The Debate — Twitter Style

I watched the debate tonight, of course, and I also followed the #debate on my phone. Twitter adds a new dimension to politics, and I’ve been pretty vocal about the political tweets taking over my timeline. But I’m always one to make lemonade from lemons, and I have to admit there is a bright side. Here are some of the highlights from tonight’s debate: (Bipartisan highlights, I hope) :-)

Obama just flashed the shadiest smile like Whitney Houston on Diane Sawyer

Mitt Romney’s laughter is creepier than the tuck-and-dance scene from Silence of the the Lambs.

“I’m glad I don’t have to study up on any of this crap anymore.” — Sarah Palin

On Election Day this #debate will influence undecided voters less than the weather and what they had for breakfast.

Did Obama just say “we have to make sure our partners pull out responsibly” on national television?

Romney says he doesn’t want to divorce Pakistan. And why would he? As a Mormon he can be married to as many countries as he wants.

To divorce Pakistan, you’d just have to say “divorce” three times.#islamjoke #lookitup

w/ everyone tweeting the debates you can say whatever u want & no one will read it if its not #debate I JUST PUT A PLUNGER IN MY VAGINA see?

I’m liking Obama less because Romney agrees with him too much.

Greatest threat to national security: shortage of good #whiskey.

Presidential Debates. Making American workers exhausted & confused before they wake up to a 5:30am alarm & *actually* do things…

I can’t believe no one has mentioned Britney Spears’ new bangs.

I might as well watch the debate in spanish.. I don’t learn anything anyway

There’s something about Andrea Mitchell fact-checking that makes me want 2 do my own fact checking, regardless of what she says#NBC #Debate

Both Obama and Romney talked like a hero who fight against space aliens in Hollywood movies.

I’m thinking one final #debate moderated by Simon Cowell. Each candidate given a 80’s power ballad.

Nice work to both @BarackObama and @mittromney… i’m so relieved that its over. Maybe more than both of you..severe anxiety-God Bless xo L

If Obama isn’t reelected he should become a comedian. I don’t care about anything else

I feel like Obama is about to say…”and live from New York’s Saturday night! ”

Almost a billion dollars have been spent on campaign ads so far. It’s a good thing our schools & roads are in great shape or I’d be mad.

The next batch of iPhones and iPads are going to be extra-crappy. Trust me.

This is starting to feel like every breakup I’ve ever been through.

All I can focus on is trying to figure out what the writing says behind them

Romney is drawing doodles of all the horsies he owns.

Just solve this #debate like real men, rock papers scissors!


@jNbos @cnn if you vote for Romney you’ll get cooties!!


“Speaking of foreign policy, Mr. President, I’d like to put my boot in Djibouti.” – Mitt

Romney : “I like american cars” So much that I even built an elevator in my house just for them…


Ozzy Osbourne President 2012


What makeup brand is Mitt wearing? It makes his skin look flawless! I need some :)

And the tweet of the night:


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  1. hahhahaha See, I said politics was entertaining. :lol:
    I like the one about your partners pulling out responsibly. And you know, Simon Cowell as a moderator might be good, he would be rolling his eyes a lot. :lol:

  2. This is the one that made me laugh out loud, for real.

    “w/ everyone tweeting the debates you can say whatever u want & no one will read it if its not #debate I JUST PUT A PLUNGER IN MY VAGINA see?”
    :lol: :lol:

  3. yeah, that was a good one, but we did see it didn’t we? :lol:

  4. LOL!!! I put #debate in my search. I saw it. There are some hilarious things on Twitter.

  5. chill, post is pretty funny! People love to voice their opinion and they have the right to do so. I’m just so tired of all the baiting back and forth. I watched some of the debate last night, to me just the same old same old. Had been watching Ivestigation Discovery before the debate came on, put it back on, LOL. Tommy had fallen asleep and woke up said your turned the debates off? Yeah I did!! :)


  6. LOLOLOL you picked some good ones chill :D

  7. On a more shallow note: thanks for the picture of Taylor with the dog :)

  8. ParleyBlue/Henry

    JI, keep us posted on the storm, hope it doesn’t get as bad as some are saying.

    How about some more pictures.

  9. ParleyBlue/Henry

  10. ParleyBlue/Henry

  11. ParleyBlue/Henry

  12. Wow, Didn’t see all those pics!!

    Henry, Yeah they are saying Central Jersey where we live is gonna be a direct hit, not looking forward to Sandy’s rath. We’ve done all we can to prepare, batteries, water, canned goods. I’m doing some cooking today that I can freeze even if we loose power I’ll be able to reheat what I’ve cooked. I can still light my stove top with a match, the oven is an electronic start. Tommy is going to fill our extra propane tank today for the grill so we have that for re-heating. Not much else we can do but hope for the best at this point. The reports are scary. Tommy said this morning he wonders what will happen with the elections if we loose power everything is electronic now. Hes hoping the rain holds off today and tomorrow so he can get some last minute campaigning in. This one is a tough race 4 people running for two seats. Tommy and his running mate have gotten the endorements of all the papers around here. The two opposing guys running one was the councilman that kept going to the procescutors office filing charges on them saying they were not doing things correctly, nothing was ever found to be out of order. He just recently filed charges again, a homeowner called Tommy he was having sewer problems and asked if he’d come and take a look to see if the borough could help with the expense, the problem was totally on his property nothing to do with the borough lines. Tommy asked the business administrator to go up to check and verify that he was correct. The guy saw Tommy and Doug there at different times and filed charges that they were having secret meetings with homeowners, again the prosecuters office dropped the charges. The guy just wastes taxpayers money.


  13. Wow, henry!! Cleaning out the photobucket account? :lol: Some of those pictures are huge, I’ll have to come back and resize them so that I can “make pictures”. I have to run out for a little bit.

    Stay safe you all on the East Coast! Scary.

  14. ParleyBlue/Henry

    haha chill, I noticed that. I never know how they are going to show up till I put them up. Didn’t expect the huge one.

    You don’t have to put my little D one up if you don’t want to but I liked it. :lol:
    Everyone remember a few weeks ago when T and D spoke and started following each other? That lasted about a week or so and they dropped each other like a hot potato. :lol: Never convince me there is any love lost between those two. :lol:
    Tay followed D when he first came on twitter. Probably thought it would be a smart thing to do but with no response of any kind he dropped him some time ago. And now it seems the last effort didn’t work out either. D’s wearing himself out touring now it seems, poor soul. :lol:

  15. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Sounds like you are prepared JI, about all you can do. Hope its not as bad as some of the predictions. It seems to me sometimes that the computer models get completely carried away.

  16. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Chill, if I cleaned out my photobucket, I could fill up several blogs. I do like looking at that man. :lol:

  17. parleyblue, I like the first photo you posted ;)

    Stay safe JerseyIrish, I’m hoping and praying for the storm to let up before it hits your area

  18. Tommy is just finishing up getting the deck furniture in and secured. We’ve done all we can to prepare, now its a waiting game. Its very dark today, no rain yet, but the winds have picked up quite a bit. Last night we were hearing some reports that it changed course, but it was a local news station, all the reports Tommy has been getting from the state say its still on course moved a bit but we are a direct hit. The Govenor declared a state of emergency and is forcing the casino’s to close today, as of late yesterday he wanted them to close by noon, but they were pushing for 6:00pm tonight, haven’t heard who won that one yet. Probably the roughest thing for us was moving all of Brodie’s band stuff out of the den. His buddy came over last night to help, he has so much stuff my livingroom and diningroom are filled. If we get water down there its only on the wall closest to the garage. They moved all my furniture to the other side of the room where we never get water. Hoping we don’t loose power, but ran out this morning saw electric company trucks all over and guys up the poles doing stuff. They bought in lineman from the midwest to help prepare for the storm. The electric company got fined big time last year for keeping folks without power for up to 3 weeks from hurricane Irene and then that freak snowstorm in Oct folks were without power for over 2 weeks, guess they are not taking any chances this time. They said if we loose power prepare to be out 7-10 days, ugh.


  19. :shock: Who said size doesn’t matter?

    Henry, I think I had one casualty, but I don’t know which one. I put the wrong code in and poof it went. Sorry. lol

  20. Wow, those are mega pics, love #8 the one right before Daughtry’s pic.

    Got Tommy out searching for dry ice, someone on my hometown site that lives in Fla now said she uses dry ice to keep the food in her freezer during storms, we will see how he does. I filled all my tupperware tubs with water and froze them in the freezer near the food, so hopefully that will buy us a little more time if we loose power. Have such a headache worrying about this storm, tv is making me really nervous with reports of how bad it is gonna be. They say the computer is saying it changed course but for the worse for us in NJ. :(


  21. JI, do you guys have a gasoline powered generator? That’s what a lot of people on the gulf coast use when they loose power due to hurricanes.

  22. tish, my son has one, but says it will cost $30-40 a day to run, we’re keeping that if it goes on for days. He has a small one to keep the sump pump going. Finally got word my office is closing tomorrow, Honda closed for Brodie, but Tommy’s place is opening and told him to come in. He is pissed, told me if it gets bad out this way to call him and he will come home. Told him can’t you get a ticket if you are on the roads with the state of emergency, he said he has to go. Brodie will be here with me so I’m not real worried if anything happens, i get more panicy when I’m here alone. Kayla made it back to Rowan this afternoon, said it was raining and windy down there. Just heard a report the storm is still 500 miles away from us, but all around the state we are starting to feel the effects of it. If I don’t post you’ll know I lost power, stay well everyone.


  23. I’m really getting worried about you guys in the path of that hurricane! Please, everyone, be safe, listen to what they tell you to do!

  24. chill, they had been saying it was a tropical storm, now they are saying we will get hurricane force it has been upgraded. Haven’t been able to watch the news much, just terrifies me what I’m seeing and they keep saying its still 500 miles away. Tommy said get your interent time in tonight, we’ve flickered a few times already but haven’t lost power yet. If I can I’ll check in tomorrow morning. Nite everyone.


  25. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Thanks Chill, I made you work didn’t I? :lol:

    JI thinking about you, hope it isn’t as bad as they say. They are going to have people in a panic. There are times with those computer models that it seems like once they get started they have it getting worse and worse and then it turns out not to be as bad as they thought. I’ll hope that is the case this time.
    It is a crazy storm with the hurricane from one way and snow moving in from another.

  26. Well its 7am Monday we still have power, no rain yet but the winds are fierce. Tommy called said he made it into work, had to go really slow because of the winds.

    Henry, Yea I know those models can change in an instant, I’m trying not to watch too much it makes me nervous. I did watch a few minutes after I got up and they said the storm is still tracking the same, direct hit on NJ.

    Kayla said if we loose power she will check in with you to let you know we are ok as long as she doesn’t loose the internet, in that case it will just be a waiting game til we are restored.


  27. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I am amazed and glad that the power is staying on this long. Incredible storm.

  28. Henry, I am amazed too that we haven’t lost power. The wind is just wicked, the trees are not swaying they are bending, scary stuff to watch. The willow tree at the top of our driveway, that is on our neighbors property snapped in half this afternoon. We are worried about the maple tree in between the house and the pool, a couple of big branches are hanging low. Tommy went out Sunday and trimmed as much as he could, you just don’t know. Kayla sent me the link to Stone Harbor where we go to the boat, this place we loved to eat there and just stop at night to have a few drinks,its under water, just breaks my heart:

    The news had a picture of Bally’s Atlantic City, the lights outside were still on but water surrounded it.


  29. Sniff, sniff, these are some of the little stores I love in Stone Harbor, get alot of my jewelry in them. These were taken this afternoon can only imagine what it looks like now. Got brave and went out on my deck, the wind damned near knocked me over, it is fierce. We really haven’t had much rain, its been steady all day but very light.

    My office is closed again tomorrow, Honda is closed for Brodie, but Tommy’s place is open. Hes not sure he will go in, hes worried the winds will pick up during the night as they are predicting and there will be damage by tomorrow. Thats what the reports are saying the winds will be bad increasing until about 1:00am then they will start to die down. They say another 24-48hrs then the storm will move out. They are saying this is the worst recorded storm they have seen, because it not only is bringing wind and rain, some areas are getting 2-3 feet of snow from it.


  30. Wow JI, I’m glad you power is still on. Take care.

  31. Hey everyone we lost power at 9:00pm Monday night it maybe sometime before we are back on. It is just terrible, transformers are on fire they had to evacuate folks near them, we are ok nothing on fire by us. I came in the office for a 1/2 day as they have power. I’ll keep in touch as best I can. Kayla didn’t loose power she tweeted yesterday that we lost ours. Take care.


  32. What a halloween JI. Be careful out there.

  33. Henry, For sure, there are downed wires everywhere, I came in when it got light, leaving at 3:00 to get home in the light, so I can see the wires. Its really bad in jersey. The govenor cancelled halloween until next week, who in nj would send their kids out with power lines down, lord didn’t need the govenor to cancel.
    Stay well, I’ll check in whenI’m in the office.


  34. I finally heard from my friend in New Jersey today, Kaitlin is her online name, she goes by Kat or Kathleen. She is still without power or heat. I finally got her on her cell phone but could only talk for a minute because her cell was almost without power. At least her house didn’t get flooded. I feel so bad for everyone that is struggling with no electricity.

  35. tish, We are still out no sign of us coming on any time soon. I had some hope yesterday, saw a caravan of electric trucks pulling into town, they must have just been going through. The big problem now for everyone is getting gas, the refineries got flooded, so most stations are out of gas. We had heard on the radio this morning a station not far from us had gas, Tommy took my car to fill it back up, he sat in line for an hour and a half, the line when he left the line was over a mile long. He is cleaning out the frige and freezer today, lost everything. We were lucky also no flooding in our house we are dry, just very cold.


  36. I’m so sorry to hear about your struggles JI. It makes me wonder how our ancestors managed without electricity.

  37. Jersey!! My heart is heavy with the struggles you and your state and others are faced with. My God. I read today that our region’s power company is on their way to your state. I hope you get power soon!

  38. tish, chill, They are saying this is the worst storm ever in our countries history, the devastation to south and lower central jersey is in the billions. When I come into work and look at some of what folks lost just makes me cry. We were lucky just lost power and some limbs down. I had heard they were sending power company folks from your state and Texas. We also heard yesterday the President asked any state that could spare folks the send them. Tommy ran into some guys from Tenn and Alabama yesterday. Its like the 70’s again with the gas shortage, people are waiting in lines for up to 4 hours, with the flooding of the refineries they can’t make all the deliveries. They are trying to keep one a day in each area with gas. Yesterday they had police moving the traffic and keeping the line orderly, folks are getting desperate to get gas. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we will get power this weekend, Tommy thinks not until next week. Since the supper markets are running on generators, there is no fresh food only non perishables. I had stocked up on soups, mac and cheese and pasta. We used all the meats we could, everything else had to be thrown out. So we are now to the non perishable foods. Last night Tommy found a Pizzera open not far from us, Brodie was still hungry after having soup and sandwhich so he ran out and got us a pizza, it was like a feast! Stay well everyone, I’ll keep in touch the best I can, thanks for all your good thoughts for us.


  39. Just heard something that just makes me sick. A friend from my hometown posted power workers from Alabama showed up in my hometown to help, but they are not union workers so PSE&G sent them away wouldn’t let them help. We are in desperate need of help here in NJ why are they being so picky, just shaking my head.


  40. Wow, that’s awful JI, it’s crazy!

  41. My favorite holiday is coming up. Fall Back Sunday. I was thinking that it may be a good day to christen the chat room.

    Jersey, any ETA for the utilities?

  42. Or maybe not. :lol:

  43. ParleyBlue/Henry

    It would be to have a chat like old times one of these days chill. Need to somehow get everyone together at once. Right now JI has much to handle and maybe it would be a good idea to get this fool election over. haha

    Tish, you wondered how our ancestors got along without power. They were set up to get along without it. Smokehouses, cellars, wells, wood stoves, kerosene lanterns, barns and horses. We in our ultimate wisdom have set ourselves up with no way to get along without it. All it takes is a disaster or two and we are up s**t creek.
    Although I do not believe in man made climate change, It does seem that the weather is entering into a more wild time. Something I think has been overdue, we have been living in a very quiet time but if we are we are not prepared.
    Just reading tweets i was amazed at how all we have is just taken for granted. Like it could never screw up for more than an hour or two. People seem to think their cell phones and other technology is unfailable. Fraid not.

  44. It’s very true ParleyBlue, we are very dependent on our technology. But human kind can survive without it. I watched a news report this weekend where children that live in areas without electricity due to Sandy have rediscovered playing outdoors.

  45. Going into day 7 no power, just feeling a bit hopeless.

    Henry, you are so right. Brodie said the same thing they survived years ago without all the technology, we can also. Brodie and Tommy are getting into a bit. They have been taking cold showers, then running down into the den to warm up in front of the fireplace. Me not so brave. I have been heating water and doing a daily wash down. I’m sick now have to go to the Dr’s today, don’t know if its from washing my hair and being in the cold or I just picked something up. Of the 1800 homes in our town 762 are still without power. When the Mayor has his daily conference calls with JCP &L they promised all power would be restored by today for our town. When I call JCP & L they are saying Wed, so we will see.

    As far as that story about the guys from Alabama being turned away not true. A guy from Alabama went on the talk radio show and said a reporter called them as they were coming up they were in Va and asked them if they were union, the guy said he told yes they were union. The reporter then said well both companies in NJ are union do you think they will accept non union workers, the guy said this is an emergency I would think they would accpet all help union or not. The reporter must have put his own spin on it.

    I did see trucks from Ohio, N Carolina, IIllinois and Alabama in and around our area, I thank these guys for leaving their familes and coming to help.

    I was in dunkin donuts on Sat and four guys came in said they were from Enterprise, Ala, I bought them breakfast and thanked them. Told them I was a big fan of Taylor’s they said he is the pride of Alabama.

    Stay well everyone.


  46. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Hey, got in a plug for Taylor even in a disaster. Way to go! :lol:

    Hard to get along without power because we are not set up for it, don’t have most of those things our ancestors had. Makes it a lot more difficult. In those days you would have had a small metal tub, heated your water on the wood stove and took a bath.
    Person needs Amish friends to move in with.
    Hope the power comes back today. Stay well.

  47. That was a very kind thing to do, Jersey! Buying their breakfast! Makes me teary-eyed. I hope you’re up and running again soon.

  48. HIP HIP HORAY!!! Thank you North Carolina, 6 guys were at it all day trying to get us back up, finally at 5:30 we came back on.

    We had guys from Tenn, Ohio, Illinios, Alabama & North Carolina all in our area.

    Chill, It was the least I could do buy them breakfast, they were away from their homes and families. They were really nice guys, I hugged all of them and thanked them over and over for coming up north like they did. They said they were given cards to use to eat, I told them to save it and have a beer on me. They said they didn’t know of any bars that were up and running. Told them about a place not far from us that Brodie and his buddies have been going to since Friday night, they got their power back on, gave them directions, hope they enjoyed their beer!!

    Went to the Dr’s I’ve got a good head cold, he gave me meds and told me to call him on Friday to let him know how I’m doing.


  49. Now the funny stuff, our neighbor had a tree go through their house, not so funny. Brodie and Tommy went over with big sheets of wood we had, they cut the tree down, and patched the hole in the roof. When they were kids and Clara would vacuum she would make them crawl across the carpeting so they wouldn’t leave foot prints. Brodie has a small battery operated generator, he got his shop vac and vacuumed where the tree went through, he was on his knees so he wouldn’t leave foot prints, she said was I really that bad, Brodie said yes you were, LOL!!! Last night I was home alone, tommy had to go into work they got power and Brodie went to a friends that had power, he wanted me to come but I just wasn’t feeling well and wanted to lay down. As it got dark I made myself a grilled cheese and some soup. When I was cleaning up, i had heated water to wash the dishes and was using cold water to rinse. I put the water on the and faucet flew off, water shooting all over. i called Brodie, by this time he had had a few and said did you get the water off? I said yes but I need the faucet, he said not now Mom use the bathroom, i’ll be home later. Tommy and Brodie came in about the same time, Tommy popped the thing back on like it was nothing, I just didn’t have the strength to push it down and screw it back on.


  50. Voting done, Tommy’s a little on edge as they didn’t campaign the last two weekends because of the storm and didn’t do our area. I think he will do ok.

    Brodie and I went out for lunch, then to Shop Rite to pick up a few things, we didn’t want to get much as another storm is coming in tomorrow into Thurs with rain/snow and winds, advising us we could loose power again, not looking forward to it. They started to evacutate low lying areas again in south jersey. The major boardwalks in NJ took a beating two completely destroyed. So sad to look at the pictures being posted, whole piers with rides in the ocean, boardwalks just ripped up and thrown about the beaches. They say they will rebuild, but I’m wondering if it will be worth it, these past two years and hurricanes have been really rough on the Jersey shore. As a kid growing up we would get the tail ends of hurricanes but nothing like we have seen in the past few years, very sad to see.


  51. It’s so great to know you’re laughing, finally, Jersey!!

  52. Chill, Thanks, it was a rough week. We have another one not as powerful coming in today into tomorrow with wind gusts up to 40+ mph snow or rain depending where you live, hoping we don’t loose power again.

    Elections are over thank goodness, congrats to Pres O. Tommy was also elected for another 3 year term, he was happy it was all over too.


  53. Hard to believe I haven’t been here for so long. I got all caught up in the election. I feel guilty, plus I missed some great pics.

    Chill, you did a super job with the funny election/debate tweets. The first election with twitter has been enlightening. Overall, I think it has been a positive. Best not to take it personally when others disagree. My own daughter called me an idiot when I said did not think humans had much impact on climate change. She said if I bring it up on Thanksgiving, she’ll send me home. I will and she won’t. Lol! That’s how our family is, but I get everyone is different. Both DILs and my SIL were at first taken aback by our sense of humor and honesty, and good natured digs. But they say they all enjoy it, even though their families of origin are different than the one they married into.

    Taylor, I do believe doesn’t want to let loose as he used to on twitter, in part because of his new Vegas pals. It’s been ages since he’s done much more than brief PR tweets or RT’s and respond to anyone with more than a thank you. Weekends mean he tweets about sports.

  54. Welcome back, Rosie!! Don’t know why you were in moderation. :?:

  55. I miss Taylor on Twitter!!

  56. I wrote 2 long gospels on your Tay’s bday blog. They didn’t show. Then I got involved with the election. WordPress and twitter have never liked me here. I had to give up on rosem and rosie long ago. Now twitter thinks I’m a rogue illegal alien here.

  57. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Fuck the election and HERES TAYLOR!!!

  58. Henry, Nice!!!

    Welcome back Rosie, we’ve missed you here!!

    Went this morning to do a major grocery order, lost everything, had to restock the frige and freezer. Didn’t get a whole lot, we’ve been hearing folks are going out again, while they work on things.

    Been hearing so many sad stories, one family in town a tree fell and wiped out all 3 of their cars, homeowner ins won’t pay, told them if they had full coverage on their cars it should be covered under the comp, to call the company. Some folks are still without powere 12 days later.

    They are doing Halloween today for the kids 3-6. Had to buy more candy today, Brodie and his boys got into my stash, LOL!!! :)


  59. I’m with you Henry……back to Taylor….and what a nice pic ;)

  60. And speaking of pictures…..I know I’m crazy but I love this picture of Taylor……he makes me laugh, and that means a lot!

  61. tish, Love that pic!! thanks for posting!

    Didn’t get as many kids as usual, but they came in big groups 10-15 at a time. Brodie and the boys were quite happy had two full bags left and a little in the bowl.


  62. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Taylor is a nut :lol: one of the reasons I love him. :lol:

  63. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Awesome picture. I think it might deserve a blog post of its own.
    What do you think?

  64. ParleyBlue/Henry

    This is the photographers website that it came from. Cool.

  65. Henry, Saw that one, was speechless! chill said she would put in the thumbs up, but I think you got something there a post all its own for that one!!

    I put up on twitter Anheuser Busch stopped the production of beer to make 1,065.000 cans of water for Sandy relief here in NJ & NY, pretty awesome I thought:


  66. I think the Dear World photo of Taylor has pretty much blown everyone away. It’s a very powerful image.

    JI, that is really great that Anheuser Busch is helping out that way.

  67. Sandy really knocked me for a loop. Brodie said to me Wed night aren’t you going to get a turkey for Thanksgiving, I thought I had another two weeks, LOL. He took me Thurs to get a turkey and all the trimmings. His buddy Jeff is having dinner with us this year, his divorce is almost final, his family does Thanksgiving the week before in Delaware with his brothers family, so he had no where to go.

    Brodie’s band “No Hero’s” is performing their first gig at the Stanhope House. This place has been around since the Revolutionary War, my folks used to go there when they were dating and Tommy and I used to go there almost every Sat night, pre kids. Haven’t been there since 2008, we used to go every Wed night before Thanksgiving to see his friends band “The Blue Sparks from Hell”. We didn’t make it there 2009 & 2010 sadly 2010 was their last performance as a band. Tommy’s friend Tucker the lead singer wasn’t feeling well that night wound up in the hospital Thanksgving Day and never came home, he had a rapid moving cancer of the spine, no health ins, so discontinued treatment.

    Photobucket won’t work was gonna put up the poster for Brodie’s show I’ll try again later.


  68. Good grief, JI, if he was that far along I imagine it was too late for treatment anyway. I have little faith in most of their treatments anyway.
    You are behind because Thankgiving is early and all that time without power didn’t count.
    I’m going to my sons this year so I won’t be cooking. I am not looking forward to the holidays. Wish I could fast forward to Jan.

    Chill, I hope you get some time. I am really sick of the debates. :-)

  69. Henry, His wife said he hadn’t been feeling well for awhile, thought he may have pulled something in his back. He did go to the Dr’s probably during the summer of 09 and they wanted to do further testing he didn’t do it because they didn’t have insurance, so yes he must have been too far along, they did start treatment in the hospital, but he stopped it. This is a video from the last show he performed, Tucker usually was dancing all over the stage, he is hardly moving in this video, just moving his hands alot, hes in the white, always wore a white straw hat his trademark.

    Went down to see Lily yesterday, usually she is very shy with me at first, I walk in she looks up and says “Hi Aunt Shea, wheres Broie and Kaya?” Then made me sit down to join the tea party they were having. When we went out to dinner we ordered our drinks when they came Lily lifted her wate bottle and went “Cheers”, shes getting so big so quick.

    Something is up with photobucket can’t get it to even download for me, oh well.


  70. Here’s a vid from 2006 hes dancing all over, not like he used to in his younger days but still alot of energy, looks like he went from straw hats to fedora’s:


  71. It looks like he got everybody dancing JI.

  72. Henry, Yes he could get you up on your feet dancing. He really had a great way about him, he was a born entertainer, they just never got the big break. They were very popular here in NJ. They would do an east coast tour once a year and folks loved them all the way down to Fla. Folks would come up from all along the coast to the Stanhope house for the Thanksgiving Holiday just to see the band the night before Thanksgiving, he always made it worth your while to be there. Tommy and I are both sad we missed the last two years, 08 his Mom got sick right before the holiday and 09 the starter on my oven went the night before and I had to run out and get an electric roaster, so we just didn’t make it, then we heard how sick he was right before Christmas 09. Tommy’s sister Joanne got up to see him at Christmas, they knew him all their lives, he lived up the street from them growing up. It was a tough loss.


  73. knock, knock, knock CHILL! Knock, knock, knock CHILL! Knock, knock, knock CHILL! Knock, knock, knock CHILL!

    (Sheldon from Big Bang Theory) :lol: :lol:

  74. I’m just seeing this at 7:09 a.m.! LOL!! I’ll be home 5-ish!

  75. Begining to have a bit of a complex, what is it with holidays and appliances going on me. My dryer decided to stop drying today, just what I need. On a brighter note, Tommy cut up the turnups last night got them cooked with no sliced fingers, LOL

    Photobucket decided to work for me today, here’s a copy of the poster for Brodie’s first gig, the bands name is “No Hero’s”:


  76. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I had some problem figureing photobucket out, they felt the need to change it.

  77. That is one fine photo up there!!
    :lol: Catching up…

  78. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I was going to say that that was the longest debate in history and I was glad it was over. Then I notice I can’t comment on the turkey. hahaha

  79. Henry, Photobucket gave me the option to go back to the old one and I did, problem solved.

    That picture is priceless!!!

    Kayla just got home, she has to go back tomorrow night for work on Friday, just glad shes here. Got everything done turkey is cleaned and ready to be stuffed tomorrow morning. Tommy is gonna get up with me to help put it in the oven.


  80. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I didn’t see that option choice, I will have to look for that. We can comment under the turkey pic although I had to click on the blog title before the comment box came up

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