserable today raining and cold, had to put the heat back on, ugh. According to the weather reports it should all be gone by tomorrow and be in the 60’s, I can live with that. Kayla will meet us there after she gets out of work. She was very excited to hear Fred’s Tavern has reopened and thats where we are going for dinner tonight. She will stay clean the boat and have dinner at another favorite of her’s Stone Harbor Pizza, then she is heading back up. Her friend just moved into his first apt and is having an apt warming party, she promised him she would come. Can’t believe she only has a few weeks left for this semester. She is going to stay down there for the summer, work and take some classes she couldn’t get this semester, she is hoping to graduate in Dec.


  52. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Have fun on the boat JI. We had a couple cold nasty days here. Now trying to warm up a little.

    Couple of great pics of Taylor from Cleveland.

  53. ParleyBlue/Henry

    This picture of Addison needs a caption but I’m not sure what. :lol: :lol:

  54. “You don’t listen to Rush?! GTFOH.” hahaha! Just kidding.

    She is so adorable! Those eyes are so blue!

  55. Wow! Those are good, henry! The first one is going into the “Thumbs Up” column. Some day. ha! I have dinner to go to, I’ll be back later on.

    Hi, everyone!

  56. ParleyBlue/Henry

    hahaha!! Thats a good caption, Chill. Thanks for making the pics.

    Higher up there is some from her birthday and some from JI. :-)

  57. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Maybe the best interview ever. This guy did some homework. :lol:


  58. ParleyBlue/Henry

    One pic from the gala. The man has never looked better. I will put up a few more later when I get some time.

  59. Henry, The interview was great!!

    Addison is just adorable! Her eyes are beautiful! My guess for caption was close to Chill’s “You don’t listen to me, look out!!”

    The ride down Friday was pure Hell, the rain was heavy the fog like pea soup. During the worst part of the storm Tommy’s boss calls they want to bring him back, part-time for now. I told him take it, if you turn it down they may not call again, and you could screw up your unemployment. So he starts back tomorrow.

    The weather was just perfect down the shore. Lots of problems with the boat unfortunately. They were supposed to recalk the boat before they put it back in the water, they didn’t all the carpeting got soaked every cabinet and storage unit had water in it. Took us a good part of the day Sat just to get all the life perservers out and drying on the dock and cleaning out all the water. But we got the whole boat cleaned and it is ready for the season. Thank goodness for Kayla and being tiny she was able to crawl into spots none of us could have. They are calking to boat Monday, no new rain is expected so it should stay dry.


  60. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I dont know JI, you get all prepared to be unemployed and they call you back. :lol: Sounds like they discovered after a bit that nobody else knew what to do.
    Glad the weather was good at the shore. It sounds like your vacation was a bit of work. Reminds me how I used to watch our neighbors every year when they got their boat out. I always decided I was too damn lazy for one of those. :lol:

    Have to add a few more pics from the gala. He was at his gorgeous best. He couldn’t have had much sleep, how does he do it?

  61. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I was saving the best for last but for some reason I can’t do it. Taylor made the cover of Las Vegas Magazine. Thats a bigger mag then the one he was on before. It is just the best picture ever. I’m sure you will see it on twitter.
    I saved it with no problem but when I try to put it in photobucket it doesn’t go. Its weird because it says its loaded but its not there. If someone else can do it PLEASE put it here.
    I know theres only about two of us now, but damn it we’re still here. :lol:

  62. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I’m going to try this link and see if that works.

    zinio.com/www/browse/product.jsp?offercode=PH01&productId=252581726&bd=1&_requestid=427640 …

  63. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Nope, didn’t work. Weird how it says its uploaded but its not there.

  64. ParleyBlue/Henry

    It worked! Its small but you can zoom in on it. Great pic, I’m sure you saw it and the great and wonderful twitter

  65. Henry, The link works if you copy and paste the link in your browser. I tried to save it to photobucket too, it said it was an invalid file. Maybe chill can make a pic from the browser, it is a great pic!! :)

    The boat is alot of work, but we help them and we all enjoy going down, so its worth it. I said to Tommy I didn’t think he’d be out too long, like I said there are some printing jobs that can’t be done graphically they have to be done by an offset printing machine. They have some major accounts, Volvo, Ralpj Lauren, and a few other big accounts, they all run at least twice a year and he winds up working alot of ot to get them done. so we will see what happens.


  66. Henry, tried it again might be the small one but it saved to my photobucket, maybe chill can make a pic from this:


  67. ParleyBlue/Henry

    The article in that magazine “Its more than a matter of pride” I think the name was , is one of the best articles on Taylor I have ever read.

  68. ParleyBlue/Henry

    i finally found one link that worked. It was the wierdest thing with my photobucket. It appeared to load, it said it loaded but it simply wasn’t there. Never had that happen.
    I guess my photobucket couldn’t handle the gorgeousness. :lol:

    I hope Seor is feeling better. I had been wondering where she was, she tweeted once today to say she had been sick. The she hollered at a lady and haven’t seen her since.
    I’m kidding, rosie. :lol:
    I swear I am so sick of the smart asses on twitter. Whos Taylor Hicks? Wheres Taylor Hicks? Was that Hicks I saw at McDonalds? Is he homeless? Hes never been heard of since Idol. He never did even one thing after Idol. Disappeared off the face of the earth. On and on and on.
    Sometimes they are kind of humorous. But so freakin stupid.

  69. Henry, didn’t see the actual article, glad to hear it was well done for Taylor! My photobucket did the same thing it showed then when i went into my liabrary it was gone, go figure.

    Rosie, i know you said you had some dental work done, hope all is well, feel better.

    Tommy left a little while ago for his first day back.


  70. You had some great pictures! Thanks! Sorry it took so long to get over here. My bad, but I’ve been swamped. I need a vacation, desperately. I need to call my road partner @misfitmart ! :-)

  71. And I’ll be back to add to the Thumbs Up column. But first, I have to go see a kid.

  72. ParleyBlue/Henry

    If you go to this link and give it a few seconds to download, you get the full pic. Then zoom in on it. It zooms right in on his eyes and it is drop dead gorgeous.

  73. ParleyBlue/Henry

    There are two good articles in the magazine. But I thought this one was especially good.

    More than a matter of pride

    What makes Taylor Hicks different than all the American Idols that came before him? At 29 at the time of his win, Hicks had already been a touring musician for years, with a stable of fans (the infamous “Soul Patrol”) already in place and an acute self-awareness of the niche he wanted to carve on an even grander scale as a result of his 2006 win.

    Case in point: Hicks doesn’t feel the need to piggyback on his Idol success during his current Paris Las Vegas residency. Most singers would kill for a No. 1 hit; “Do I Make You Proud,” Hicks’ lone entry atop the charts, doesn’t even appear in his sets, which lean heavily toward soul and soul-influenced blues and rock. Even if some of his original songs (the military salute “19,” for one) tend to be more pop-oriented, there’s still an earnestness and authenticity that you wouldn’t find in, say, Katharine McPhee’s best work.

    “I tried to make that single my own, but in reality it’s the show’s single,” he told Relix magazine shortly after his Idol win. He also spoke of an earlier single the show tried to push on him that led him to leave the room in disgust. That Hicks carefully curates his material should come as no surprise to anyone who’s seen him perform. Interpolated into his songs “Seven Mile Breakdown” and “What’s Right is Right” are lines from hits by Bruce Hornsby and one of his idols, Van Morrison. Then there are covers: “Takin’ It to the Streets,” “In the Ghetto”—holdovers from his Idol run—“Living for the City” and a run-through of “Viva Las Vegas” that, while a little gratuitous, just crackles with energy.

    The kind of rootsy rock that is Hicks’ bread and butter is simply too rare on the Strip. You’ve got plenty of Rat Pack pastiches, big-ticket headliners and impersonators galore, but few entertainers who approximate what it’s like to be traveling through a backwoods town and stumble across a smoky roadhouse with a hot band.

    That’s Hicks.

  74. ParleyBlue/Henry

    If anybody wants the magazine you can call here. @LasVegasMag to order the Taylor Hicks issue: 702-990-2437 or 702-383-7185
    It always looks good for an artist when a cover sells magazines.

  75. Henry, those eyes so intense!! Love it!

    Nice article! thanks for the number to order, calling in a bit to get mine!!


  76. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Its quite a honor for Taylor to be chosed as the entertainer for this event honoring the VIPs in Vegas.
    The list of 10 that are being honored is to the right.


  77. Las Vegas recognized Taylor for the great entertainer he really is. :-)

  78. ParleyBlue/Henry

    They have .

    And If I had an edit button I would change chosed to chosen. Good Lord. :lol:

  79. ParleyBlue/Henry

    And now I see I said “list of ten” when its a dozen. I have got to quit drinking.

  80. Hope everyone is doing well. Sure has been a heartbreaking week, first Boston, then Texas, I pray for all.

    With all the craziness going on my niece posted the sweetest pic of Lily picking flowers for Mom:


  81. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Cute pic, JI. I always thought dandelions were pretty when the first come up. For about 5 minutes anyway. :lol:

  82. Hope everyone is doing well. The weather is starting to get warmer here, loving it.

    Kayla is seeing a new fella his name is Chris, he is an engineer, graduated Drexel University. The place where Kayla works catered a party where he works, and him and some of his work buddies started coming in the Deli for lunch. He would always stop and talk to Kayla. She said his buddies would like nudge him, but couldn’t get up the nerve to ask her out, finally a couple of weeks ago his buddies wouldn’t leave until he asked her out. They have been seeing each other about 3 weeks. They went hiking last Sunday and her friend Steph posted some pics. In the pic its Travis in the dark shirt, Steph’s boyfriend, Chris and Kayla, she seems to like him, they get along well:


  83. Here I am months late and dollars short, or something like that. I think it’s true it takes 3 weeks to break a habit. I have been busy and even have been tweeting less, but I’ve stayed caught up with Taylor. But somehow I missed that pic up yonder of him on a stool with a bulge listing to one side.

    Just read everything here and it took awhile. That is awful about men being laid off after 30 yrs with the same company. Hope the part time thing works out for Tommy. Don’t know how unemployment works as I’ve only worked on commisions.

    Ha, I recall yelling at that woman who was a Clay fan and tweeted something to the effect she didn’t know who T was. Then she claimed to me she was a friend of Clay’s! Yeah right.

    I seldom respond to the fools who use his name as an insult or the stupid ones who tweet where is he. They never heard of google? It seems there are a lot of teens who put him down and I guess if you are a teen it isn’t cool to like T. It is the one’s who think they are being funny that are the most annoying. But remember all famous people get the digs, and people don’t een bother to consider that their tweet might hurt the person. I try to not insult any celeb on twitter except Joe Biden and Obama. Haha!

    Anyway, I still have fun rattling Tay’s chains. Hope everyone has a good weekend. I’m going out to dinner with friends and we will be advising one friend who’s daughter is now on heroin and the grandmom, my friend is raising and caring for her 7 mo old grandson. Can’t even imagine such a problem. I’ve been so lucky with my 3.

  84. Rosie, So happy to see you here again! Its been a long time. Yeah it does stink after 30 years to get laid off, but they have been bringing him in for 3 days a week so far. He is gonna talk them on Monday and see if they can bring him in Mon- Thur 32 hrs a week, he would still be considered part time and no benefits. Then he would look for something part-time maybe Fri & Sat. We will see.

    Exhausting day, we are starting the process of ripping out our bathroom and redoing it. Spent the whole day looking at wall and floor tiles. At first we were not agreeing at all, he liked all the dark tiles gray and black, no way, I want soft beiges. So after arguing back and forth we bought both colors home with us, he had to admit I was right the dark colors would make the room look smaller. We pretty much decided on the tiles I picked out. He wants to go to one more place next week and see what they have. Then our next project will be picking out the vanity and medicine cabinet, we looked a little today but didn’t see much we liked, think this is gonna be a dragged out process. I told him once we sign the contract we have 6-8 weeks before the work starts, so we have to make some decisions, LOL!!


  85. Just stopping by to check in, hope everyone is doing well.

    Got some sad news yesterday, my first kiss, passed away on Sunday. He was a great guy, did alot in his life, and will be remembered for his gentle way. All my friends were so shocked too, they said he looked great at the reunion in 2011. But another friend who remained close to him through the years said he knew at the class reunion he had skin cancer but thought he would beat it. He was a twin and I was very close to him and his sister growing up.


  86. Sorry to read that news JI. Wishing you lots of good memories.

  87. tish, Thanks. You just never know…………

    Another sad one Taylor loosing Ms Jonie. I am sure he is devasted. She was his number one supporter, even when his Dad gave up on his dream, she kept cheering him on. May she rest in eternal peace.


  88. parleybluehenry

    I bet this is hard for Taylor. Hes and emotional person and he was close to her. I really wonder if he was ever in Nashville at all or if he didn’t leave Vegas to be with her but wanted to keep it quiet.

    Had to share the picture with you. Another one of Addie that needs a caption. I think we have a comedian on our hands. :lol:

  89. Henry, I agree, think he got the call that the end was near, just wanted to spend some time with her without anyone knowing, can’t blame him for that. She was his support system when when those around him thought his dream was just that, that it would never happen. She was always watching his back, thats what unconditional love is all about.

    “Nope, no way am I eating those peas!!” She is a cutie!!


  90. I don’t think so because Taylor tweeted a picture from the Station Inn on May 1, which is in Nashville, so I do believe he was there when he said he was. Kind of ironic Joni passed when he was in the South, tho.

    Taylor Hicks‏@taylorhicks1 May
    Whitey Jhonson and Larry Carlton at the Station Inn…. #Nashville pic.twitter.com/57qXxj1uYA

  91. ss, Your right, but I know with my MIL they told us she had about 2 weeks without chemo/radiation, 6 months with treatment. She decided she didn’t want to go through it. Maybe he knew she wasn’t doing well and adjusted his schedule so he could be closer to her when needed. However it happened it will surely affect him for some time, he loved and respected her, she was always there for him.

    We are also residing,windows, new roof, deck and chimney for the fire place. We thought we had about 6 weeks before all the work would start. Wrong, yesterday when we signed the contracts, the place doing all the outside work but the chimney, called the guy doing the chimney and said I give you alot of work push them up on the list, we want to going here. So the chimney is getting done the end of next week, the other guys with start the following week, if they can get all the permits in place. Happening way to fast for me. We have to get in Kayla’s room she left it a mess, clothes all over the floor, papers and junk piled. i made her clean it before she left for Rowan, but coming home getting more stuff she messed it totally up again. Amazing she keeps the townhouse spotless, but her room here at home, ugh. Told Tommy to get to where I can handle it then I will finish it. I had bought all new bedding/curtians for her room, but never got them in.


  92. parleybluehenry

    Yeah, I remembered the picture sweetsmoke. But he didnt say he was there, just tweeted a pic that he easily could have gotten from someone who was there. When he really wants his whereabouts not to be known he might do that. Think its very important to him to protect the family from any publicity and the possibility of any fans hanging around during private stuff.

    But I have no idea really and to tell the truth, I now think he probably was in Nashville, it seemed he cancelled the one show and was really planning to be back in Vegas for the weekend and then suddenly cancelled the rest to go home.

  93. Henry, I had the same thought, maybe he had the pic on his phone and put it up when the time was right. I hope the fans respect his privacy and don’t show up for any of the services, this is family time, he needs his time alone with family and friends. This is not something fans should involve themselves in at all, IMO.

    I think the tweets the fans have sent him and making a contribution in her name at her church is more than enough. I will be mailing a check out this week.


  94. parleybluehenry

    Yeah, I intend to do that to JI.

    I have something for Chill, she said she missed this interview. I think its here somewhere but its now on youtube. Chill says shes been very busy, but I think only a new boyfriend could keep her this busy. ;-)

  95. Henry, hahaha!! Chill holding out on us? Well then its a very good reason to be so busy. That was another good interview.

    Hope all is well Chill we do miss you! :)


  96. Yea I agree parleyblue, I really think he really was in Nashville when he got the news Thursday night. He was tweeting normally Thursday morning and afternoon, thus he cancelled his shows thru next week. He’s scheduled to be back in Vegas on Thursday.

    I keep thinking (more like hoping) he’ll sing DIMYP in honor of Joni. He should. It’s a perfect song considering how she inspired and supported him. Maybe he will.

    And yea, JI, people need to respect his privacy. The condolence tweets are as far as they should go. Any more would be overstepping the boundaries as far as I’m concerned.

  97. Caption: Pucker up, buttercup!
    :lol: She is so freaking cute!!

  98. And your Lily is adorable too, Jersey! I can’t believe how big she’s gotten! LOL!

    Maybe you can send her over to my house to pick dandelions. I have quite a few, would be able to get quite a few bouquets. And save me some time. I haven’t been able to weed and feed yet. :lol:

  99. Watching the interview! :lol: :lol:

    Thanks, henry!

    That’s hilarious he mentioned the Jodi Arias murder trial. That’s the one I’m hooked on right now. He was in a fog. LOL!

    And note to self: Spend more money gambling and get a Total Rewards card. :-)

  100. chill, I know, made me laugh when he mentioned Jodi Arias too, guess hes following also. I keep watching and waiting for a verdict. I follow Vinnie Politian on HLN he tweets all day with pics from the courtroom. He did a great job on the Casey Anthony trail so I started to follow him, glad I did what I get to see and what he tweets keeps me up to date with the trial.


  101. It should be easy for the jury, but you never know. My goodness, imagine if she was found not guilty. Whole lot of men might be going down. :shock:

  102. chill, I know, but I never thought they would come back with a not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony trial, but they did. What I’ve read over the time since the trial, is that they don’t think the jurors understood “reasonable doubt” and that all the evidence was circumstantial, nothing was actual proof that she killed Kaylee. This one seems they have a mountain of evidence, we will see what the jury does with it.


  103. Supposedly T played golf, performed in a club and did a commercial over the wkend. His Grandma may have been gradually declining due to Parkinsons and her death may not have been completely unexpected. She live a long, good and productive life and I thought she looked beautiful on AI and when I saw her in NY after Grease.

    I hope Jodi is found guilty, but due to Nancy Grace, etc. we hear more evidence than does the jury. Dr. Drew etc. think she is borderline personality, which basically means she feels entitled and thinks only of herself and prolly lacks a conscience. Reminds me of my ex!!

    The grandaughter and grand niece are adorable! Kids under 5 or 6 are so funny.

  104. seor, Didn’t know his grandmother had Pakinson’s, he may knew the end was near.

    I hope they find Jodi Arias guilty also. She just looks plain evil. When I look at her eyes I just see darkness. She acts as if no way they will find her guilty, hopes shes in for a rude awakening. I’ve been watching HLN and following Vinnie Politian on twitter. Last night they had one of his friends on, at first he was afriad to say anything, but Nancy assured him the jury couldn’t hear what he was saying. He painted her as an evil, manipulating b@#ch!

    Kudos to Charles Ramsey, he is a hero, he acted didn’t walk away from Amanda’s pleas for help. I can’t imagine being held captive for any period of time let alone, 10+ years. They say Amanda has a child, I’m sure she loves her child but what a way to bring a child into this world. Those three ladies will need much counseling to get their lives back on track.


  105. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I’m sure Taylor played golf. I noticed that the person he was playing with had a mother with Alzheimers. Could be someone he met where his Grandmother live and wanted to spend some time with. Hes said many times that he loves being on the golf course and no better way to clear your mind. Also I don’t doubt he was crazy to be out doing something , anything by this time.

    Didn’t hear anything about him performing, where did you see that? But for him to sit in is like breathing.
    And might as well get the commercial done while hes got the chance. Life goes on.
    I had read somewhere that his Grandmother hadn’t been doing that well. Parkinsons really hit her hard.

  106. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Yes, kudos to Charles Ramsey. I think Amanda must be a tough person. After all these years many people wouldn’t have had enough gumption left to try. Sounds like she never gave up.
    I will never understand at what point in your life it sounds like a good idea to hold someone hostage. To think that it would be okay to take someones life away from them.
    Some people are just evil, unfeeling bastards.

  107. Someone tweeted either Sat. or Sun. that they were excited T.H was performing that night. The person didn’t say where.

    That evil man knew he was ruining 2 teens and a 20 yr. old’s life. How sick that his 2 brothers were in on it. The neighbors who have been interviewed all seem like nice people who are in shock that such evil went on in their neighborhood. Hope all three woman can recover psychologicaly and the 3 bums are sentenced to life.

  108. The jury for Jodi Arias has retired for the night, no verdict yet.

    Henry, seor, I don’t how these men in any way shape or form could rationalize what they were doing to these women was ok. Very twisted minds, I too hope they get a life sentence for each one of them so they will never see the light of day again.

    My friend Sammy is on a radio station in NY tonight, been playing his music all night with his friend and bandmate. Glad to see him get some recognition for his music. Had to put the volume down when someone put up that vid of Taylor singing the Anthem, boy I get teary everytime I hear him sing it, just perfection.


  109. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Seems like I did see a tweet like that, seor but for some reason I thought it was in Vegas and they were mistaken. Not sure, but although he could have sat in somewhere, I don’t know how he could have had time to schedule a show. Got me.

    Always wished Taylor would work out a rendition of the anthem on the harp. He does a great job with it.

    Seor, tell your Orioles to quit beating up on my Royals.

    Sure will be glad when Taylor is back in the swing of things on Thursday.

  110. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Seor, :lol: Because I’m bored and have nothing else to do tonight, I went back and looked for that tweet. Was it the one where the girl said OMG, Taylor Hicks is playing here tonight?

    Because she was in Vegas. Probably just saw a sign or something. I didn’t see any other.

  111. That was the tweet and it makes sense she thought he was playing in Vegas.

    Since I’m a fair weather Orioles fan they need to win whenever and wherever to keep my interest.

  112. Finally a verdict in the Jodi Arias case GUILTY 1ST DEGREE MURDER!! Was happy the jury got it right and justice for Travis and his family. Glad its behind them now, now they just have to get through the sentencing phase.


  113. Gotta love Charles Ramsey, what a guy. When asked about the reward money he said give it to the girls, I get a paycheck:

    I hope someone does something for him, he deserves it!


  114. I think Taylor is going to be on the finale as part of a tribute from past winners/top 10 for Randy’s 12 yrs as judge. Perhaps they will even show a bit of footage of his Vegas gig.

  115. Rosie, You maybe right. I thought for sure last night when they showed Adam Lampert, they would show Taylor in Vegas, but probably they are waiting for the finale. I hope he is on, I will be watching. I was glad to see Candace and Kree make the finale, its gonna be a tough one to call, but I think Candace has it over Kree a little bit, but we will see.


  116. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Saw this great article on NFF. I even like the title of it. Taylor-ed to the Soul.


  117. Henry, Saw that one, thought it was great!

    Happy Mother’s Day everyone!! Enjoy your day!

    Kayla came in late yesterday, we had a bedroom talk with her. She appologized for leaving it the way she did. Unfortunately, she spilled a can of soda in her bed, didn’t see it, now she has no bed, we threw it out. Brodie kept complaining he smelt mold, his sinus’s are so sensative he can actually smell it. Knew there was no mold in the bathroom, I stay on top of that, never thought it could be coming from her room. The spilt soda got moldy on the mattress. Its all cleaned up now minus a bed, we told her we will put an air matress in when she comes home. We spent $1200 on the bed for her down at school, if she comes home for good she can bring that one home, otherwise its the airmattress, not going to buy another one.

    Well the work started on the house. The guy came Friday knocked down the chimmney for the fireplace, the new one is almost done. The guy is coming Mon to measure all the windows. We decided on the color of the siding, still debating on the trim, he wants white, I want this creamy beige/yellow trim. Hes not sure he would like the yellow. Saw a house up the street from us same color siding and the same color trim I liked told him to go look at it. Picked everything out for the bathroom, just haven’t signed the contract yet, we want to make sure all the other work is done before the bathroom guy comes in.


  118. Absolutley exhausted, got one of those phone calls at 12:30am last night that no parent ever wants to get. One of Kayla’s friends Mom called they had a party, she had too much to drink and was out cold they called the paramedics. We met them at the hospital, she was awake and very upset, refused to see us. I could hear her crying saying they hate me, I know it. I finally went in and talked to her and calmed her down. She didn’t want to see Tommy or Brodie felt they would be too judgemental. The Dr said he would release her to us, but she would have to say she was willing to go with us. Took me over an hour to convince her to come home with us and that if she didn’t, she was staying in the hospital until at least 12:00pm today, she finally agreed. She slept until 8:30 this morning, said she had to go to work. Called her friends Mom, they had all her stuff but her keys they couldn’t find them, i had an extra set. Drove her up she got everything and headed back down for work. Still don’t know how she is going to get into her apt, Chris is back up here working the summer, Dan works fulltime, guess she is gonna have to track him down. Told her to get an extra key made that I will hold onto just in case. She said she only had two mud slides, but when she looked at the bottle of vodka it was less than half, it was a brand new bottle, and only Kayla and Steph had the mud slides. Steph must have made the drinks really strong. Guess she won’t forget this night anytime soon.


  119. Wow did Taylor look good last night!

    Kayla called yesterday they found her keys, so she came back up after work last night and stayed here. Told her, her punishment was she had to sit and watch the Idol Finale with me, grudgingly she did. This had to be the dullest finale I’ve watch, just got nothing from it, nothing at all. Was happy for Candace she worked hard for this, but at the same time sad for Kree, but know she will do well with her career. Just don’t think the show has any steam anymore, Randy jumped ship before it sinks, think he knows there aren’t many seasons left of the show, the best years are long past.


  120. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Ha ha JI. I did watch last night just to see if I could get a glimpse of Taylor. He looked absolutely freakin fantastic.
    The show was pathetic. I really think they made the decision to completely clean house and that included Randy. Just let him say he “quit” so it didn’t look like he was being fired. I hope that what I hear about Nigel going is true because I think most of what was wrong was due to his dumbass decisions.
    Kind of think part of the reason Taylor went was to see if he could get a little behind the scenes info about what is going to happen next year.
    This has to be the two dullest finalists ever. I like Krees voice, don’t care much for the other one, but neither won of them are interesting.

  121. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Oh, yes, their ratings were lowest ever from last night. Down almost half from last year. :lol:

  122. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Just read your post about Kayla . Hope shes doing okay. Kids!

  123. Henry, The most exciting thing for me was seeing Taylor in the audience. I did hear something to the effect they maybe bringing former winners in as judges for next season, hope its true, its about time, he would be an awesome judge. Know some people thought it was crazy for him to be there sitting in the audience when he could have been making money in Vegas. I believe he was networking, that man is always on top of things when it comes to his career and what might be good for him.

    Thanks for asking about Kayla she is fine, turns out Steph was sicker than her, her BF almost took her to the hospital that night and she only had one mudslide. I was thinking maybe something with the Vodka if they both got sick, who knows, both are ok. Steph’s BF saw the keys on the ground thought they were Steph’s and picked them up, she has a Honda also. I would have expected something like this from Brodie, but never her, LOL, the quiet ones fool you!! :)


  124. Happy Memorial Weekend!! God bless our armed forces!

    The Jersey shore opened on time, they recovered from Sandy!
    They strung a banner that started at the first beach and went all the way down to the tip of NJ, each beach town having a ribbon cutting ceremony. We were supposed to go down this weekend, but decided not to go with all the work we are having done, we still had to finalize the tile for the bathroom and pick out the wall color. Funny I went in to take a shower last night, when I came out Tommy said “don’t say no just look with an open mind, I kinda of like this color for the walls” LOL, it was the same color I picked out,but thought he wouldn’t like it! :) So the color for the walls is set, just have to let the guy know so he can order it.

    Finally the rain stopped. It got so cold here Friday and Sat we had to put the heat back on to take the chill off the house. Its still chilly and windy out but the sun is shining! :)


  125. parleybluehenry

    For Memorial Day and because Taylor is singing DIMYP tomorrow….

  126. parleybluehenry


  127. I can’t believe it was 19 hours ago you asked me to come here on Twitter. So sorry. :lol:

    I have to make a schedule. I miss all of you so much!

  128. Holy Moly! Thanks, henry. I promise to come here this weekend to add to the “Thumbs Up” column. You all have left some great pictures. I almost forgot what he looked like. :-)

  129. That picture is to DIE for!!!!!! Talk about bedroom eyes. LOL

  130. Love that pic. He looked so happy when the passengers enjoyed his harp playing.

  131. I agree, Denise! And welcome to the blog! Sorry you were in moderation, but that’s only for first-timers. :-)

  132. That pic, thud!! Loved the vids of him playing on the plane! I put in to win that guitar! I showed it to Brodie and he said he would use it if I won it!

    Last week we had the heat back on yesterday before noon we were up to 102 the AC went on. The new roof is going on today, this is all happening alot quicker than we originally thought. And of course when I need Tommy here the most he was called back to work for next Monday & Tues possibly Wed. Hoping they don’t do the windows until late next week. Either way I will deal with it, as I always do. Not sure when the deck is coming down or when it will go back up. I spend alot of time out there, love just sitting and having my tea, I will miss it. They asked if we would mind if they take the deck down while the dumpster is here, we told them that was fine. They are still waiting for all the approvals on the deck. We only have a part-time building inspector and he has been out ill for awhile. I’m hoping it will only be a week or two, Tommy said don’t count on it, it maybe down for awhile. I still have my front porch to sit on, but its not the same as the back deck.

    Hi Denise! Welcome! :)


  133. Sigh, why wasn’t I on that Southwest flight!!

  134. Roof is completley down they are starting to put the new one up. The house was built in 1965, only two pieces of plywood needed to be replaced:

    Front of the house

    Back porch:

    It is really hot here again had to put the AC on yesterday looks like its going back on! :)


  135. Went down to see Lily yesterday what a little chatter box. She is at the stage everything you say is “Why”:

    The saying anything that can go wrong will, happening here. New windows are going in tomorrow. Tommy went down to put the AC in the window in the den because Brodie needs the air for his allergies,hes gonna sleep in the den tonight. Tommy comes in and says did you drop water off the deck I’m getting soaked, said no. The drain pipe in the sink is leaking it was coming out the bottom of the house. Guess a plumber is coming tomorrow. Then Tommy, Brodie and his friend Jeff are trying to get the big AC out of the livingroom, its stuck, I’m hearing a lot of four letter words, think they just got it out. What else can go wrong. Just thankful the pipe went now we’re not sure they will have to cut through the house of if they can cut it and drop it through the drop ceiling in the den and across into the main drain, tomorrow should be interesting windows and plumbers here, LOL!! :)


  136. She is so cute, jersey! It seems like she was just born yesterday. LOL! Where is the time going?

    I’m here to put some pictures in the “Thumbs Up” column, if I can remember how to do it. :lol:

  137. Mission accomplished. :-) The next time I find time, I’m going to maybe add a photo slideshow. I need time to figure out the widget though. I will be exploring. Looked at the stats for the site today for the first time in a long time. Laughing at the two top searches that bring visitors to the blog: 1) taylor hicks with facial hair and 2) taylor hicks girlfriend. Some things never change. :lol:

  138. I added a picture to the “Thumbs Down” column. :lol:

    Let your mouse hover over the pic.

  139. parleybluehenry

    Lily is so cute JI.
    Is there anything noisier then work on the roof. I remember when they did ours years ago. Total roof , not just shingles. Hadn’t been there 10 minutes when someone flipped a piece of tin over a power line and knocked off all the electric for a couple of blocks. :lol:

    Still think that is Taylor, Chill. Blurry, not good picture, but him. :lol:

  140. Henry, Believe it or not it was that noisey just when they dropped the shingles on the roof.

    Windows went in today oh lord. They told us they would be working from the outside just come in to do the caulking. Not what happened because of when the house was built, 1965 they were still using lead paint. They had to seal all the windows from the inside before they could remove them. I wound up having to take a 1/2 day off to help Tommy with the cats moving them from room to room. Our air conditioner in the livingroom is too big won’t fit in the new window gonna have to go buy a 12,000 btu instead of the 18,000 btu. Brodie’s buddy Scotty’s wife works at Lowes he said she could get us one there using her discount, so we think we are gonna do that, just never stops. Plumber is coming tomorrow still can’t use my kitchen sink which stinks. So I’m hot and cranky and can’t use the sink. So how is your day going?

    Chill, love the new ones in the thumbs up, the thumbs down LOL!!


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