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  1. Random thought as I peruse the “Thumbs Up” column: I’m seeing a pattern. I seem to be drawn to pictures of serious/getting-down-to-business Taylor. :lol:

  2. Chill, Love the post! Rosie has been pretty quiet lately with the ball comments. Always got a big kick out of them.

    He seems to be taking more serious shots lately, smile, serious love them all!!


  3. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Yea!! Thanksgivings over!

    Some of Taylor red carpet pics give me a chuckle. Hes being “advised” I am sure on how to look and stand and some of it doesn’t work as well as it should. Hes always better when hes relaxed and natural. At least to me. I recognize some of the model stances.
    But he always winds up looking great.

  4. Thanksgiving’s over… :lol: *smart ass*

  5. Haha Chill and JI, I just did a not so subtle balls tweet to Tay. I think he may be afraid of all his regular twits. That’s a cross he has to bear for winning AI.

    Henry, Taylor does look more sexy when he looks serious. His many smile wrinkles and creases don’t show and his sexy eyes pop. But sometimes he purses his lips, but still looks good. Don’t know if he is advised on how to pose, but in just about 100% of his red carpet photos, he does one silly AI5 like pose.

    He has to know women find him gorgeous and sexy, but perhaps he’s still a bit not certain he is a handsome man. They say beautiful women stare in the mirror and find flaws, so maybe guys are the same.

    As usual, I don’t get why he doesn’t tweet more often about life, the world news or his day to day activities. I recall how he seemed chastised when AI peeps reacted to his Relix interview in 06. I hate to see a talent like T. with nothing to lose and much to gain, being afraid to tweet whatever he wishes. Want him to feel free to let it all hang out. lol

  6. Oh and shopping for 13 peeps of various ages has just about broken me down. Looking forward to this consumer driven holiday being over with and done. I haven’t sent a XMAS card for 4 yrs and I hate the guilt. Now Thanksgiving, that’s my favorite holiday.

  7. LOL!! Rosie! I have to run to work, but I’ll be back to see if I can add to the discussion you’ve started. I just came home to brush my teeth. haha!!

  8. Rosie, Really enjoy your tweets, ballsy or not they always put a smile on my face!

    So I guess everyone had the same problem with that link for the show last night, blank screen. I tweeted him this morning saying none of us could get the stream to hear the “big news” how about letting us know, tis the season. I’m sure I won’t hear anything back. He can be such a tease at times. I guess sooner or later we will hear. But as some have said his idea of big news might not be our idea of big news, guess we will just have to sit it out and wait………

    Kayla is coming home for the weekend, looking forward to seeing her. Her and Steve are going to a concert at the Stanhope House where Brodie and the boys played 11/30, still waiting for Steph to send me the pics she took, its crunch time end of the semester finals and papers, she’s an equestrian and does shows every weekend busy younglady.


  9. Rosie, Don’t have as many I buy for anymore, ordered a bunch of stuff online, took today off to finish up the last of my shopping. Its just not fun anymore, fighting the crowds trying to find that something special just don’t have the energy for it. Christmas has gotten way too commercial its just not the same as years ago. Brodie is boycotting Christmas again this year, don’t buy me anything I’m not fighting the crazies in the stores. Have to respect his wishes. He decided instead of cooking the turkey he got from Honda he is going to get a fresh one for the holiday, he said he will pay for all the food for the meal and dessert I can go pick it all up minus the turkey it will be to heavy for me he will get that, LOL!! :)


  10. JI, his co host tweeted that his news was his Bally’s contract extension. While we already knew that, I’m sure most of the TV viewers in Vegas were unaware. So he was doing PR for himself and Ballys.

    I still have 2 grandkids to shop for and 3 friends. This year for the first time I didn’t decorate. I’m not in the mood and no one is coming here. I’ll begin to feel better when AI starts as I know it will be spring when it ends. Guess I shouldn’t wish time to past quickly, but the dark cold days of winter depress me.

    Henry, I know this is a hard time of year for you.

    Think my daughter is fixing pasta for us for XMAS. She’s a great cook and she did the turkey dinner for Thanksgiving.

  11. Rosie, Thats probably it about his contract being extended, get the word out to more viewers makes sense.

    I’ve been in a funk since Sandy can’t get things together for some reason. Think we are gonna get our tree tomorrow not sure, maybe once its up I’ll feel more in the mood.

    My two love turkey, many years ago used to make a leg of lamb Christmas Eve, and lasgna and eggplant for Christmas Day, they wouldn’t eat either, so now its homemade pizza Christmas Eve and a turkey Christmas Day, lotta work for me but the family loves it.

    Did one trip to Walmart, Kayla wants these thermal shirts, they only had one in her size, little girls large. So taking a rest and going to the other Walmart not far from me and see if they have them in her size. There are two other Walmarts not far can always try them too. Too keep costs down they keep it really cool (62) in her apt so shes always cold, she said the thermals keep her warm.


  12. I was just starting to get a little holiday spirit then I heard about the shootings in Conn, broke my heart, how senseless………

    Hit four Walmart’s today couldn’t get those thermal shirts for Kayla, I did find a few other things I think she will like. Have to have Tommy go with me up to Craker Barrell saw a table top Hockey Game, she misses the one we had set up in the den before Brodie and band took over. It was a game table, hockey, table tennis and one other game she loved it. This one is smaller and she could play it anywhere, but was too heavy for me to lift.


  13. This broke my heart, a friend put this up on fb. The picture of this beautful girl her name was Victoria she was a teacher at the school in Conn. When she heard the gun shots she hid her students in closets, draws any place she could find to keep them safe. The guy came in her classroom asked where the kids were she said the gym, he gunned her down. She gave her life to save her students, a true hero in my book may she rest in peace:


  14. Lily loved the Elmo Christmas figure she made Mom bring it inside she walks around with it:


  15. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Little River Band

    ittle River Band: “Saw Taylor Hicks at Bally’s last night. Folks…this guy can flat our sing, play harp, and get lost in a song!! He was fabulous to watch and hear. He’s part Cajun, part R&B, part soul, part Joe Cocker, part Stevie. But he’s all Taylor Hicks. He blew me away!! Go see him if you get the chance. Your musical soul will be inspired.”

    He also said he hoped he could share a stage with him some day. I love it when real musicians get to find out what Taylor is about.

  16. Henry, I agree with you, the guns aren’t necessarily the problem, its the hands they wind up in. All the recent shootings the person with the gun in their hand had mental issues but they were allowed access to these weapons, that is the problem and I don’t see how that can ever be controlled. If someone legally purchases and registeres a gun, but someone in their home is mentally unstable how would they know that and stop that. Like Brodie said “Mom if I wanted to I could have found a way to get to the gun we have, but the thought never crossed my mind to do that, you and Dad made it clear it was off limits and only for protection, if Kayla or I bent that rule, the gun was gone.”

    Just heard yesterday that one of the victims the little girl Charolotte Bacon was born here where I live, the family just recently relocated to Newton, Conn., so sad

    The tree is up, just finished wrapping the last of the gifts. Tommy went to look at the hockey game I saw, but said he thought he could find something better at Toys R Us, so I told him go for it, I’m done!


  17. Since I quit the 2nd job, I’ve taken up drinking. I’ll have more free time after a few AA meetings. :lol:

  18. Chill, so glad you quit the 2nd job!! I know when I left to have Brodie it took me a good year to adjust to being home. I traveled alot with my job, kinda of lived out of a suitcase and then all of a sudden nothing just staying home with him. But after that year I was totally into it, loved being home with both of them. Was lucky got to stay home until Kayla started kindergarten then worked full time at home, so it was still great.

    Kayla comes in tonight, she will be home until Thurs, she has work on Friday. We are going down tomorrow to spend the day with Lily at my sister-in-laws, her Dad’s Christmas party is tomorrow night so Nana has her for the weekend.

    Gonna start some of my baking today after I do my last Walmart run before the holiday. Kayla picked up a few things for me and thats all I have to wrap.

    Bummer, the microwave went on us. Brodie said Mom I’ll buy a new one, I know you, you will buy the first thing you see with a good price, I’ll research it, LOL He said he found two at Lowe’s hes gonna go look at and get one of them. I don’t use it much but the rest of the family does, they miss it more than me.


  19. Sorry I haven’t been here much lately. It’s been hectic. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. :-)

  20. Taylor havin a little fun at home.

  21. Merry Christmas everyone!! Well we’ve had the first white Christmas in a long, long time, it started last night, now I’m done with it, LOL!!:) Enjoy your day with family and friends, most of all be safe. Just the four of us today, we decided to stay home wasn’t sure if Kayla had to work tomorrow or not. My niece invited us down, didn’t want Kayla to have to be on the road for hours, so its just us. I’m the only one up now, got the turkey all ready to go into the oven, Brodie can’t wait for the fresh turkey. He doesn’t remember but I always got fresh turkey’s when they were kids until the farm that I got them from closed down. Haven’t been able to find one like it since.

    We are waiting to hear from Scotty the bass player in Brodie’s band his wife is due anytime now with their frist. Another Christmas surprise Brodie’s friends Nikki and Jordan are expecting also, due the end of June. All these new babies for me to fuss over, I’m loving it!!

    Nola if you check in Happy Brithday!!

    Henry, Love the video!! He just has himself a good time where ever he is!! Give little Addison a hug from your Soul Patrol friends for Christmas!!


  22. Merry Christmas everyone. We’re heading out in a couple of hours to our son’s house in New Braunfels.

  23. Yay!! Kayla got me one of those led photo frames and downloaded all my Taylor pics onto it, a steady stream of Taylor, LOL!! She got another one for me for family photos. she took all the pics I had put up on fb from way back when Kevin and I were little all through their childhoods right up to Lily, just love them!! :) Now she will show me how to upload the pics to the frame.


  24. ParleyBlue/Henry

    My son got me one of those photo frames last year. We have a lot of family photos on it. I still have not learned how to do it myself. This year I am going to. Would be kind of nice to have a seperate one for all the T pics.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  25. Henry, Yeah she said she researched them online and found the one she wanted and when she went to order on amazon had a special buy one get one half price. She tought it would be cool for me to have a Taylor one and one for the family. She did put the pics of when I met him in Philly and Carteret on the family one too. Its just nice to sit and watch the pictures appear, your life in pictures, a very thoughtful gift. She said she got 4 giga bites disc for them, they will hold thousands of pics on each one.

    My microwave went, Brodie said he is getting me a new one but with work and the side work he is doing he just didn’t get out to get it. He has Wed and Thurs off and said he will get me one then.

    The turkey smells great!

    It was nice to wake up and see the snow this morning, it has all just about melted, and that is fine with me.


  26. Merry Christmas everyone. There is a Christmas baby in our extended family this morning! Tomorrow Henry turns 37 and Nolamar is 36 today! Rumor is if you’re born around Christmas ya get to skip some birthdays!

    We had unexpected snow yesterday, but it’s already melted off the roads. It was so pretty on the trees. Glad I did not have to cook or bake this year.

  27. Congrats on the new arrival! Its always nice to have a new baby around. Still waiting to hear from Scotty. Brodie said she had some false labor on Sunday and they sent them home.

    It was a real nice day today. The turkey turned out great, we were all exhausted after dinner and just sat for awhile and did nothing! :)

    Talked to my SIL she said Lily was done unwrapping after two gifts and was content with them. She said she told Keva to unwrap what she didn’t open and give them to her for her birthday. I told her we did kinda of the same with Brodie and Kayla around that age, too many gifts they just aren’t interested one or two keep them content. We held a few for Kayla for her birthday and with Brodie just gave them to him a little at a time after Christmas.

    They are saying more snow tomorrow into Thurs. The part finally came in for our dryer the guy is coming Thurs to put it in. Tommy was worrying that the thing might snap again, so hes happy he is coming.


  28. Happy Brithday Henry!!! Hope you have a great day!!

    Hope everyone had a nice holdiay.

    I’m so loving this picture frame with all the Taylor pics, every time I look up I see him in front of me. She downloaded all the pics I have so there are some I haven’t seen in awhile, nice looking back.

    Kayla is leaving later today, shes going to a show at the Stone Pony tonight and its closer to where she lives. She has work on Friday so she thought she would just go back tonight. We have a storm coming in, us snow, down by her rain, so its best she heads back down. She is coming back up Friday after work, her and Steve are going to come out to dinner with us and my SIL/BIL with Lily for and early dinner on New Years Eve, then they are going to a party.


  29. Happy Birthday, henry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Hope everyone had a great holiday! One of my favorite holidays is right around the corner. :-)

  31. chill, could that be New Years Eve? LOL!!!

    Bracing ourselves for another storm 5+ inches then freezing rain, as long as we don’t loose power I’m good. We have plenty of food in the house, just baked some more cookies. We just started snowing a little while ago nothing much yet. Kayla came in last night but has to go back tomorrow, the deli she works at needs her in Monday to help with the NYE orders, not sure she will make it back in time to come out to dinner with us :(

    We started to take down the decorations and tree but Tommy ran out to get more salt just in case, hopefully he will be back before it gets bad and I can get the tree undressed and out of here.

    Kayla’s friend Steph finally dropped off the disc with the pictures from Brodie’s show on 11/30 just waiting for her to download for me.


  32. I’m not really a fan of NYE, too many idiots out and about in the establishments and on the roads. Amateur night, it’s true. But I’m going to be in Chicago at a great venue, partying and listening to some great music with friends. I hope I survive. :-)

  33. chill, have fun!!

    We’ve been snowing since 11am realy picked up at 1pm:


    A couple of pics of Brodie and the boys at Stanhope House, left to right, Brodie, Scotty, Eric and Jeff on drums:


  34. Chill, Lucky, lucky you!! Have a great time tonight!! I am so happy for you!!

    Heading out in a little while to go down to my SIL’s to see Lily and go out for an early dinner. Kayla had to work today but is coming back up tonight, not sure if she will get out of work to join us. Steve woke up really sick yesterday, I think he has the flu, we wanted him to stay but he had work today also. They are supposed to come here tonight have a few friends over to bring in the new year, not sure he will even be up to that.

    Everyone have a great night tonight!! :)


  35. So, so excited for Chill and Diane!!!! I’ll be watching twitter tonight for sure. :)

  36. Happy New Year 2013, hope it bring much joy, happiness and good health to all!! :)

    chill, Sounds like you had a great time last night! Saw that you said the crowd loved him, they always do. He puts on such energy filled show, he makes you take notice of him!

    For some reason I was exhausted last night, fell asleep about 11, but Kayla called at midnight so I was back up for a little while.

    Lily is turning into a little chatterbox. We saw her on Dec 22nd and she was talking like two maybe three words together, now she is talking in full sentences. When we got there she came running over to me “Hi Aunt Sheia” and gave me a big hug. Then Kayla met us there, when she heard to doorbell jumped up and said “Yay Kaya here!” went running to see her.

    New microwave is in, bigger than I wanted it to be, but it still fits where the old one was. Told Tommy if it didn’t fit there it had to go back and get a smaller one, because I didn’t want it anywhere else in the kitchen. He wanted to put it over where I do all my food preparation, I said nope not giving that space up, either it goes over where it was or its out of here. Think he was a little ticked with me but in the end he agreed with my reasoning, LOL!! :) Brodie went out to dinner with friends then came home just didn’t feel like being in a bar for NYE so while I was in bed they bought the microwave in and got it set up so I saw it this morning.


  37. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Chill, I think you should have skipped Robert Randolph and stayed for this. Taylor should hire that horn player. :lol:

  38. Henry, haha!! How annoying was that. I thought his show was early that RR was bringing in the New Year, how cool he bought it in!! :)

  39. ParleyBlue/Henry

    His show was early, he just came back on to help with the countdown. RRs show was in a different venue.

  40. ah the horn player There’s one in every bunch. I would have liked to hear the happy festive crowd sing. Taylor looks like he was having fun being the official countdown guy.

    So happy Chill that you got an unexpected NYE concert. People always seem to be impressed when they see him.

    Usually we see an academy award nominated movie on NYE. But this yr my one depressed frend wanted to see something light, so she chose The Guilt Trip and we all went along with it. Then she didn’t show up, but the movie was 10 xs better than I expected. Nice performances by Seth Rogen and Barbra. We had a very late dinner at a pricey restaurant out in the boonies. The other gals all had 2 drinks, but I stuck to 1 bloody Mary, due to the dark curvy drive home. Got home about midnight and couldn’t sleep, so I read tweets and checked out the NYC celebration.

    Can’t believe it’s 2013 and will have to concentrate when I write checks for the next 2 weeks.

  41. Chill!!!

    Cannot express how much fun NYE was! Was still hung over upon arrival home in NYC… but then again, lack of sleep and constant chaos can do that to a girl.

    So glad we all got to hang out. Thanks for being the Chicago hostess with the mostess :) I shall always bow to you for homestyle italian food recommendations… :)

    I still say you shoulda let me take more pics at the after-party! Though the ones we took are hysterical.

    So glad you and Diane were there to share in the insanity… (its also nice to be able to say, “uh, what exactly happened last night?” and have two intelligent but completely hilarious accounts of my naughty behavior!!! Hahaha!!)

    For all of you who haven’t partied with the Chill one, it is an experience that should not be missed. (And tho she will never display her face, you can trust me when I say, she looks like a million bucks!)

    Next time Rob is doing Brooklyn Bowl, your crazy butt must come to our town, lady!! As always, the party never stops and you never know who will be in attendance, but it never disappoints! :)

    Thanks for a great entrance into 2013. May the whole year be as insanely good as its birth!!

  42. Well, hello there, Dr. Claw!! I had such a fun night! I’m still recuperating and I didn’t even drink alcohol. haha!!

    Thanks for everything! I would love to see Robert Randolph at the Brooklyn Bowl. Ya never know, I have a bunch of new vacation days in 2013!

    And you seemed to be on your best behavior, as far as I saw. :-)

    Eh, pictures, who needs ’em. I do wish I would have let you talk me into just the one picture, in hindsight! LOL!! Always a regret the morning after.

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