Happy New Year! *one day late*


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  1. Happy New Year Chill and everyone!! Thanks again for the little peek into Taylor’s NYE concert. It’s much appreciated. :)

  2. Hey Chill..happy New Year to u…!! Lucky u with Tay on New Years eve.. junebug

  3. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I’m reading that Diane has some video that she should have up soon. Glad the holidays are done for this year.

  4. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I see that the Alabama/Notre Dame teams arrived in Miami area today. Its mainly party, party from now till game time Monday.
    I’m going to bet Taylor is there for the whole thing. :lol:

  5. Twitter will tell about that Henry…..football tweets galore :D

  6. ParleyBlue/Henry

    That depends on how busy with friends he is. :lol:

  7. Happy New Years everyone!!

    Chill, so glad you got see the new year come in Taylor style, what a memory for you!!

    Tommy’s swearing in for his thrid term on Council was last night:


  8. Thank you, you too, this is 4 days late LOL

  9. parleybluehenry

    Chill, where you be. Haven’t seen hide not hair of you. I am somewhat missing in action also. But about to get back to it. And by the way, twitter sucks.

  10. Sure has been quite around here. I’ve been getting alot of spam tweets folks I don’t follow but the tweets show up.

    The Bass player in Brodies band Scotty and his wife Lindsay welcomed their first child on Monday, Dylan Thomas. He is a cutie spitting image of his Dad. Can’t wait to see him in person!


  11. parleybluehenry

    Its quiet everywhere JI, Taylors went missing. :lol: I think hes getting ready for some stuff but we will know when it happens I guess.
    I am so busy right now, I hardly have time to think. And for the first time in my life I am actually worried for our country and that bothers me. But have all I can do right now to take care of myself. Got several projects going on.

  12. Henry, Yeah it is quiet everywhere. We are all busy can just imagine how busy he is. I know folks get upset that he doesn’t tweet, but that doesn’t bother me. Always happy to hear from him, I don’t need to hear from him daily I know he tweets in when the time is right for him. Hopefully he is working on finishing up the new CD a new music video would be sweet.

    chill, we miss you!!


  13. I am so excited, Taylor is back and the new season is ready to roll. I wonder who will be in the band, what the title will be for the new music, will there be any recorded sessions? I can hardly wait for the magic to start. A devoted Taylor Hicks fan!

  14. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Okay, is anyone coming around here? We need some activity. I am sick to death of twitter. I want to go somewhere where I can run my mouth a little longer. But I have made up my mind to keep my politics underground for the most part. Lots of really odd stuff going on out there.
    I’m really busy right now and it seems I have family to worry about. Have a sister in law in the hospital right now. Shes had heart problems for years and IMO not much of a doctor.

    Anybody got any thoughts about Taylor? It seems I never really know what hes up to so I don’t know if all is going okay or not.
    I do wish he would announce something about that album.
    After he wanted to know who was watching Idol with him tonight, I pretended I was watching “with him” . :lol: It made me chuckle. :lol: He seems to have mastered the art of staying hid. Not a peep out of anybody when he was in the Bahamas. I had to laugh. Did you see the pic that the resort put up of him the day he was leaving. There was a comment on it from a lady that had been at the resort at the same time. She said the funny thing was that her friend kept telling her that that was Taylor Hicks but she said “no, it wasn’t”. She said she even went up to him and asked him to tell her friend that he wasn’t Taylor Hicks and he said OK. :lol:

    This picture made me laugh tonight. Down south where they aren’t used to driving in the snow. :lol:

  15. ParleyBlue/Henry

    We have to have this don’t we?

    If I live to be a thousand I well never get the appeal to girls of any age of a skinny twerp that looks like a girl. But whatever floats their boat, I guess. I think a real man must scare them
    Justin is too skinny, he really does not look well.

    Thought it was smart of T to get to meet him. Helped with publicity and got him some followers. And I think he knew some of the people who were putting on the show. I wonder if he watched the whole show? Taylor has played to a sold out stadium there too. During the Idol tour, I think and maybe again shortly after Idol.

  16. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Link to Taylor on tv. Thought he looked especially good.
    Wish I could embed it.

    I will be glad to hear some reports of his show when he gets back to Vegas. I sure hope it is as good as with Jamie. I am especially fond of Jamie. Wish he was coming back.

  17. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Oh, and about Idol. I really only about half watched it. Had my back to it most of the time :lol: It sure isnt’ the show it once was. Why do they want to make the judges the stars? It doesn’t even make sense. People watched it for the competition, the contestants. I really think Nigel will be the death of it. Then I read tonight that the audience only gets to vote when they get to the final 10? Hell by that time many will have lost interest.
    The idea is to get the audience more involved, not less.

    That last guy that stuttered really did have a nice voice. And I still think that person in the red dress was a man. :lol: I intend to watch it some. I really think Taylor tweets about watching it because the show asks them to do that. I kind of wish Taylors fans wouldn’t tweet Idol telling them they won’t watch unless Taylor is on. I doubt that endears him to them. But it probably doesn’t make that much difference anymore because the show just isn’t a big deal the way it was. Taylor probably wishes it was, Think he is proud of his win and he would have liked the show to have stayed big. But whatever, he has other irons in the fire right now
    Enough of my late night ramblings. :lol: I napped earlier and now am awake.

  18. Henry, Sure is quiet all over. I’m getting tweets from all kinds of folks, I go and block them they come right back,LOL!

    Taylor is a very smart man, he knows being seen with certain people will give him publicity. Always makes me smile when he is working a room to his advantage, gotta love him. I see alot of Bieber fans started following him, its great he now has some younger ones, but will they follow and listen to his music?

    Idol is quiet weird this season so far. They are showing more failures then folks going to Hollywood. I really don’t enjoy seeing the kids that don’t make it through the first round of auditions and their reactions to being turned down. The last audition Lazzaro I believe his name was with the stutter. He did have a beautiful voice. I had a fella I grew up with that had a profound stutter also, and he too sang beautfully, I guess singing is just different for them.

    Got Brodie home sick think he has the flu, finally convinced him to go to the Dr after two days of suffering. Don’t know if they can give him anything, but hopefully they can give him something to relieve the symptons.


  19. ParleyBlue/Henry

    It really seems like Idol has a control freak at the helm to me. Like they almost want to cut out the audience influence, probably because the audience can’t be counted on to pick the one they want. What they don’t seem to get is that it IS or WAS the audience participation that kept people interested. Knowing they could pick the winner was why they showed up.
    Sometimes it seems the people who run these shows don’t have a clue and are determined to destroy them.
    I personally think they are going out and finding people and hand picking them to audition now. Not all but many of them JMO
    But what can I do? Nothing.

    It seems a different part of the brain kicks in when you sing. Mel Gillis a well known country singer was a terrible stutterer but could sing fine. He did well. Got to look him up, think he died but not sure. Did you know that James Earl Jones , known for his great deep voice in so many documentaries , commercials, movies, stuttered so bad when he was a child that no one could understand a word he said. Quite a story.

  20. Henry, Sure seems like they are trying to have more control over the voting. I hadn’t heard that about the voting not starting until the top 10, really think that is a bad move. They also had folks on that people recommended to be auditioned and they went and gave them tickets in person to be at an audition site near them.

    I hope that youngman Lazzaro does well on the show. Even some of those that they showed that will be going to Hollywood was surprised they were moved on, guess they saw something I didn’t LOL!! :)

    The one in the red dress Kaz think that was the name, they said her real name is Kathryn. Tommy happened to come in from a meeting during her audition he said no way thats a woman, maybe we will find out as the competition goes on, liked her sound.


  21. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Tommy and me are in agreement on Kaz. :lol:

    I said Mel Gillis, now that I think on it I believe it was Tillis. Going to look him up.

  22. I forgot my password. haha!

    1. Mavis, sorry you were in moderation. Nice to see you!! :-)

    2. I’m here to make pictures appear. Brought my magic wand. Can’t wait to see them. :-)

    How the hell you all doing?

  23. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Here he is Mel Tillis…. His stutter got better as he got older

    I always liked this song..

  24. So you watched Idol last night? :lol: :lol:

  25. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I was watching it with Taylor damn it!!
    Except I think he lied, I dont think he watched it at all. :lol:

  26. I doubt he would lie. Shame on you.

  27. Henry, He was probably watching like I was going back and forth switching channels. Really didn’t care for the seasons first two shows, hopefully as they go along they will show more of the talent then the kids that didn’t make it. Almost felt they were making fun of the ones that didn’t go through, actually had a clip forget what they called it, wasn’t very nice, the kids were crying and the families were asking them to leave them alone but the cameras kept rolling and following them. Thought it was in very poo taste. They always show some that didnt make it but these clips were just wrong. Nikki and Mariah showed alot more compasion then I thought they would, both did a decent job critiquing the kids.

    Brodie does have the flu, I had to drive him to the Dr.’s, he was so dizzy and light headed he was afraid to drive. They put him on that Tamaflu, said he feels much better today. He didn’t get the flu shot this year because the last two years he actually got a mild case of the flu, the allergist thinks because he is getting allergy shots it may have reacted bad on him. Told him to think about getting the shot again a mild case is better than what he just went through. Tommy on the other hand will not get the shot, would rather take his chances, he has gotten a few times, can’t talk him into it. Kayla got one this year. I never bothered with them, but the cardiologist insisted I get it and this year they ave me the peumonia while I was in the hospital in Sept.


  28. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Oh the shame, the shame. :lol:

    He only had a short time left in Birmingham JI, I bet he was out and about.
    Half of Idol from the beginning was to laugh at the crazies that tried out. Simon did a lot of that and the show was more popular then. Half of those people knew quite well they were terrible, they just wanted to see their face on tv. The auditions are not entertaining they way they once were.

    Hope Brody is feeling better JI. So far I have escaped being sick. Crossing my fingers. Not a big believer in the flu shot myself.

  29. Henry, Yeah, but it just seemed to me they focused more on the crazies than the kids with talent this year so far, very disappointing. They showed so many with tickets but I never heard them sing.

    Has anyone heard that the Alabama Hall of Fame is closing? A friend of mine put up that it was, he had some pictures when he went there in 2001. That would be a shame for a state to loose something like that, that honors folks in their state.

    Brodie is doing much better, just feels very tired, the aches and feeling bad are pretty much gone. Told him I think it maybe the meds making him feel tired and that he should just rest for the rest of the weekend. Told him he should think about getting the flu shot again, feeling a little off for two days is better than being flat on his back for 10 days.

    I have to go to the Dr’s tomorrow, one of the kitties scratched my hand last Sat, wasn’t opening the can of food fast enough for him, he tried to help. Well think it is infected, don’t want to go through another major infection that takes 7-8 months to clear. I found the precription bacatrcian I had and started using that today, hopefully it will look better tomorrow.


  30. Hard to believe Lily will be 2 tomorrow, she is getting so big! My niece put her into a soccer program. Her big brother Dylan who just turned 15 plays soccer and baseball. Since she was able to walk and hold a ball, he has been playing soccer with her, she has very good hand, eye, foot corrodination, here is a picture of her with a soccer ball at the program yesterday:

    Made an appointment to go see the Dr today. I used the prescription bacatricain looks better but I don’t want to fool with it. Reminds me of 3 yrs ago same day I went to the Dr and the roller coaster started for me.

    Those that have off today enjoy your time off!


  31. ParleyBlue/Henry

    She is so cute JI. Looks like she could handle that ball.

    I hope Taylors opening goes better than my day.
    Twitter sucks even more than usual. What the hell is the problem.
    The inauguation sucks, my paycheck sucked and just about every other thing I can think of.

    Hope everyone had a good day. :lol:

  32. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Chill, I never did see that pic you found in the closet. Twitter wouldn’t load it for me.
    Now I can’t even get twitter to load.

  33. Henry, twitter was a mess yesterday, i had saved chills card she put up here you go:


  34. One of Taylor’s Vegas buddies, Lance Sherman, tweeted that the first night at the Napoleon was sold out!! Actually I think he does publicity for Taylor in Vegas or something like that. There’s some good pictures on twitter and one of Taylor at Gordon Ramsey’s Pub & Grill Sunday night.

  35. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Haha JI, that was a cute card. Quite the eyebrows!

    Taylor looks so damn good, I don’t know how he keeps the women from jumping his bones every time he walks in. :lol:

  36. Henry, Yeah it was a cute card!

    tish, such a nice picture of Taylor love it!!

    Lily the birthday girl with her cup cake:


  37. I guess I’ll be watching Idol this year. The grandson of a guy I went to school with is in it this year. He is pretty good and a good song writer too. I have mixed feelings about going on Idol. He’s a country singer and was just starting to get some attention in Nashville But at least he’ll get some TV exposure. His name is Jimmy Smith and if anyone wants to sample his music he has a CD on Itunes. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/id474491326

  38. Denise, I remember seeing Jimmy with a ticket for Hollywood, but don’t remember hearing him sing or it just maybe too soon in the competition to put faces with voices. I don’t like that they are showing kids with tickets and they haven’t shown their audition, like I said they are showing more that haven’t made it then the ones that have.


  39. Love, love this picture of Taylor holding baby Samantha:


  40. Denise, Saw Jimmy Smith last night, has a very nice voice and style. Guess I saw him with a ticket on a commercial or something. Hope he does well in the competition. There were some good vocals last night, still showed alot that didn’t make it. They said they did that for the build up to the Nikki & Mariah melt down, think it was a waste of time. I’m sure they edited out most of the blow up anyway.

    Brrrr, it is cold here 9 degress this morning we are not even supposed to hit 20 today. Snow coming in tomorrow, hope it holds off until Kayla makes it home. Sunday she turns 23, Sat weather permitting we are going down to my SIL to celebrate Kayla’s and Lily’s birthdays together, looking forward to seeing everyone.


  41. Yes Ji. He was in the first half hour so I didn’t have to watch the rest of Idol. LOL. Never could stand the Auditons. Too much focus on bad singers and goofy people. LOL. I think Jimmy will do well. I love his CD and the songs he writes so I hope he does well enough that he can live his dream.

  42. Denise, Yes I wish him well on the show!

    One of my followers Shelley put this pic she took of Taylor up, not sure how many of you saw it, love it!

    Snow started here about 4pm, Kayla is on her way up she said the roads are getting better the further north she gets. Our street is a mess, cars are sliding up and down. She is gonna call Brodie when she gets to the Masonic Temple a couple of streets down from us and he will go and pick her up in his truck and leave her car there for the night. Looking forward to having her home for the weekend and seeing Lily tomorrow.


  43. Dammit, I tried to make a pic of the card I posted and somehow deleted the front of the card pic. I’ll be back. Going to try to bring it over. Grrrr….

  44. :-) Fixed it. Kind of large, but I can’t mess with it right now. I have to go to the grocery store and gas station. I tried to do it an hour ago, but was sidetracked. ha!! A major ice storm is supposedly heading our way tomorrow, so I need to get prepared in case it happens. Hard to believe the weather forecasters anymore. They just guess.

  45. Chill, for some reason the card pic is showing (x) maybe its just my computer.

    Just got back from celebrating Kayla and Lily’s birthday. She loved The Princess Ariel Leggos we got her:


    Chill, It has been so cold here the other day it didn’t get over 9 degrees and thats without wind chill, brrr. I got thinking about how cold it was when we went up to Lake Placid for the 1980 Olympics I got even colder just looking at the pics, here are two,we took a horse driven sleigh ride across the lake and you can see how cold were were just standing there, LOL! Hope you don’t get the ice storm. We got some snow last night only about an inch was worried Kayla was driving up in it, but she said the further north she got the better the roads got.


  46. parleybluehenry

    ha! we may need those horse and sleighs again. We have been lucky and are missing most of the terrible cold. Its been cold enough but not that bad.

    Has anyone seen this guy?

  47. Henry, we lucked out this storm only got about an inch. Its been so cold here, they say we are supposed to be back up to the 50’s mid week, can’t wait! Yeah its like hes under cover or something, LOL!!

    Bad Mommy didn’t check to see if I had candles for Kayla’s Birthday, I didn’t, but remembered I saved her Barbie candle from her 5th Birthday and got it out:


  48. I bet she liked her old candle better than a new one. :lol:

    A couple months ago, my granddaughter took a picture of the view from my backyard where I am living at the moment. She put it in downloads and I just now figured out how to get it from there to a spot on my computer that I could load it into photobucket.
    So here is the much delayed picture.
    Chill, I told you I was up on hill. :lol:

  49. Henry,She did!! I also have Brodie’s Batman candle from his 5th too. She got a big kick out of it. As we lit it Steve asked do you think its toxic after sitting for 18 yrs, I said I’m throwing the cupcake out so we won’t find out, LOL!!

    Looks like your on the prarie there, open space, nice!!

    Got to work this morning as I’m walking into the lobby my cell phone rang, it was Tommy did you hear the weather for today? No, why, snow, freezing rain, bad. As soon as the snow started about 8am my boss walked over to me and said you wanna head out it started snowing I know you don’t like to drive in this, packed up and was home by 8:30. Called Kayla when I got to my desk she was gonna head out about 10am but she left by 7:30 made it back down to Rowan by 9:30, so everyone is safe for now.

    So sad one of my niece Keva Lily’s Mom’s friend is missing since early Sat morning. She is a bartender in a local pup, Brodie and the boys will be playing there around March, he also knows her. She left the bar to walk home at 2am about 5 blocks and hasn’t been seen since. The bar is right on the Delaware River and we had snow Friday night, Brodie said if she went off the sidewalks she could have very easily slipped into the river and wouldn’t be found until the sping thaw, sure hope that isn’t the case.


  50. Sad update, they found my nieces friend in the canal, they still aren’t sure what happened so far they are saying a tragic accident. Funny thing they said in the paper, her live in boyfriend back in 2000 was still living in the house they shared and his friend who was a guitar player that played at the bar she worked at, was crossing over the same foot bridge to go to his house and never made it, they found him in the canal a week later. Said to my niece they made that statement for a reason, she doesn’t think so but I think they maybe looking at the boyfriend with the same thing happening 13 yrs later. Guess I’m a little more sinister then she is.


  51. parleybluehenry

    It does seem a little odd JI. Little too much of a coincidence

  52. Henry, Yes I agree. In the paper today they positivley identified her and said the investigation is still ongoing, again mentioning the boyfriends friend, so guess we will just have to wait and see. Brodie said the last picture of her she was walking on the main drag after the bridge, she lived a block from there. He said hes not real sure if the canal runs right along the street or if its off the road.


  53. Good grief, Chill made a picture and its huge. :lol:
    Its really a very pretty view I have here.

  54. Taylor enjoyed the super bowl ;)

  55. Hi everyone, it’s been awhile since I posted.
    I assume T must feel very comfortable with Sahara. He could have stayed in Vegas and watched the SB in his room or in a bar with friends, so I was surprised he took a flight to LA to visit and watch the game. Anyway, I love when she tweets to him and post pics of him just hanging out.

    The New England peeps are busy tweeting about their upcoming snowstorm. We are only getting mixed percp here and I’m glad because I have weekend plans.

  56. seor, right now we are getting varied reports a dusting up to 8+ inches with high winds. Not taking any chances running out today, bank and Walmart to pick up a few things. Kayla came in last night, she is going to a show tonight with friends, not sure she will make it back down tomorrow for work if we get anything.

    I love when Sarhara tweets too. He seemed really relaxed from the pics she sent. Glad he has someone he feels close to.


  57. Well they just updated my area, we went from a light dusting to maybe a few inches to 10+ inches, now they are not calling it a storm warning but a blizzard warning, just what we need.

    Kayla came in last night, she is going to a concert with some of her friends from HS, she is hoping to leave early tomorrow morning. They say it isn’t supposed to start until late afternoon, early evening accumulating 2 inches per hour, just hope we don’t loose power.


  58. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I was just wondering on twitter how much snow they were predicting for you. Doesn’t sound too good JI. I sure hope we don’t have any more of those this winter but I have a feeling we will. I don’t like the road down off this hill when it gets bad.
    Stock up and be prepared. Glad you are not getting so much rosie.

  59. Henry, Last report I heard 12+ inches and high winds. Its not supposed to start until later afternoon tomorrow. Ran out during my lunch today so we are good here.

    Kayla wound up not going to the concert, Steve’s uncle passed away late this afternoon, so she went down to be with him.


  60. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Someone tweeted that local tv said it could be the storm of the century. Well, whats the media for if not to panic people.

    Most of the time they never turn out to by quite as bad as they say but you never know. Sounds like this is going to get pretty bad. I think we are long overdue for one of these around here. One like this might strand us on this hill for who knows how long.

    Be careful and I hope you don’t lose power.

  61. Henry, Thats what I’m hearing the storm of the century. We are prepared have plenty of food, battieries and wood for the fireplace. Kayla made it back down to Rowan about 10am this morning, she said the further south she got it was more rain than snow. Right now we have a mix, I can hear the ice hitting the widows, but it is mixed with snow which I can see. They say its not supposed to get bad until after 4pm then we will be getting about 2inches per hour, they are saying my area now is 14+ inches, still with the high winds, as long as I don’t loose power I’m good.

    Everyone stay safe.


  62. we may have lucked out on this one. Around 4 they downgraded us to 6-8 inches, right now its not doing anything. They say their is another surge coming through about 9 and thats gonna be the heavy snow. My hometown friends are saying its blizzard conditions there, its just starting to tapper off, but they also are supposed to get hit with the next surge. Tommy and Brodie are home, Kayla sent me a message on FB that she is at work and its just raining in south jersey. Keeping my fingers crossed that we won’t even get the 6-8 inches.


  63. I hope the media are wrong about storm of the century! Stay safe everyone. I wish I could send you some Texas sunshine.

  64. I have a hunch it won’t be as bad as they are predicting. One reporter standing in 6 inches said soon it would be 5 inches an hr! We’ll see.

  65. Tish, thanks could use some of that nice warm sun about now!

    Rosie, Think it depended on where you are. When they changed our forcast late yesterday afternoon they said the winds shifted and our area was not going to get hit as bad as originally thought. We got about 6-7 inches but we have drifting because of the high winds. Folks in my hometown which is about an hour and half east of me got 18+ inches also with drifting. Haven’t talked to Kayla yet, but when we were snowing heavy last night, she still just had rain in south jersey. Some of my friends further up the coast have checked in from Conn, Vt and Mass they got hammered 2+ feet.

    Brodie said he would give it one shot to get out of the driveway for work. He has a truck with 4-wheel drive he thinks he can make it out without too much trouble, we will see


  66. A friend that lives in Conn posted this pic from inside her house out to her deck 3+ feet of snow, she can’t open any doors, her husband is gonna try getting out through the garage:

    Here’s a couple from my deck:


  67. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Well, how come JI, you have that nice deck and grill and you are not out enjoying it? :lol:
    Lots of snow, glad I don’t have to deal with it. Another one hitting the plains today but staying north of us, thank heavens.

    And even where this was the worst, I don’t think it was the storm of the century. The media crys wolf so often, its a wonder anyone listens to them. It was a bad one tho.Sounds like Conn. and Mass were the worst.
    I think NY and Wash DC were worse that year Taylor was running around in Grease.

  68. Henry, LOL! After Tommy got done shoveling and everything dried on the deck, the sun was out and warm. I grilled some filet mignon, onions & peppers. Made twice baked potatoes and steamed string beans and fresh salad, it was good!!

    No the storm was not as bad as they predicted for us, but my friend who lives outside of Boston said they got over 3ft. The one good thing about this storm no one lost power that I know of, which was great.

    It still cold out but the sun has been out and alot of melting is going on again today.


  69. Rosie, Congrats on your new follower!! As soon as I saw that tweet I burst out laughing and knew it would catch his eye!

    Nasty day here today, freezing rain. Tommy called me not long after he left this morning and said don’t go into the office. The porch, walkway, steps and driveway are a sheet of ice. Before Brodie left he went out to start his car and said he almost fell twice that if I needed anything he would go get it for me, not to go out at all.


  70. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Hey how about a couple of pics of the purty guy some of us like. :lol:

    From the upcoming dog show thingy, 23rd I believe. Don’t think I get the channel. Hope someone captures it or something.

  71. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Bet his ability to throw a ball came in handy here. Looks like hes having fun.

  72. Henry, I love pictures like that of him, when he is smiling naturally, his whole face smiles, its a great pic. I’ll have to ask Kayla if we get that channel. She came home again tonight, Tommy’s been teasing her that everytime she comes home we get snow, we are expecting about 4 inches tonight.

    Well Miss Lily Kate is ready for the snow, in her snazzy dress, hat & boots:


  73. ParleyBlue/Henry

    She looks all ready for the snow. :grin:

    Its colder then hell here tonight, wind blowing, spitin some snow. Hopefully we won’t get much. They tell me its going to be 60 by sunday. Hard to believe but I hope they are right.

  74. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Oh and keep an eye out for meteors. :lol:

  75. Well lucky us we didn’t get any snow last night!!

    Today is our 28th wedding anniversary, making his favorite veal dish tonight.

    My niece just posted this of Lily first time playing with finger paint, love the smile:


  76. She is such a cutie. Love the hair!

  77. Henry, Voted! Taylor just put it up on twitter. When I voted Taylor was just a little ahead of Ruben.

    Chill, Hope your feeling better. Kayla & I both had a stomach virus this past week, for me it only lasted a day, she had it for about 4 days, but shes better now.


  78. Oh boy, Bo Bices fans discovered the poll and may have found a way to vote more than once. Its all so silly. :lol:
    Bo does have quite a few fans right there in Alabama. I just wanted to be sure Taylor wasn’t ignored.

  79. Has anyone seen any vid from the Iron Dog yesterday? I looked and comcast said I did but when I put it on it was college basketball. Would love to see Taylor on the show.


  80. THN posted a clip of the Iron Dog, so cute:


  81. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I just came to put that up, you beat me JI. We don’t seem to be very active here. Damn twitter has everything
    I have been having some connection problems so I’m lucky to be able to be on for a few minutes every night.
    We did some things to the computer today through that so far seems to be helping, has stayed on for quite a while. So far , so good!

    They had predicted big snow for here today and we didn’t get it. Didn’t come as far north as they had thought, but its still supposed to snow tonight. Hoping they are still wrong.
    Blizzards to the south of us.

  82. Henry, I know things have a way of showing up on twitter. Still love coming here to chat though.

    Hope the storm passes by you. We got an alert last night saying another ice storm is coming our way late today into tomorrow. We lucked out on the last one we only got rain., keeping my fingers crossed that we just get rain again.

    Hope Taylor enjoys his vacy. Knowing him he is soaking up the sun on a tropical island, good for him.


  83. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Do we know hes on a tropical island? I hadn’t heard anything. Thought maybe he was spending a week at home but have no idea. :-)
    Lucked out where I sit on the last storm, Wichita to the south and Kansas City to the east got it but we escaped the worst of it. They are still talking more snow tho, so crossing my fingers.

    Lets see, I can go to work or I can go over to twitter and be mean and hateful and bully people. What to do? What to do?
    Think I will go to work. :lol:

  84. Henry, No, no, no, I have no clue where he is was just guessing. Glad you lucked out. One of my friends lives in Kansas City and she got 12 inches. Twitter can be rough I see alot of that nasty stuff going on.


  85. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Well son of a gun, hes skiing again. He must have a snow bunny girl friend. :lol:

  86. Henry, I looked at the pic again it almost looks like a painted post card. Think he maybe pulling a fast one as he has done in the past. Can’t blame him for not letting his location be known.

    My friend Julie that lives right outside of Kansas City, Ks posted this pic of an igloo they made in the snow, thats alot of snow:



  87. hmm, the pic didn’t show I’ll try it again:


  88. Things are quiet!

    Kayla came in last night, she wanted to talk. She broke off with Steve, he was much further along in the relationship than she was. He was talking marriage and kids and she just isn’t there yet. She said she loved him but knew he wasn’t the one, and didn’t want to string him along. She wanted to end it before it got any further. She said she just couldn’t do what alot of her friends do, keep the guy around until something better came along, she would just rather be alone than do that. Steve had gotten very close to some of her friends and she told him she didn’t want him to give up his friendships that she had no problem with him still hanging out with them. She said she felt really bad but knew it was the right thing to do.

    So how is your weekend? She is going out with one of her friends this morning then heading back to school and going out with some friends from school tonight, she wants to keep busy. I know she is sad, but she will get over it.

    Off to do grocery shopping, haven’t gone in a couple of weeks. I was gonna go last weekend, but woke up sick Sat, so I really need to do this today. Hopefully the stores won’t be real crowded.

    One of my friends said she heard long range we are going to get a major snow storm Wed into Thurs, hope she is wrong.


  89. Chill, Congrats!! Read your news this morning. The baby is due around your birthday, how nice! Thought I read she has a two year old, bet she is adorable, more to love.

    I don’t know why but I have a very uneasy feeling over Kayla and Steve breaking up, don’t know why I feel this way. I know he would never hurt her in any way. Maybe I’m just feeling worried that she is alone down there now. Her first year there her best friend Steph was living with her, so I didn’t worry. When she started back last year living with the two guys she was dating Steve so I didn’t worry, but now I’ve got myself all worked up that she isn’t safe. I know Chris and Dan watch out for her, guess I’m just being a worry wort, just wish I could make this feeling go away.

    My Vascular Cardiologist called a few weeks ago, the blood thinner I’m on has introduced a new version of it, initial studies have shown the med to open closed arteries in the legs without surgery. Wants me to be a part of this drug study for 18 mos. The hitch is we won’t know what med I’m on until the end of the study. He said I have to have two ultra sounds per year on my legs and if he sees improvement then I’m on the new, but if he doesn’t see any improvement then will figure I’m on the old. All the visits, tests, and meds are paid for by the drug company and I get $50 for each visit for gas and my time. Figured why not do it won’t cost me anything could only stand to get better. I go Wed morning and they will start me on the meds. I went for all the initial testing about 2 weeks ago. So will see how it goes.


  90. parleybluehenry

    JI hope all goes well for you with the medicine.
    Hate it when you get one of those uneasy feelings that won’t go away. Mine usually end up being nothing, but I still do it.

    You may not see much of me. Having computer problems out the wazoo. I have access to two computers and neither of them want to hold an internet connection. We will get it figured out and fixed eventually I think, but have thought we did several times only to have it mess up again. Getting tired of it.

    Wish I knew exactly what was going on with Taylor, with the possible AI filming and the cancellations. He would have had to be really sick to cancel. There are some bad stomach bugs going around. I guess we will know soon


  91. Henry, Your right it seems to be passing. Just worring about her. i will be talking to her tomorrow, she had alot fo lab work yesterday and today didn’t want to bother her. The more I think about it, think she was feeling smothered. The weekend of our anniversary she called said she was coming home. She messaged me that Friday and asked me to pick up some pizza for her, i messaged her back and asked is she wanted me to pick anything up for Steve. she no he is not coming up,she was going out with Steph. she called me when she was about 15mts from the house to heat her pizza. she got home we were talking and she got a text it was Steve he was at the front door. She went grrr… I didn”t know he was coming tonight, I left the LR she answered the door and said “what are you doing here, I told you I’m going out with Steph, then said what do you mean a change of plans”. guess he called Steph’s BF and said lets all meet at Kayla’s and hang out. she came in my office and said guess we had a change of plans is it ok everyone comes over tonight. Told her no problem. the next day she said I am going back to school and to steve she said your going home, I need some time to do stuff for school. Didn’t think anything of it at the time but now I could see her getting upset that he wasn’t giving her any space.

    I am wondering if he possibly filmed something with the idols before hand and they will use that and then he will be on thurs. I think sick or not if it was giving him a chance to some tv time he would have sucked it up and did the show. I had one of the stomach bugs on and off for two weeks, wasn’t any fun.

    Brodie thought he got the flu again, but Dr said he just has a nasty cold the flu test was negative. So he will be home for a few days.


  92. parleybluehenry

    Hope Kayla has gotten everything settled with the boyfriend. Some don’t want to take no for an answer, do they?

    Little concerned about Taylor. He would suck it up if possible but sometimes its just not possible. Uncontrollable. Knock on wood, I haven’t been sick for quite a while but I have had a few in the past and there was no sucking up. I lost 7 lbs overnight once, definitely not fun.

    And of course, you always have to wonder with him if something else might be going on to make him cancel. You know, I really didn’t need a 5th son to worry about. :lol:

  93. parleybluehenry

    Yay!!! He tweeted. Hes better!!
    Wonder who the runnin rebels are? :lol:

  94. parleybluehenry

    Oh, of course its UNLV ! I’m slippin :lol:

    Pretty big game.

  95. Henry, Yeah think thats a little why I was upset, that maybe he wouldn’t go away quietly, but she said he texted her a few times the first week and she didn’t respond, so she hasn’t heard anything more. I know she is an adult and can handle herself, but I still worry. Tommy said I watch that Investigation Discovery channel too much, they have alot of shows on relationships gone wrong, the endings are not very good sometimes.

    I agree that if he could get one foot under him he wouldn’t turn down and opportunity. But these bugs can really knock you out. Guess we will just have to see what happens this week on Idol.


  96. Our roving reporter for Idol. Should have known on performance night they usually don’t have anything else. Hopefully they will show what they did with Taylor tonight:


    We bit the bullet again, up unitll yesterday they were predicting a major snow storm, but the winds shifted and the temps stayed warmer, the poor shore areas flooded again during high tide. We might be getting something tonight, not much thank goodness.

    Went to the Dr’s yesterday, they went over all the tests again with me and everything looks good. I started on the study. I usually take one pill a day. Now I take two in the morning and one at night, have this calendar thing I have to fill out daily and bring back with me each time. They gave me the debit card with $100 on for the first two visits.


  97. Here is some video from taylor’s show last night:

    We are snowing here, have about 5 inches so far and still coming down, guess we didn’t miss this one!

    Nothing on Idol last night about Taylor, guess they will put in on when its good for them, oh well


  98. Here’s the full video from that Adobe Summit gig

  99. tish or anyone – do you know that name of that song he did? sounds like a old Little Richard tune… or that genre.

  100. Can’t believe it, its snowing here and sticking, ugh! We are going out to dinner tonight for Tommy’s birthday. Thank goodness we are going to a place not far from us.

    Chill, got a question for you. Kayla was surfing the internet with her friends and they were on the NJ uncalimed property site. She put her name in nothing, they put the rest of the familes names oin for my name under my maiden name something came up with the address of my Mom’s house that we lived in before we bought this house. My Mom had put the house in my name because she was on a waiting list to get into senior housing. We went in to check it out, but the site wanted my social security number and I wouldn’t put it in. Does your state have something like that, or do you think it is a scam Kayla said the site says the stae owes you some kind of money. Just not sure I should persue it and try to call the State Treasury Dept, thats what it said on the site the NJ State Treasury Dept. Just not sure if I should go any further with it. Kayla said if I owed them they would have come after me a long time ago. Mom bought the house after my Dad passed in 78 we sold it in 84 by that time it was in my name. Just your thoughts, Thanks

    LOL, I made Kayla promise me if she went out on any dates she would give me a name and where the guy is from just in case. She came home a bit ago and said some guy that comes in the Deli she works in asked her out, she turned him down, he gave her his phone # and said to give him a call if she changed her mind. She pulled up his FB page and showed me his pic, he was cute.


  101. Had to bring this over, Lily took off with a bag of goldfish crackers, my niece found her hiding in the laundry room with a mouthful of crakers, too cute!

  102. sweetsmoke, I thought it was just a little ditty he made up for the Idol Across America bit.

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