Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

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  1. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Oh wait wait, now I can . I had to click on the blog title before the comment box showed up. :lol:
    As I said, that was a long, long debate. Glad its over. :lol:

  2. hahahaha!!!!!!!!!! A long ass debate. LOL!!

    I screwed up with the post. I had to uncheck a box so there would be a “comments” to click.

  3. I’m not big on Thanksgiving, but you gotta do what you gotta do. My kid is counting on me.

    I have the most non-traditional menu. I wouldn’t even know where to begin roasting a turkey.

    I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and eat lots of pie!

  4. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Actually, turkey is pretty easy, Just a matter of getting the time and the temperature right. But I don’t like turkey as well as I used to. I think they have them stuffed full of steroids and crap anymore. Wild ones are very good.
    But I think people should have whatever they like most. Great time for trying something new. What are you having?

  5. Roasted chicken (two) with lemons and garlic, stuffed grape leaves, Greek salad, lemon bars for desert. Kid’s requested menu. lol

  6. ParleyBlue/Henry

    It sounds delicious, although I have no idea whats in Greek salad. lol

  7. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone. For me it’s not the food, it’s seeing family and friends. :)

  8. Well, sure, it’s about family and friends! LOL Have a great day, tish!

    Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, olives, feta cheese, tomatoes and a vinegar/oil dressing. :-)

  9. ParleyBlue/Henry

    That sounds like a great salad except the vinegar/oil dressing. i know most of the world loves vinegar but I am not a lover.
    I suppose it would be hillbilly of me to put a little Dorothy Lynch on it? :lol:

  10. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! This post might come up twice, not sure though, but it might because the first time I put my email address in wrong LOL take care all

  11. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!

    I can remember the year my Dad passed Kevin and I weren’t real big on turkey but loved the stuffing. We talked Mom into making a Roastbeef with stuffing, it was great. Doesn’t matter what you have its all about being with family and friends.

    Henry, We used to get our Turkey’s at a farm until it closed about 10 years ago, you can really taste the difference from the frozen ones. Brodie told me the other day their is a turkey farm not far from us, he said next year he would get a fresh one for us. He got his turkey from Honda yesterday, not sure when I will make that one.

    I was up a 5am had the bird in by 6am, just have to peel the potatoes and make some salads. Turkey should be done by 2:30, make the gravy, carve the turkey then stuff our faces. I’ve been cooking since Monday, all that work and it’s done and over with within an hour. Its worth it as long as everyone enjoys the meal and desserts.


  12. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

    The appliance guy isn’t coming until tomorrow for the dryer. Tommy just went with a car load to the laundramat. Our luck it won’t be worth it to fix and will have to get a new one.

    Kayla left last night to go back to school, she has work at 10 this morning and thought the traffic would be better than leaving early today with all the Black Friday sales. Gonna wait a little while then go to Walmart to do my usual Friday shopping there, hoping it won’t be too bad. I did the Black Friday once and will never do it again just was not worth the crowds and the limited amount of items that were on sale.


  13. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Very true, fresh birds are always better.
    I don’t like to shop in the first place. I don’t believe the nuts fighting in the aisles for a chance to buy some piece of junk or another.
    For some reason I’ve never been that interested in a lot of stuff and it seems I am even less interested the older I get.

  14. Henry, I hear you, nothing I need that bad that I would fight the crowds trying to get any of the sale items that are limited quanity of. When I went the one year, Walmart had an HP laptop on sale, the limited quanity was 3, didn’t stand a chance of getting one. Friends are telling me to go get a new dryer today, would probably get a good deal. Have no interest, we’ve been going to this guy for almost 30yrs, he takes care of our stuff and always gives us a good price on appliances. I ran up to Walmart got there about 10:30 the sales were over the store was empty, just the way I like it, was in and out quick.

    Tommy’s back he said the place was emptym he had 6 washers and then 6 dryers going he got done very quickly too. I just got done folding and putting everything away.

    Beautiful day here, sweater weather, love it this temp!


  15. Henry, Saw that, was shocked no harp on him, LOL!!

    chill, Saw your tweet about him not having the harp, hahaha!!

    Well the dryer is temporarily fixed, the heating coil went, he was able to break off the bad part of it and reconnect until the new one comes in. Tommy said we were close to a lint fire, even though we vacuum as far in as we can lint got near the coil it was all brown. Rich showed him how to take the one panel off to get the vacuum in further, so hopefully that won’t happend again.

    Ugh, snow tomorrow into Tues, right now they are saying 3-4 inches, not too bad just hope the forcast stays that way.


  16. He ignored my tweet. :lol:

  17. chill, I know but it made me burst out laughing!! I’m sure you got a smile out of that one even if he didn’t say anything back. He ignores mine too!! :)


  18. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I haven’t even seen your tweet. I best go look. When he tweets “have a good Sunday” or something like that I think it usually means he has a good Sunday planned and you’re not going to see him the rest of the day. :lol:

  19. Henry, after I watched the CBS42 video, I tweeted to him: So…that was NOT a harmonica in your pocket. lol :lol: He ignored it.

    Jersey, glad it made you laugh.

  20. I hope you noticed that I added a picture to the “Thumbs Up” column. I love that picture!

  21. chill, Yes I did see it, what a gem of a pic!!


  22. ParleyBlue/Henry

    JI I saw on twitter last night that you missed the Ore story. I checked out the dates and it would have been when you were without power. This is the first we heard of it.

    It was pretty much Ore closed one day and Saws opened the next. I know some time back I had read that Ore wasn’t doing lunch anymore. When a place cuts back on hours its not a good sign. I really was not surprised. It seemed to be a great place, loved the pics I saw of the decor and the food from all reports was great. But they had a lot of partners, they were trying to have a pretty upper class food, etc and the place wasn’t all that big. I think the expenses were probably just too high.
    Now this is just me speculating but I really think Taylor likes having a place and wanted to stay in and this Saws has a spot or two that are doing well and I think he knew the guy from what I read so a new partnership was created. I think this is a better fit for the area and Saws seems to really know how to keep the expenses down so I really think this is going to work better. Hope so anyway. Heres the review from last night. Sounds great.


  23. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Heres a couple of pics of Taylor singing at Saws over Thanksgiving with a really good blues artist. There is more info on her and more pics on sweetsmokes board.

  24. Henry, Guess I missed it all during Sandy, didn’t know this was happening at all, LOL!! :)

    Always thought Ore was a bit upscale for what he was looking for. The food seemed great, a little pricey for a guy working all day looking for some drinks and a bit to eat after work. Saw’s seems to fit that to a tea. A more relaxed place is going to bring working folks in and families. Most families are on a budget and going out to eat is a treat, they want a place with good food, nice atmosphere, kids welcomed and the pricing is within their budget. The Pat by us cleaned the place up changed their menu and increased their prices, it wasn’t what folks wanted. They have scaled the menu back prices are back down and their are waiting lines to get in again, you gotta give the people what they want or they won’t come to the place.

    We are getting our first little bit of snow today, hopefully it won’t be much.


  25. Just caught up reading. Chill, I thought ur tweet was funny. I agree with Henry and JI that Saws is a better fit and will be more lucrative. I’ve been busy with Xmas shopping and am going to NJ next weekend for a wedding and had to shop for that.

    A 21 mile natural gas pipeline is going to be installed next yr and it just happens run thru our condo’s back yard. Naturaly they bypassed horse country and a state park, the watershed areas and all the mil $ plus homes. Since it is eminate domain there is nothing we can do about it. I’ve been getting literature for a year from the interstate gas company explaining how safe a natural gas line is supposed to be. I showed my sil, who has a masters in geology and he agreed it is safe. The irony is we do not have gas heat out here or all the way up to PA. I wish we did because all electric is expensive and I’d like a gas stove for cooking.

    Verizon is a lousy company. A broken line had us with no internet or phone service since Wed. morning. Despite repeated promises, they didn’t fix it until last night. Worse yet, verizon tried to tell me that since my land lines are thru AT&T, it must be AT&T’s fault. The idiots didn’t know that all of AT&Ts service comes thru verizons lines.

  26. Rosie, We had the same thing happen here a few years back. they had enough homes to run a gas line, we didn’t hook up because we had gotten a new furnace a little before that. But when they ran the gas lines, Tommy told them how they had to build up the dirt to keep the water from jumping over the curbing onto our property, they said they would take care of it. Well of course they didn’t and we had a really bad rain storm, I had a mudslid down the front of my house, the garage was just covered in mud. they didn’t build it up right and we had gas lines exposed in front of the house. They came back paid for all the damage and let Tommy guide them to refill it. What a mess!!

    Waiting for Kayla’s friend Steph to send me the videos of Brodie and the guys last night, they did great!! Kayla thought she had her camera, but didn’t so Steph bought hers.

    Off again tonight to see my friend Sam’s band not far from my hometown. Tommy is sick he shouldn’t of went last night, but he didn’t want me going alone, so he came, but isn’t coming tonight. He went to the Dr’s this morning. Feel bad he is really congested and has a bad earache.


  27. Had a really good time last night seeing my old buddy Sam:

    Too funny, I took Kayla & Steve to this place called Star Tavern in my hometown, didn’t disappoint still have the best greasy pizza ever, they loved the place. LOL, I went right by it, they changed to whole outside fancied the place up, I remembered it as a woodedn building, they bricked the front of it. When we came out these two guys were coming down the street drunk as skunks the one grabbed me and just started hugging me, I realized it was Bobby Mazza, his Dad was one of the original Four Season’s Nick Mazza. I looked at him and said “Bobby?” he was like Sheila??? I said you guys are way too drunk to be on the streets, then another guy showed up it was there cousin he had been driving. They could hardly stand up, they were telling Kayla and Steve about their Dad, when we finally broke away, Steve said were they really Nick Mazza’a son’s I said yes, he’d be real proud of them, LOL :)


  28. parleybluehenry

    Taylor on Las Vegas TV yesterday. So damn good.

    fox5vegas.com/video?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=8040603#.UME_sFTQ2B8.twitter …

  29. i tried to post Taylors TV performance but it didn’t post

  30. Henry, I’ve tried posting too, nothing is showing up, hmmm


  31. Can’t leave you guys alone for one second, can I? :lol: :lol: Accessing with my phone wasn’t showing you guys in moderation, but now that I’m at my PC, I found you. haha!! You’re free, now behave yourselves. :lol:

  32. Chill, behave, thinking thats not gonna happen any time soon, LOL!!

    Henry, He just nailed the song, very soulful presentation of it.


  33. Yes, I loved that version of it. But I am hearing some strain in his voice lately. I always have to have something to worry about. haha
    I see my link wasn’t any good anyway so glad you got it up.

  34. Henry, Felt the same way about the NA he did a stellar job, but could hear some strain in his voice……… Hopefully its just from him working so hard in Vegas doing his shows and won’t last.


  35. Just had to bring over this pic my niece just put up of Lily her hair is long enough to put bows in it, so cute:


  36. Lily has some of the prettiest hair I have ever seen. Love the color.
    Jake put this pic of Addison on facebook. He said this was her reaction to being told “no”. :lol:

    We’ve given up on hair, getting her a wig for Christmas. :lol:

  37. Henry, love the look on Addison’s face like “your talking to me?” LOL!!

    I love Lily’s hair color too, its that rich auburn color. She is at that stage where she tests. She knows shes not supposed to touch light sockets even with the protectos on them, but every once in a while you’ll see her hand on the wall as she walks by just trying to get a touch, LOL!!


  38. Those two children are just adorable!! I.want. :-)

    And henry, don’t give up, mine didn’t have hair for at least 2 years. :lol: I loved him anyway.

  39. Chill, was gonna say the same thing, Lily’s didn’t have much hair just the past few months its really started to come in. Even more so since she got her first haircut. Just love Addison’s big eyes, natural beauty, the hair will come.


  40. Just couldn’t resist this one, my niece just put this up she found an Elmo christmas lighted ornament, Lily loves Elmo:

    They took her to a brunch with Santa yesterday, my SIL said it was a scream fest, Lily would have nothing to do with the bearded one, LOL!! :)


  41. That pic with Elmo is the cutest yet
    Better keep her away from the real Elmo though, I hear he has some problems. :lol:

  42. Beautiful new shirt…shirts? Looks like the same shirt but black and white in one pic and colored in the other.

  43. Henry, Love, love that first one, thats a new shirt looks great on him.

    My niece was really upset when she read about the guy whose voice is Elmo and what was going on. I’m sure they will find a replacement and Lily will not notice the difference in “Melmo’s” voice. I thought that pic was just adorable.


  44. I tried to make the first picture appear, henry, but it was too big. :lol: :lol: Yep, you heard me right. :lol:

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