What happens in Vegas . . . hopefully will be talked about here. :)

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“Las Vegas was and is a hard town that will make you pay for your inability to restrain your desires…. If you have a weakness, Las Vegas will punish you.”

HAL ROTHMAN, Neon Metropolis

“Vegas is purposefully constructed as a self-enclosed and isolated biosphere, sort of what a recreational colony built on the moon might be like.”

MARC COOPER, The Last Honest Place in America

“Las Vegas is the only place I know where money really talks–it says, ‘Goodbye.'”

FRANK SINATRA, The Joker Is Wild

“Vegas is everything that’s right with America. You can do whatever you want, 24 hours a day. They’ve effectively legalized everything there.”
Drew Carey

“Hatred is not what Las Vegas is about. We will have zero tolerance for anyone who is intolerant.”
Oscar Goodman

“I hadn’t been in Vegas 20 minutes when I got word that the bookmakers were offering three to one that Frank wouldn’t show for my wedding.”
Sammy Davis, Jr.

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  1. Chill, I like the Vegas quotes. Have you made plans yet to go? I’m going to CA July 12-17th and now I doubt I’m going to Vegas. I might go once I hear what songs he is singing and how it is going.

    At 2am the main water line to our condo building burst, so we have had no water and it can’t be fixed until sometime Tues. I bought bottled water but by tomorrow I plan on going to a hotel. The cheapest one around here is $100, but I’ll try to think of it as a mini vacation. The peeps who work 9-5 have already gone to hotels. The not being able to flush without going to the next building to fill a bucket of water is the worst part. Seems the City is in charge of out countys water, but despite even the police calling public works at 3am, they refused to shut the water off until noon today. The lawn will have to be dug up to replace the pipe and I hate to think of the water bill from 10 hrs of gushing water.

    Taylor and the band sound excited and I wonder how many show girls Tay has checked out. Vegas does sound like sin city and anything goes. Since I’ve never been there, I really should go. It is inexpensive weekdays, but the air fare, food and gambling add up.

    Just noticed T. retweeted me!

  2. Rosie, re: Vegas. We’re in discussions. :lol: Looks like a long — wild? — weekend in August is in our future. I’m a little afraid. haha!!

    Sorry to hear about the water issue. Nothing I hate more than having miserable things happen on a Sunday. You feel so helpless. No one works on a Sunday.

    I missed it! What did Taylor tweet to you? LOL!! Don’t ya just love him!

  3. Chill, I agree great post!! Hope we get lots of fun stuff from Vegas.

    Rosie, sorry to hear your water is out. Tweeted you that happened here last year didn’t affect us, but the town worked out a deal with shop rite, all the folks had to do was show id and could get all the bottled water they wanted. My one friend said she kept 4-5 gallons of the water in the bathroom for flushing, said it was a pita but they didn’t have the money to put the whole family up in hotels so they just stayed home. They were able to shower at friends that weren’t affected by the outage.

    Wound up not going up to the church to see Nikki & Jordan. The plan had been I would take Brodie up to the church for the ceremony then he would hitch a ride with friends to the reception, then Tommy would pick him up afterwards, so no chance of him getting picked up for a dwi. About an hour before the church a couple of his buddies showed up and said they’d take him up to the church. I’ll wait until some pics are posted, Brodie called after the church said she was absolutley a beautiful bride, he said he got chocked up seeing her come down the aisle, he said so not like me he said he didn’t know what came over him, LOL!!! :)

    Henry, Have seen you around a bit on twitter, hope all is going well.


  4. Chill after he followed the person who called him sir, some fans were tweeting him as sir. I tweeted “Im too irreverent to call you sir and you’re too Cocky to care. #twitterharmony.com

    Ji not being able to flush is the worst part. When my kids were little a summer storm knocked out our power for 3 days in the hot summer. So the well pump didn’t work, refrig & AC were out. That was miserable with everthing out and not being able to flush the toilets.

    I was going to a hotel tomorrow but my daughter invited me to the beach. I’m all packed and leaving in the morning. I’m going to stay until Thurs. I’m lucky.

  5. I did see that tweet!! You’re hilarious! And going to the beach, lucky you! I’m jealous. I, of course, have to go to work.

  6. Rosie, I saw your tweet to, you are too much!!

    Glad your going down to your daughters for a couple of days makes having no water alot easier.

    Haven’t seen any pics from the wedding yet, but Brodie said everything went off like a charm, the food was great and plenty to drink.


  7. I’m so excited for this Bally’s run to start!! ♫ ♫ Tomorrow, tomorrow ♫ ♫ . . . :lol:

  8. Me too chill! Been singing Love the One Your With all freaking day… do do do do dodo…do dodo do dodo! :lol: So hoping someone will come back with video and/or audio! Amory said they tweeked a lot of the old songs, so I want to hear those. Brian G sounded great on 2 songs we already heard.

  9. I am excited and nervous for him, hoping he has a good crowd for his opening night, no doubt he won’t disappoint. I hope we get something from tomorrow night, pics, video would be wonderful! I did tweet him and ask for him to have someone tweet some pics, I’m sure he ignored me, LOL!!! :)


  10. Jamie McLean just tweeted that the first 2 shows are sold out! :)

  11. tish, that is so good to hear!! I worried a bit yesterday that maybe he might not get a good turn out, worries are gone, he will blow them away!! :)


  12. Looks like he did great!!!! Why am I scheduled a million hours this week? I hope there’s video! Something! Anything!

    Love and miss you all!

    Henry, miss you terribly!

  13. I am fuctioning Chill. Thanks to all who have thought and asked about me. I have chirped a couple times on twitter but not able to care much at the moment. I did send a “good luck” to Taylor on his opening night. Big moment for him.
    For anyone who doesn’t know, Martin passed on June 19. And I’m not going to lie, it would have been easier to have both arms chopped off. Much easier. I really just can’t talk about it and how unfair life treated him. The kids have been great, there is of course a million and one things to do but I will be checking in and reading whats going on with Taylor. Its great to see things going well for him.

  14. Henry, My deepest sympathy to you and your family for the loss of Martin. I am happy to hear your kids are there by your side helping you through this, there is so many loose ends to take care of when someone passes. Just know we are all thinking of you and the family, just stop by to say hi to let us know your doing ok. I know we all wish we were closer to help you in any way you need, you have plenty of support here.

    Wow, all the great tweets I;m reading this morning about his show last night, rocked Vegas!!! Only saw one pic so far but my photobucket is not up right now, I’ll check later and try and bring it over. Looks like he wore just a plain shirt no bling last night.


  15. Photobucket is finally back up here is the only pic I saw from last night:


  16. I’m reading that Taylor did an excellent cover of Thats Life. I can just imagine, no one feels and interprets lyrics like he does. Hope I hear that some day.
    Also finished the show with Viva Las Vegas, not a favorite of mine, but I bet he tore it up. Said they opened the curtains and gave the casino a taste and got some attention for it. I am getting this info from an OPENING NIGHT thread on grizs board.

    I may be away for a couple of days at my sisters.

  17. Henry, Didn’t guess the Frank Sinatra song, but did guess Viva Las Vegas. I had guessed the Wayne Newton song Danke Schoen almost as a spoof. From what I read this morning he was very well received, did a great show, as we all knew he would.

    Relax spending time with your sister.


  18. Love and miss you lots, Henry! Glad you stopped by. I think about you every day and am just waiting until you’re ready to talk. I know it’s harder than I can even imagine and I know you need time and space. Take care of yourself, girlfriend.

  19. And Henry, something to think about. If you need time away, you are always welcome here. You’d have the place to yourself, as I’m always working. Might be a nice getaway.

  20. I’m sorry to hear about Martin, Henry :( We all definitely miss you ’round here and at the board. Take care. :)

  21. Oh Henry, so, so sorry to hear about Martin passing. Thinking of you and praying for you and your family.

  22. My sympathies Henry on the death of Martin. Time heals. Blessings

  23. Harrah’s Las Vegas ‏@HarrahsVegas

    Hey ‪#SoulPatrol‬! We’ll be chatting with @taylorhicks soon about his new gig at The Indigo. What questions should we ask him?

  24. Haven’t all questions been asked and answered? Any one of us could probably sub for him in an interview. haha!!

  25. Henry I’m so sorry to hear Martin passed. I consider you and some other Taylor fans I’ve gotten to know as my friends. I realize there is nothing I can do to help but please know I’m thinking about you and your sons.

    I got home an hr ago and decided to read here to learn how T. show’s went. They said the water was fixed yesterday, but the line to my unit must be clogged. While the tub and shower work, I only get a trickle from the faucets and the toilet tanks are filling very slowly. The condo Pres. said he’ll have the plumber back here tomorrow and hopefully he’ll figure out the problem.

    Going to go catch up on 3 days of tweets!

  26. Rosie, Welcome back, you’ve been missed!! Hope they get you up and running tomorrow.

    Lots of good comments coming back about his show, only saw the one pic, no video that I’ve seen.


  27. There’s a good recap of the first night at NFF board. You are a member there aren’t you rosie? For those that are members at the Boogie Board, Claire posted a good recap of the first and second night. She said the 2nd night was the same set list but more artistic, more playing around with word syncopation and some scatting.

  28. Great news from fans at Taylor’s 3rd night’s show at Bally’s, standing O’s for 19 & 7MB with tags & whole audience standing and clapping to Viva Las Vegas :D

  29. tish saw that interview really good, he is getting so much good positive press from this!

    I am so happy the crowds have enjoyed him as much as we do. Now more people will be able to experience his pure music genious. No one, I mean no one can tag songs the way he does, he knows just the perfect blend for everyone he does.

    The heat wave started here yesterday, we hit 100 they say it will get hotter today, not supposed to break until Thurs.


  30. My favorite part of the interview above is where the reporter spelled Daughtry’s name wrong. LOL. The press has been so good. I hope it keeps up. The tide slowly started to change for Taylor during Grease and now it is even more apparent that Taylor is viewed as being successful rather than the Loser Label that got attached to him.

  31. That was my favorite part too, Denise! :lol: Doughtry! Hahahaha! Must be member of the SP, or a very enlightened person ;)

  32. Awww, henry!! You’ve got a special message from Taylor on Twitter. :-) My heart is swelling.

  33. Taylor Hicks ‏@taylorhicks

    @ParleyBlueHenry hope you come to Vegas! We will do something special for ya! #takecare

    He’s just the best!!

  34. My sympathies, Henry. Haven’t been reading here a lot lately. Saw the note and wanted to let you know I totally feel for you.

  35. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and couldn’t sleep so I got on the internet for a bit. When I saw that note from Taylor I was floored. How does he know these things?
    It was beyond sweet of him, little does he know how much he has helped the last few years. No one can concentrate on their problems 24/7, we all need some distraction and he has been a great one. Well worth every minute.

  36. Henry, I saw the tweet, that was so thoughtful of him. Your right he is a great distraction, so enjoyable to watch his career grow. I have so much respect for him that he will take the time to send something as simple as a tweet to one of his fans, to let them know he is thinking of them, what a sweetheart. Hope things are going better for you, thinking about ya!


  37. Henry that was thoughtful of Taylor. Someone who he follows must have sent him a DM. I wish you could go to Vegas in Aug when Chill is going. I agree about Taylor being a diversion from life’s problems and worries.

  38. He does keep us all entertained and happy :)

  39. A tweet from the heart , Henry. Glad it gave you a moment to smile .

  40. Taylor drives a Mercedes Benz according to this tweet. I think he can safely add #smellofsweetsuccess to the end of all his tweets, eh? ;) Can’t you guys just picture him blowing his harp in his car? So happy to read this!

    Southern Belle Probs‏
    “Just saw Taylor Hicks, quite literally just chilling at a red light, playing harmonica, in his Mercedes.” – @BachelorProbs #BirminghamProbs

  41. So he’s home in Birmingham?

  42. hmm, he still in B’Ham? Thought the gig he did last night was in Vegas. Maybe he is flying back today. Guess he is staying more in B’Ham than Nashville these days when he is not working.

    ss, Can definetely picture him blowing the harp sitting at a light, just sounds like something he would do!


  43. He was working in Birmingham JI. He had the Guntersville show on Saturday and a private gig in Birmingham Monday night. Vegas starts again tonight.

  44. Henry, Oh ok, thought he was flying on Sunday again guess I was wrong.

    How are you? You’ve been in my thoughts, hope all is getting back to some type of normalacy for you and the family.


  45. He and those guys who backed him performed at a fancy B’ham Country Club. Someone tweeted it was a B’day party with 30 guests and cost the guy who threw it 20 grand. Bally’s had noted that T. would miss 2 shows. He’ll be back performing in Vegas 2nite.

    I know we’ve seen pics of the cream colored antique convertable that Tay drives in Nashville. He flew to Bama, so if that was his Mercedes he was driving then I guess he keeps it at his Dads.

    Henry, I feel for you and hope things are going okay.

  46. Happy Fourth to all, God Bless America!!

    Rosie, guess he keeps a car in B’Ham too.

    In complete turmoil here. Broide asked/convinced us if he could move the furniture around in the den so the band could have more room. He took me yesterday and we got a really nice wooden TV stand for the livingroom. The big screen TV is up there now. I haven’t gone downstairs have no idea what they are doing there, LOL!!:) He has a couple of friends coming over to help move things around. His one buddy is an electrician he is coming over to add some new circuits in the main box, whatever that means. Told him I am ok with everything as long as my livingroom is back to normal by the end of today, he pormised my upstairs will be back to where it should be, we’ll see!! I’ll be feeding the whole crew tonight, keeping it simple hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, made potato and mac salads.

    Congrats to Nola and family on the arrival of Amelia Grace, love the name!!


  47. I hope everyone had a nice holiday. Mine was quiet. Henry I’m still thinking of you. I hope each day gets easier but I know it will take time.
    I missed the news about Nola & the baby in the family. Congrats Nola & family. :)

    Now that Taylor is back in Vegas, the good reports keep coming. :)
    Love this one from WildRoseGirl on the BB, “Encore: I noticed Taylor give the nod about halfway through. The casino crowd was about 3 deep in the area that I could see, and I noticed lots of flashes coming from that direction.”

    Such a smart move to pull back the curtain for the encore. You know that has to get people to come back for a full show.

    And look at this great marquee photo that CalTaylorFan took

    Oh and Michael Orland, the music director for American Idol tweeted about Taylor’s show

    Michael Orland ‏@MichaelOrland
    @taylorhicks Loved seeing ur show in Vegas. U put on a fricking amazing show. Thanks 4 the shout-out. So proud of u. Every1 needs 2 go.

  48. Thanks for bringing all that over, tish! I bet that Marquee ad brings back the same OMG feeling of seeing his face on the 6-story Grease ad in Times Square. It’s really amazing what he has accomplished since his Idol win and what he’s done and where he’s been. He’s a true example of a self-made man in my eyes. He should be so proud of himself. I know I am! :)

  49. I hope you all had a great 4th and celebrated responsibly!

    Me too, Henry, thoughts and prayers. :-( Miss you.

  50. tish, thanks for bringing all that good stuff over. Really impressed Michael Orland acknowledged Taylor’s great performance!

    Henry, In my thoughts, if nothing else I’m sure little Addison is bringing a smile to your face bet she is getting growing before your eyes! :)


  51. tish, didn’t see the other one. Thanks to whoever recorded them, its great seeing some vid coming out, hope to see more.

    They set up cooling centers around town for folks that don’t have ac. Some people donated fans and air conditioners to the eldery that are shut ins. They say the bad heat is supposed break by Tues. Last night couldn’t even cook it was so hot, just ran and got cold cuts and made sanwhiches with the left over potato and mac salad I made for the 4th. Today was a little better, was able to cook on the grill, yesterday it was so hot to even be on the deck.


  52. Guess Taylor saw the vids that showed up, he made the announcement that pictures and vids are not allowed during his shows at Bally’s, hope folks respect his wishes, I know its hard for folks not to share his shows with the fans, but I think his wishes comes first, even though it makes me sad cause I won’t get to Vegas. From all that I have read he is doing a great job on his shows, very entertaining and being very well recieved, thats what its all about for him getting the recognigation and i am happy for him.


  53. The problem with vids is they don’t show him, the band and especially the club in the best light. Some people buy tickets might think he is performing on a bigger stage and if they happen to catch the vids on utube, you can’t even see how nice and plush the Indigo is as it just looks like a little stage anywhere. Then too even some die hard fans commented about the missing or and flub lyrics. Someone checking out utube to choose whether or not to go see him at Vegas might not enjoy missing lyrics. We all know he is better live in person. I’ve always had a problem with so many of his gigs being on the internet, many of which are of inferior quality or sound and they never ever capture the reality of being there. Vegas is special and he shouldn’t be cheapened by giving it away.

    Hope everyone is doing okay. Still worried and thinking about you henry.

  54. Chill, in light of what Taylor said on twitter, I would like for you to deleted my posts with the links for the audio as well as the video I posted. I know audio wasn’t specifically mentioned, but if there is a legal issue with the venue it would pertain to audio also.

    I don’t want to do anything against Taylor’s wishes or to hurt the attendance of his Vegas shows.

  55. Me too chill, take the one down I bought over. It maybe Bally’s rules you don’t pay you don’t see, I can understand that. I certainly would not want to compromise his postion there and his chances of extending or coming back.

    Rosie, I know you don’t get the complete feel of the show with the vids, but you get a sense. Over the years some of the SP have become quite good at taking video’s and I can feel the crowds excitment at his performances.


  56. I read your blog all the time but have never posted here. I’m glad someone brought over my marquee photo. It was truly an OMG moment to be standing out there in the heat and see TAYLOR flash up there! He is really being heavily promoted with big posters everywhere. I sat front row center in his first three shows. FANTASTIC!! Great crowd response and most hadn’t seen him since Idol!! He’s really in his element here!

  57. Did I delete all of them? I’m at work so I’m doing it on my phone and it’s hard to tell. I think I got it all though. Let me know. I was surprised to see video, to tell you the truth.

    What Taylor wants, Taylor gets. :-)

  58. You did good Chill :) Thanks. I had to clear my cache, but as soon as I did that the vids and links were gone.

  59. chill, no mine says its in moderation so I guess no one can see it.

    I was surprised also to see vid since none came out the first week, won’t be so quick to post next time LOL


  60. Oh weird, earlier today the ones I posted were deleted and now they are back saying “waiting moderation”

  61. tish, for me yours are gone, but if they are in moderation I can’t see that. The one I posted says its in moderation, hopefully chill can take care of it when she gets home.

    Cool, Jamie McLean band retweeted one of my tweets about that nice interview.


  62. As soon as I get home, I’ll delete them! On my phone, and trying for the quick fix, I just put them in moderation to get them off the site. I don’t mess with the blog too much from my phone, except to read comments, so I’m not real familiar with the mobile functions. The minute I get home, they will be deleted.

  63. Never mind. :-) Figured it out, they’re gone.

  64. Welcome to the blog, CalTayFan! How exciting you’ve been to the show! I love hearing that he’s in his element there, and I love hearing that he’s getting a great response. Thanks for the pictures. I have a file with just pics of him on billboards, marquees, sides of buildings, etc. LOL! I needed that one for my collection.

  65. Hey caltayfan! Wanted to ask you about attendance… would you say the Indigo was pretty full? How many days were you there? And was the crowd attentive (into it?)… mostly SP there, casual fans or AI fans, if you could guess? And did you Taylor in the casino during off hours? Thanks! Nice to see you here too :)

  66. Er, that should read… “did you see Taylor in the casino during off hours”

  67. I went to the first three shows. For opening night, it was absolutely packed – – just had chairs squeezed in as tight as they could. For the next two nights the room was still full, but they had a different configuration with some little tables interspersed among the chairs. VERY receptive crowd all three nights – – especially opening night and Friday night. I spoke with a LOT of people while waiting in line, and most of them hadn’t seen Taylor since Idol – knew nothing about Grease, his other cd’s, etc. (Taylor is selling Early Works, The Distance, and In Your Time CD’s there & looked to be doing a brisk business itth them

  68. ahem – that WITH them, not itth them. ha. There were a lot of couples there with the husbands saying they only came because their wives dragged them. I told them all to talk to me after the show & let me know what they thought. They were all pumping their arms in the air, standing during the standing ovations, and telling me I was right – – that it was a fantastic show!! Love it.

  69. oh – and no, didn’t see Taylor in the casinos. I think he was busy doing interviews etc. And maybe he’s purposely staying out of the casinos!!

  70. caltayfan, Sounds like he won alot of non believers over! Thats great, so glad you got to see three shows. He is really a fantastic live performer. Thanks for sharing your time with Taylor with us. :)

    Looks like he really means business with pic and vids he said anyone caught would be prosecuted, wow!


  71. He really did seem to win over a lot of people. So many people I talked to had just loved him on Idol but then didn’t follow him (!?! go figure!) At the end of the show, when he’s doing the encore, everybody spontaneously got to their feet – – and they raised the curtains so people in the casino could see and join in the clapping! Phenomenal!

  72. Three standing ovations every night – – for the encore, for Nineteen, and for 7 Mile Breakdown one night, Country Living the others. I’ve been to a lot of Vegas shows through the years and never saw standing o’s like that! Everybody was just so HAPPY!!!

  73. Prosecuted??!! :shock: Glad I wasn’t there taking video. haha!!

    Thanks so much, caltayfan! You made me all teary-eyed. They love him, they really love him.
    :-) I’m such the drama queen.

  74. Ha! I know what you mean Chill – – I feel such a sense of “ownership” and pride that people are finally seeing (again) what we’ve seen all along!

    I’m glad I wasn’t taking video too. I felt intrusive enough taking (non-flash) pictures – – but I couldn’t help myself!

  75. So Taylor is hinting at a Live at Bally’s DVD on Twitter. Maybe that’s the master plan!

    I would have to get cell phone pics too! LOL! Something wrong, I think though. I have one pic of my DS on my phone and about 40 of Taylor. :lol:

  76. Taylor threw out a bone about possibly releasing a DVD and/or a CD from Vegas tonight on twitterr Now that would be a great idea. This is an entire different set of songs than we heard on Whomp at the Warfield. I bet it would sell very well…… if promoted.

  77. If promoted . . .

  78. caltayfan, One can’t help feeling a sense of pride and knowing people are finally seeing what we have all seen since 2006, an amazing performer who just takes to the stage and takes you on a music journey like you have never felt before. No other performer has ever touched me the way he does, his voice, performing style no one like him ever!! Thank you so much for sharing your time with him with us! :)

    Chill, when I read prosecuted all I could say was wow, thought it was a bit harsh, but he needs to get his point across as so many feel its their right to do what they want they paid to see the show and that goes along with it. I really hope everyone respects his and Bally’s wishes and put the camera’s and video recorders away while at the show.

    I hope he does do a DVD from Vegas that would be great for the folks who won’t be able to travel there just to get a feel for what his show was like. As we all know he usually does not perform a song the same way twice, its always exciting to hear the new twists he puts on his music, never get bored listening to the same songs as I’m always surprised how he blends songs together.


  79. i missed the prosecution tweet and it seems he deleted it soon after he tweeted it.
    Thanks Caltayfan for your recaps. This whole thing is so exciting for him. I love reading the tweets from his new Vegas friends and tracking down who is who and checking out his nite life. So far this Vegas gig couldn’t be better. Some important people in Vegas are praising his gig and enjoying his company and Taylor looks like he is enjoying himself.

    Hope my car will be fixed before the day’s end.

  80. Rosie, He must have deleted the prosecuting tweet, bella responded to it, I did see it, like I said thought it was a bit harsh, but do understand where he is coming from. He sure does look like he is enjoying Vegas life seems to agree with him!

    Hope they have your car done on time.

    Taking the little guy Jameson to the vet today, setting up to get his wings clipped, his howling is driving us nuts. Told Brodie if he didn’t take the cat today, he may have to find another home for him, we can’t keep letting him keep us up at night. The little thing wants out, but he won’t let him out until he is fixed. I can’t get him in the crate I tried, he has to do it and go with me.


  81. CalTayFan, thanks for those great details about the opening nights. Less than 2 weeks and it’s my turn!!!

    I’m absolutely thrilled at the wonderful reception Taylor has gotten in Vegas. How can people not be charmed by him, he just oozes charm. :-)

    What you might find interesting is that another artist I follow has a fan site on the web and on twitter. Today that twitter account posted a link to a Roger Water’s blog at Facebook about people taking photos and videos with their cell phones as well as talking and tweeting during the shows. So it’s not just this fanbase that faces those questions about behavior at shows.
    If anyone wants to read it, here’s the link
    It’s really more of a discussion than just something Roger Waters said.

    Of course Taylor’s show being in Vegas is a whole other issue. Vegas shows are different. I remember going to his Vegas show in 2007 at the House of Blues. The security was very, very strict at that show. They has 2 guys walking back and forth in front of the stage looking specifically for people taking pictures or video, and they actually stopped people from doing it.
    I still can remember a lot of details about that concert ;)

  82. Have the videos been taken down from You Tube? I hope so, they can be tracked, for sure!

    I’m glad he warned everybody. Doesn’t the ticket say the same thing? No photography?

    I see a fan who I’ve never seen before tweeted she’s not a fan anymore because he used the word “prosecuted.” Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya. :-) My opinion, it had to come from him.

  83. chill, I agree it had to come from him, although I felt it was a little harsh using the word prosecute he had to get his point across that folks understood he wasn’t kidding around, this is the deal. If someone was that offended by the word prosecute and are leaving the fanbase, then in my opinion they weren’t really a fan in the first place. People have to respect his wishes. I hope they were deleted from youtube wouldn’t want anyone getting sued for sharing their time with him.


  84. That so called fan has no followers and can’t take a joke. I get tired of people whining to him. If you can’t afford to go to the show, then why expect T. or Ballys to provide you free access via video recordings. Most of America can’t afford a vacation this yr so why whine to T. about your particular circumstances. Sorry I’m ranting a bit here, but as Rob would say, I mean.

  85. A moment of silence for the lost fan and her 0 followers. :cry:

  86. Actually, I think the casino was generous in allowing (non-flash) photography – – most casinos don’t even allow that! They announce their policy about no video, audio, or flash photography before every show – – couldn’t be any more clear. If someone wants to stop being a fan because Taylor agrees with his employer’s policy well – – it’s that so-called “fan” whose the loser!

  87. LOL Henry…. Taylor lost that “one” fan and her “thousand” identities. Tsk tsk.

  88. I felt the same way, Seor, when I read that tweet that read something like they can’t afford to go were upset with the no video policy. So because they can’t go, they should get the goods for free? Pffft! Yea right. Taylor has to protect his product, and his product now is his live show. That’s how he is earning a living and Bally’s is getting paid for having him there. No freebies in this world…. we were lucky to get what we did, actually. And I’m glad that *finally* all the BB’s that I know of took the vids off their boards. One kicking and screaming I’m sure… ;)

  89. I agree with everyone, not his problem if you can’t afford to go to a show. I think some get spoiled when he does let video be taken folks just feel its their right for anything he does, not the case. I know I won’t be going to Vegas, but I certainly am enjoying all the wonderful tweets about his show. Maybe he will do a DVD of one of his shows, that would be wonderful.

    As usual i didn’t see the tweet about the fan leaving don’t know who is it, but if they can walk away that easily then they shouldn’t be here.


  90. My comment to that “fan” – whoever it is – – if you can leave that easily, “Maybe You Should”! lol

  91. LOL CalTayFan!!!! Love it! :D

  92. Flying to Oakland airport in the morning. I avoid the internet when I go away so I’ll catch ya’ll when I get back next Tues.

    I’m still thrilled about Taylor being in Vegas and I love the tweets from people who see his show or spot him out at a club or dinner. He seems to be enjoying the celeb thing in Vegas and I know we are all happy for him.

    Everybody take care. Hope I can sleep tonight since I have to leave for the airport early in the morning. Bye

  93. Bye, Rosie!! Have a safe flight and a nice, relaxing vacation!

  94. Have a nice vacation Rosie….we’ll hold down the Taylor-town for ya ;)

  95. If you haven’t read this interview, ya gotta, hilarious!!

  96. Rosie, Have a great vacy!! Check in when you get back.

    tish, henry, Saw both those interviews, loving all the good press he is getting.

    henry, poor, poor, Taylor being surrounded by all those lovelies, LOL :) He is sure leaving his mark in Vegas!! :)


  97. I love the pictures with Taylor surrounded by women! LOL Playah!

  98. bryan marc schnitzer ‏@bryschnitz

    thank you @taylorhicks for the photo @surrendervegas i hope you enjoyed the evening and come back soon! ‪#vegas‬ pic.twitter.com/uFpLyKsJ


  99. tish, nice pic, looks a little tired to me in it, wonder why, LOL!! :)

    Another nice article:


  100. I’m not sure how to take that Las Vegas Review Journal article. It almost seemed like the reviewer wanted to compliment Taylor without complimenting him too much. But I guess that’s the way reviewers are. I’m sure they never want to seem over enthusiastic.

  101. tish, I was the same way,wasn’t sure at first how to take it, but when I re-read I got that the guy felt Taylor is making his mark.


  102. I’m with you, tish. When I saw “great article” and clicked on the link, I was like, hmmm, was it? LOL

  103. Yes, I think it was a great article . A B- review from a staid Las Vegas critic is damn good. They don’t take to newcomers easily or with open arms. He has been treated very fairly and that one guy was hilarious with his “man crush “. Glitz and glam reign and Taylor is none of those things. He is breaking barriers. I am proud . Hard to read people’s minds when interpreting phrases though.

  104. After I went back and read it again, I feel like it was a good review. I still don’t see how he thought In The Ghetto was a throwaway, but then I absolutely loved that arrangement. Some people don’t like it when the arrangement of classics like that are changed.

  105. I certainly am not complaining about the great press he’s getting. But I expect nothing less than all-out glowing reviews. :lol:

  106. Someone had posted tonight was some sort of “media show”. I thought it was interesting Bally’s tweeted out about what songs we’d like to hear Taylor sing. And that other guy who mentioned Taylor needed a bigger stage – something about blowing up the Indigo! :lol:

  107. Yay!! Saw the tweet from THN that its not confirmed yet but Taylor maybe performing at the Ethnic Day in Carteret NJ on 9/8. Thats the town next to where Steve lives. Steve is staying here this weekend, his folks have out of town guests and they needed his room..Steve said he would check to see if it is confirmed and if it is he will see if he can get press passes, which will get us in to see Taylor before and after the show for interviews. Him and his father work for a online newspaper they review shows all over the state. Kayla and Steve went to Warp Tour yesterday with press passes, she said its so cool to get to meet the band members! Either way they said they would take me!! :) Tommy said if they are not campaigning that weekend he will go too.


  108. Don’t know whether it is Bally’s ( Cesars) or Taylor’ PR guys, but they someone is doing a great job getting Taylor’s name out to the Vegas visiting public. ( local papers, magazines etc )
    The more recognizable he becomes , the more careful he will have to be when “out” on his own time. ( restaurants, catching other shows , at bars ) You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t when it comes to attracting media………..

    Hope he does the Jersey Show for you gals in that area. Wonder when the CD will be released???

  109. He had a sit-in at the Palms last night, apparently! Mustang Sally! And it seems “chivalry” isn’t dead. :lol: Don’t know about chivalry, but he does seem to be a sweetheart.

  110. Think the chivalry comes out when prompted by the view….if ya get what I mean ;)

  111. chill, Saw that, he is really getting around thats for sure. Saw the tweet about the younglady being walked to her car by Taylor. No I don’t think chivalry is dead, when Kayla was in RV if she had a late night class one of her guy friends would always wait until she was out of class to walk her to her car. Now at Rowan her roomate Chris is a campus cop, when he is not on duty or around he has one of the other guys walk Kayla or Steph home from the late classes. Do I think chivalry comes out by the view you bet.

    I saw that THN tweeted this morning that Taylor is scheduled for a show in Conn on 9/9, hoping he will be able to keep the 9/8 date in Carteret. I saw a tweet from Jamie McClean someone asking them if they will be in Vegas in Sept he said its looking that way. Don’t know if he extends in Vegas those two dates will be canceled or not, hoping they won’t. Steve said this fair is really nice, the band he used to be in played it a few times. They always have one or two big names then the rest is local talent.


  112. Noticed all the women in “after hours ” pictures or those taken in the Casino were young “lovlies”. Those looks are rampant in Vegas………hope Taylor is discriminatory ( in the best definition of the word ) LOL He seems to be enjoying the view and the attention. Good for him.

  113. I think I’m beginning to understand why he broke up with Jen. LOL

  114. Denise, That was my thought all along that this Vegas gig had a lot to do with them breaking up. He seems to be having the time of his life there, and I couldn’t be happier for him!! :)


  115. Cath! Discriminatory! :lol: I’d bet on he always is.

  116. I hope the shows are still selling well. I’m hoping for an extension. I NEED that show to go to the end of September. Please, please, please.

    So Groupon has added him, two for one tickets.

  117. I hope the Groupon deal gets more people to take a chance…..once you see him live, you’re hooked. ;)

  118. For sure he is always “Discriminatory”, LOL!!! :)

    chill, I hope he extends for your sake to get to see him in Vegas. I also hope he confirms the 9/8 date in NJ, excited that this is one I will be able to make. 9/8 Tommy and his running mate for Council will be kicking off their campaigning for the general election in Nov, some folks are throwing a B-Que’s for them on the trail, but he said no problem if I can’t be at them, he knows how much I want to see Taylor live, so its all good!!


  119. Vegas LOVES him!!! I’m so happy to see him getting all these positive articles!!

  120. Hey everyone. I had the best trip ever, but nearly froze to death in San Fran. They had a cold front move in and I slept with a down comforter. My DIL let me wear her heavy wool sweaters around town. The 10 day forecast said in the 70’s each day, but that was not the case. One day it didn’t get above 60.

    I got to see my sons advertising agency in downtown San Fran and was so impressed and proud of my boy. He always makes me laugh my ass off.

    I need to pick up my mail and buy groceries, so I’ll catch ya’ll later.

  121. Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation and visit with your kids Rosie. :)

  122. caltayfan, all the reviews have been wonderful but this one was excellent!!

    Rosie, so glad you had a great visit with your son!! sounds like he has a great personality like his Mom!! :) Hows the car? All better?

    It was 102 today. Had a guy come to give us an estimate on redoing our back deck. Have someone coming tomorrow to give an estimate to update the bathroom. It was so hot that I decided wasn’t cooking tonight, Kayla and I went to a local pizza place and got a few slices after the guy left.


  123. yes, this last review was exceptional. She obviously got struck by the woo!! It’s just so nice to see so many POSITIVE reviews and comments about him. He’s always been so gracious when enduring the NOT so positive comments this past six years – – I would be tempted now to stick my tongue out at all those naysayers and say naaah naaah naaah naaah naaah – – – but he’s much too classy for that.

  124. ParleyBlue/Henry

    I especially liked that review because of this part.

    What really blows me away is how Hicks has taken some of the most well known hits from R&B, soul, blues, rock, pop, country, and honky tonk and made them his very own with his unique arrangements and extremely soulful voice filled with emotion.

    Thats exactly what I have always thought, Besides his voice its his ability to arrange that makes him special IMO. Hes just a great musician.

  125. Totally agree Henry, Taylor has an exceptional talent for arranging music.

  126. I would still like to punch the random tweeter who asks where he is now. LOL Get out from under the f’ing rock you live under, a’hole!

    Now with that out of the way, the reviews have been so fantastic! It’s about time!!

  127. Henry, Loved that part of the article, he is a genious when it comes to blending songs, no one like him.

    chill, Didn’t see that tweet, people talk before they take a minute to look what he might be doing, all you have to do is google his name, duh!

    tish, Happy Birthday, enjoy your day!!


  128. On my hometown site we were talking about the first concert we ever went to, mine was the Four Seasons when I was in 7th grade. A fella I grew up with his uncle was one of the Four Seasons, we got to go back stage and meet them, still have the postcard Frankie Vallie autographed:


  129. Thanks JI, we actually spent the day helping our youngest daughter move from one apartment to another. But it was a nice day because we just enjoyed seeing her.

    That’s cool about the Four Seasons postcard. :)

  130. tish, spending time with the family is always a nice way to spend your birthday, glad you got to see her.

    Here’s another one I posted today. About a year before this pic was taken me and a few friends skipped school and went into NYC for the day. We went into a deli for lunch and in walks Joe Nameth, we were 15-16 pointing and giggling he came over and asked if we should be in school, quick thinking I said we skipped because we knew you would be here. He got a kick out of it sat with us and bought us lunch. On the way out he said I hope you dont’ get caught. A year later they had a dinner for him at a resturant by us and my Dad took me, when he saw me he said did you get caught, my Dad turned to him and said “yes she did”. Told him I tried to get out of getting grounded by saying meeting him was an educational experience, Dad didn’t buy it.


  131. Love that story jerseyirish. Loved Broadway Joe . Looking back, he really wasn’t that handsome, but he sure had that swagger. Nice to know he was “human”. ( as human as any of us humans can be )

  132. cath, Yes he was very down to earth and likeable. We would see many celebrities on our jaunts into the city, didn’t get to meet most of them, but it was always fun seeing them!!


  133. The Bally’s gig is an upper for T. and his career. It seems he got the most press when I was in CA last wk. I read they support all new performers and that seems to be the case. Seems they have chosen to be a close knit community with a one for all, all for one tude. That is different from the reviews, and comments fans are used to. There was only that one somewhat negative review and T. seemed to brush it off.

    Fans of some idols have gone off the deep end with the rumor about former Idols being a part of next seasons AI. Poor dizzyfeet was bombarded with Adam fans. I’d be surprised if any former contestent was chosen as a judge. The reality is T knows the most about music and performing, but should any past Idol be a judge, they’d be ripped apart by fans of other idols and most likely be panned in the press.

    I do think it would be a good idea to have some former idols take part in the show in some capacity. I took T.s 2 hmms to mean no one contacted him. My opin is he’d mentor or appear for free to get the creds.

    I think his CD is complete, but he’s is in hold mode while searching for a major label and trying to utilize his Vegas gig to his advantage. Guess you know I’m into numbers, $’s. This Vegas gig is not very lucrative for him, what with the gen. price ticket and 6 band members & other expenses. However, it is worth it’s weight in gold for contacts and presteige and for his future. He’s so smart. He’s maintained a good music career and gained creds. I think the marathon thing is working for him. Seriously!

  134. Rosie, I agree about the judging. My first thought when I read they were calling the former Idol’s was mentoring with Jimmy at least for Taylor. Although I think he would make a fantastic judge, I think like you said the opposing fans coudl make it miserable for whoever is in that seat. I have read one of their choices is Adam Lambert, so who knows. I think this Vegas gig is doing wonders for him and his standing in the industry. He is being very well received by all the press with only one that was a little off, can’t beat that. I always felt the marathon was working for him, he is such a savvy businessman hes way ahead of the pack, thats for sure.


  135. Rosie – I disagree with you about the money he’s making from Vegas. I bet you anything he’s earning a boat load from it. Casino’s pay well to get patrons inside to gamble is a lucrative deal for them. So it’s a double plus for him…. raises his cred/rep in the industry and makes money doing it. And I bet other casinos are watching his draw and if Ballys doesn’t continue to snatch him up, I bet others will.

    The Idol deal would also be a great gig for him and I think he would snap it up instantaneously if offered a mentorship for one or more shows. Think about the exposure that would bring him, esp when he has a new CD coming out. Might also help some major label to make their mind up about signing him.

    Will be an interesting couple of months – and to see if the Vegas gig is extended.

  136. ss, I agree about the money. I’m sure Taylor made sure this gig was gonna be profitable not only for him but the guys in the band, there is doubt in my mind that he is making a bundle with this Vegas gig.

    The Idol thing I’m thinking like I said maybe a mentoring spot or even a guest judge for a week or so, but nothing permanent on the show. Whatever they do offer him will be great TV exposure for him. Look how his twitter went nuts when he made his Vegas announcement he was on less than 5 minutes, if he is seen on the show it will make a difference. I know I filled out a survey at the end of the Idol season this year and one of the questions asked would you want to see other Idol winners have spots on the show as mentors or guest judges. So I guess they have been thinking about doing something, the ratings are falling doing something with the former winners might spark more interest, people like to see the winners they voted for back on the show.

    chill, I am so sorry to hear about your Mom, must have been a shock for all of you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family, keep us posted on her progress.


  137. I had to go look up on twitter what happened to your mom chill, I wasn’t on at all yesterday until very late. I hope she is ok.

  138. Isn’t that a fantastic picture of Taylor?!! Not a bad one of the band either. “The American superstar” I can agree with that! :)

  139. I’d be surprised if any of the Idols were picked as a judge. It might be good to have a rotating third judge and use different Idols for that. But using Idols for mentoring is probably the most likely to happen.

  140. Henry, Really nice pics!! :)

    How bummed am I? We are redoing our bathroom, but it won’t be getting done until sometime in Oct. You guessed it the pipe leading to the shower head has a leak, have to bring a plumber in. Tommy and Brodie tried to fix it yesterday didn’t work. It just annoys me that this is gonna cost a couple hundred and its all getting ripped out in a few monthsm ugh! :( Can’t win, its always something.

    Whatever capacity they bring the former winners back, I’ll be happy that he will be getting some TV exposure. Seeing him back on the show folks will remember how he totally changed the course of the show when he was on, they have never been alble to recover from his season. But Taylor the smart man that he is, played their game, took their insults, now they need him and he knows it, he is holding the trump card now and I’m sure he will play it to his advantage!! :)


  141. Lots of regular fans in Vegas this week. I hope everyone going has a great time.

    About the money thing, I was just basing it on the ticket prices and attendence. He may have a contract that guarantees him a set amount. The important thing is he is doing well and has gotten good press.

    He sure has been enjoying himself!!!

  142. And he’s making money at the Blackjack tables, apparently. :lol:

  143. I wonder when we’ll know if the gig is extended or not….

  144. I’m hoping for the last week September, first week if October. Wonder if the bookmakers are weighing the odds. :-)

  145. ss, I’m thinking they won’t make the announcement until right before 8/20 when his residency ends, thats what they did when he extended his Grease tour, it was announced like the week before it was to end.

    chill, I am hoping he does extend for you, with all you have going on now it would be a wonderful break from it all. How is your Mom doing? How are you holding up through all of this? Been thinking about you, keep the faith.


  146. Chill, just saw a tweet from someone who just interviewed Taylor and he said is probably going to extend his run in Vegas!!


  147. chill, they just put the vid up from the interview, he says it makes sense to extend his stay in Vegas but doesn’t say how long:


    My niece just put this pic up of Lily dressed with wings, too cute:


  148. This is beginning to sound alot like 2008 don’t ya think….

    Grease ended Sept 7 on Sept 15 the press release announced the Grease Tour with Taylor

    “Taylor Hicks slides into starring role on national tour of ‘Grease!’
    Published: Monday, September 15, 2008, 5:35 PM Updated: Monday, September 15, 2008, 6:27 PM By Mary Colurso — The Birmingham News

    Taylor Hicks, who recently concluded a Broadway run in “Grease!,” will star in a national tour of the musical, his publicist announced today.” http://blog.al.com/mcolurso/2008/09/taylor_hicks_slides_into_starr.html

    …on Oct 7 (his birthday) announced that the album would come out

    “Hicks is the word
    Posted by Alec Harvey October 09, 2008 7:25 AM al.com

    With a new record deal and an upcoming tour of ‘Grease,’ the Alabama Idol’s career is in high gear

    Taylor Hicks says he’s living out of suitcases for the time being.
    Taylor Hicks is rarely at a loss for words.
    But he’s had to contain himself this year, hearing and reading that his 800,000-unit-selling self-titled CD was a one-shot deal. That he wouldn’t sign another record deal. That the 2006 “American Idol” was through.

    “It’s about driven me crazy to hold my tongue,” Hicks says. “I’ve wanted to talk about this for three months, but I’ve been patient and trying to be smart about choosing my battles.”

    The battle, it seems, is over.

    Hicks, who turned 32 on Tuesday, announced on his birthday that he had signed a deal to release his new CD in February 2009. It’ll be on his own Modern Whomp Records label through Artist to Market (A2M), which gives the Birmingham native control over his recording destiny.

    “I was offered a plethora of record deals, some traditional record deals and some non-traditional record deals,” Hicks says. “It’s been very hard not to just hop on the first one that was offered, but during that time when there was a lot more speculation that I might never sign one again, it couldn’t have been further from the truth.”

    So he could be thinking the same thing….sell the album at his extended tour of Ballys….

    Oh yeah….2008 was an election year, too…

  149. Can I just say, I love you, cochem! Dang, girl, you’re like a Taylor Hicks encyclopedia. It does sound like 2008! Oh, please, extend — Last week of September, first week October. :-) And the new record!!

  150. Yep, Thats what I’ve been thinking the CD is ready he is just looking for the right time release it so he will see the most profit from it. Love some of these reviews I am reading calling him a “Superstar”, they are all just so glowing. Bet alot of those who had written him off are taking a second and third look at him!! :)

    chill, I’m thining if he extends it will probably be until either Thanksgiving or Christmas time that would give him plenty of time to see a good return on the new CD.


  151. I was under the impression that his CD has been ready to roll for while but they have been shopping for a label so it has a chance to be in stores and get radio play. Him being at Bally’s should help that as well as the fact he has at least one good country song that I know of on the CD,’Teach Me To Dance’.

    Since tourism is the major industry in Las Vegas, they promote all the acts that appear there. Some people check out who is playing in Vegas and read the reviews before planning their vacay there. I’ve been following the peeps who gave T. great reviews a few wks ago and they do the same for all the acts.

    Before he started, my only concern was if he’d have good attendence and he does. He’s also smart for doing his bit to mingle in the Vegas community. He’s definately increased his creds with his residency.

  152. OMG!!!! Twitter is down. How will the world survive?? :lol: :lol:

    Rosie, I’m sure you are right about the one for all and all for one attitude in Vegas. Mostly the main idea is to get people to want to come to Vegas. I know I haven’t read too many of the others reviews but what I have seen makes me think that for the most part Taylor is getting some especiallly good remarks that seem to be going above and beyond the call of duty. You have read more than I have probably, what do you think? Especially on the twitter pages of some in addition to reviews, they have had some really nice things to say. Made me feel like there was a little surprise from some of them.
    I have thought that some of the “partying” is at least partly PR. Getting his face out there to increase interest in coming to the show. I wouldn’t doubt that it could even be part of the contract. He may be having a lot of fun working but I do think at least some of it is really part of the job. Much like Taylor doing 95% of the PR was part of the job in Grease.
    Vegas is not an easy job IMO. But I think hes getting good attention for it. Hope it leads to getting the CD out soon.

  153. haha!! Thought it was just me getting that message that twitter was down, what will we do, LOL!! :)

    Henry, Have only read one review that I thought was a little sarcastic, Taylor did put the review up on FB it was the one where they guy called him Hurrican Hicks, although it was mostly positive there were some undertones to it.

    I think your right about being seen out is part of the job. A friend of mine not a headliner, but he sounds just like Frank Sinatra, he worked in Vegas doing impersonator shows, can remember him saying his day didn’t end when the curtain went down, he had to be seen around in different places in Vegas, so you are probably right about what we are seeing is part of folks seeing him around Vegas.


  154. Henry, the Kat guy and some of the females really did seem to be surprised that he was so good and did a few tweets above and beyond. The other celebs and the Vegas party planners also seems to like him as a person, a regular guy. It was fun when he hung out with the Sitch and they got attention. I’m also loving the OMG tweets that so & so visiter just saw T. Then too I’m having fun viewing the pics of the smiling pretty gals with him. He loves him some young adoring pretties! lol

    I recall when he toured with Grease, many of the local reporters mentioned T. was nice and down to earth. We were thrilled that his interview skills had improved. Well, they have improved much more since even Grease. Part of that could be do to experience and part could be his age, as I think in one’s mid thirties you get more comfortable with who you are.

    Twitter has been a bitch for me today.

  155. Anybody home? :-)

  156. I’m home!! Had an accident today, kid not paying attention rammed into me at a stop sign. Cops came, don’t have much damage feel bad for the kid, thinking about not getting it fixed so his ins won’t go sky high. Tommy will be taking the car in a year or so and he beats the hell out of them, puts alot of miles they are usually ready for the junk yard when he is done, LOL!! :) Of course my son says I should get it fixed that the value of the car will go down, but I’m not really worried about that.


  157. I’m just thankful you’re okay! It’s nice that you’re thinking about the boy, but really, he may need to learn a lesson — the hard way.

  158. chill, thanks, my left arm is a little sore, but it was sore before this just a little more now. Tommy went out and looked at the car when he got home, its such a small scratch and dent you really have to look to see it. The kid got a ticket for careless driving so his insurance will go up but not as much as it would if he gets hit with a chargeable accident with a payout with it. We decided to just let it go, Brodie had a rear-ender when he was 17 we paid the damages so the insurance wouldn’t go up for 3 years, guess I’m just a softy. The kid was so appologetic as soon as the police got there he said it was his fault he wasn’t paying attention, so he didn’t try to get out of it. He kept coming over to me asking if I was ok. I knew my blood pressure had shot up, I could feel my face was beet red. The cop wanted me to go to the hospital just to get checked, but I passed, I have a Dr’s apt on Thurs. I waited an hour after I got home and took my pressure was so surprised it was 121/77 the 77 a little high but thought it would be alot higher, LOL!! :)

    Loved his interview with Talktails, the camera loves him and he loves it!! :)


  159. Another great review of Taylor’s Vegas show with pics:


    Hope everyone is doing well! Chill hope your Mom is coming along in rehab, thinking of you.

    Back to the vascular cardiologist today, know he is gonna nail me for not getting my left leg done, LOL. The last ultrasound of my cartriod artery showed is got a little worse so I’m sure he will have something to say about that, I’m hoping no surgery at this point, he knows what will need to be done.


  160. Good luck with the doctor appt. jerseyirish, sorry to read about the fender-bender.

    sorry I haven’t been here since we got back from Vegas, things have been a bit hectic. I did put a recap at NFF and the BB if you can access those sites. We had a wonderful time. Taylor is really bringing it for these Vegas shows.

    I was supposed to go back to work this Wed. but when I went in, I found out our tech guys are out of stage all week and they have to back up data before I start setting things up for the new school year coming up…..so I’m off until Monday….Yea!!!

    Hope you all got to see picture of Taylor presenting the check to Wounded Warriors Project from Celeb Charity Challenge.org

    Allison, the fan that got to help with the presentation wrote up a nice recap of the event on the Boogie Board. The most touching part was about meeting and talking to one of the military alumni that benefits from Wounded Warriors.

  161. tish,thanks! Just got back from the Dr everything looks good, my right leg the stent is still intact. At this point until I have problems walking again he is just gonna leave the left leg alone, I’m not showing any signs of discomfort in either leg. The carotid artery is another story. He said my first ultra sound 2 yrs ago showed it was a 40% clog on the left side and a 55% clog on the right side. He finds it hard to believe that in 2yrs the clog went from 40 to 80% especially since I’ve been on meds so this wouldn’t happen. The right side is still at 55% it has stayed the same. He thinks either the first one was not taken properly or this one is off somehow. I have to go for a Catscan of the artery where they will put dye in it and he will get a much better reading. He said if it is at 80% from what he saw he should be able to do stents like he did in my leg one day in and out.

    Nice that you don’t have to go back to work until next week!!

    How cool for Allison to get up there with Taylor, she must have been thrilled.


  162. parleybluehenry

    I’ve taken up drinking.

  163. Well, then come in up and hang out at the bar!!! I’ll make you drinks that will knock your socks off!

    Anytime you feel like talking, give me a call. When we can exchange cocktail recipes. :-)

  164. Wow, lots of typos up there! LOL

  165. I’m heading back to work full-time today & have heard there is a new computer filter on our network, so I may not be here as much. I can read on my cell phone, but it’s hard to type on it. have a good day everyone.

  166. tish, hope your first day back goes smoothly! Hopefully the filters won’t keep you from posting during the day.

    Been loving all the tweets from Saraha during her visit to Vegas. Thats short vid she sent, wow!!

    We leave for vacy on Friday can’t wait to get away for a bit, as long as its not raining don’t really care what the weather is.


  167. Love this, Taylor on his throne:


  168. A fan has stated the Bally’s gig is extending after a week long run at Harrah’s in Reno and a trip back home. Not necesarily in that order since she wasn’t sure whether Brian said home or Reno first. LOL

  169. Denise, Just saw that, figured they would extend his run therem he seems to be packing the house, its good for him and them!!


  170. Great for Taylor, I had a feeling that would happen :)

    Work was ok today. I has additional duties added but it’s nothing I can’t handle. I didn’t even get a chance to see if I could hit any of my fav web sites though. :D

  171. JI, enjoy your vacation! :)

  172. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Time for a little activity to cheer me up.

    How about some Ballys pics?

  173. ParleyBlue/Henry

  174. ParleyBlue/Henry

  175. ParleyBlue/Henry

  176. Henry, wow! Great pics!!

    Well our planned 9:00am departure time is now around 3:00pm to leave. Tommy had a bunch of things he had to do before we left as usual. Kayla left awhile ago, she is driving herself down, her and Brodie are going to a concert in Asbury Park on Sunday, they will spend the night there. SIL & BIL left around the same time as Kayla they should get to the boat about the same time as them. We will be about 2 hrs later, good thing they will have the boat all cleaned by the time we get there, LOL!! The weather was terrible this morning thunder, lightening, and heavy rains, it has stopped for now, hopefully we will have a dry ride down.

    Have a good week everyone talk to you when I get back!!


  177. I love that last picture!! He did that in one of the songs, I think it was In The Ghetto, after tagging a bunch….or maybe it was That’s Life…no In The Ghetto….he was singing “Yeaaa”, did it 3 times in a row :D

    Have a nice vacation JI :)

  178. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Couple more you might not want to miss ;-)

  179. ParleyBlue/Henry

  180. Woo hoo! Great pics from Bally’s. He sure is enjoying himself. I recall awhile back I checked Bally’s and saw somebody is booked in Oct. I hope one of the casino’s has a better room for him to play in and he becomes sort of a regular there.

    I installed a new tiolet flusher all by myself but got frustrated trying to activate and learn my new cell phone.

    Ji I hope you are in for a run of good weather at the beach. Have fun.

  181. ParleyBlue/Henry

    The man cracks me up. :lol:

  182. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Forgot to say, some think the last pic is a chop. If it is that only makes it more funny. :lol:

  183. I saw that one late last night and cracked up!!

  184. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Oh good God, It may be a chop. There is a weird looking crease in the girls stocking and it seems to be made to look like Taylors hand is inside it. :lol: :lol: :lol:
    I just thought it was blurry. :lol:

  185. Not a chop, Perez posted 3 pictures on his Facebook page

  186. Oh my gosh, just had the left hand of the one Taylor tweeted explained to me……bwahahahahaha, wonder who he got to create the chop, or if he knows how to chop pictures, LOL

  187. I think Taylor’s hand was just moving in the picture so It’s blurred. LOL

  188. Denise, go to twitter and click on T’s original tweet of the picture, then click on the picture to see it larger. It was chopped to look the ways it does…..hilarious!!

  189. parleybluehenry

    Seems a vid or two has escaped from Vegas. Doesn’t look like its being done by any SP or regular Hicks fan. Just people videoing some good music. And far as I can see its between them and Ballys whether they stay on youtube or not but as long as they are there, it would be just plain old stupid to not watch them and let them go to waste. :-)

  190. parleybluehenry

  191. I agree Henry and boy, aren’t they great! The sound on The Deal is incredible – better than live! And this version of Country Living has made me go from being indifferent about the song to LOVING IT! Not sure what tweeks he made that made the difference to me, but I sure enjoyed watching it.

  192. You should hear it live sweetsmoke, his voice just keeps getting better and better!! :)

  193. Henry, Loved the pics, he is just having the time of his life in Vegas and they are loving him too!! That pic sure looks like he has his hand down the front there, LOL!!! :)

    Those videos are great, he just keeps stepping it up and getting better and better.

    We just got back a little while ago. We had a bit of rain on Sat but it didn’t last. It was in the high 80’s and low 90’s the whole week. I went up to the beach a few times, the water was beautiful. My legs get so tired walking in the sand, but it was worth it just to relax on the beach. We went almost everyday to the bar on the beach for lunch, it was a nice break. Kayla’s Steve came down Thurs and spent the day with us. Poor kid got laid off the Wed before we left, his buddy and his family were at another beach about a 1/2 hour from us and stayed with them for 2 days. My BIL rode his ass a little, it was all in good fun, and Kayla loved having Steve there.

    Tommy decided to go to the laundry mat and do it all at once. Me, him and Brodie are going out to dinner tonight, hope he isn’t too long I’m hungry, LOL!!! :)


  194. ParleyBlue/Henry

    Addison is shocked by the lack of activity around here. Either that or shes listening to T sing. :lol:

  195. Too cute parleyblue/henry!! :-)

  196. Henry, What an adorable pic, she is just beautiful!!

    Was just coming over to put this pic up of Lily walking down the driveway with her hands behind her back, just too cute:


  197. JI, that’s just adorable! :)

  198. parleybluehenry

    JI, Lily looks like shes deep in thought, solving the worlds problems. :lol:

  199. Henry, LOL, thats exactly what I said to my niece!

    Did I read that Taylor is now going to be in Vegas through Sept?


  200. parleybluehenry

    I looked up his schedule JI and that and what people pieced together from Amorys facebook. So maybe not totally accurate but he finishes this run in Vegas on the 25th then he goes to Reno for a week, finishes in Reno Sept. 3. On Aug 30 though Taylors supposed to be in Tampa at a private fundraiser for the GOP convention. Then after Reno from what Amory said it sounds like they are going home for a few days then they have Conn and NJ on Sep. 7 and 8. Then from what Robin Leach said on his twitter Taylor will be the main entertainer at the Las Vegas Hospitality show that is at the Las Vegas Convention Center. I think that is cool, it seems like a pretty big deal in Vegas and being held where Taylor auditioned for AI. Amazing. And the next day, Sep 21 hes supposed to be at the AU-LSU tailgate party with Wynn Christian. And from what Amory said sometime in there hes supposed to start up in Vegas again and go on into October. We’ll have to see how it all plays out and hope T gets a little rest. :lol:
    Very busy man.

  201. parleybluehenry

    Did you see this vid that sweetsmoke had on her board? You remember those old pics where Taylor was singing at a wedding before AI? This vid was taken back then, Taylor sitting in with the band they had for the wedding. An excellent band “Perpetual Groove”. Just put the vid on youtube recently. I hope they have some more hid away because this one is really good.
    And you get to see Taylor strip. :shock: :lol:

  202. Henry, He certainly has alot on his plate, and I’m sure he is loving every minute of it! I am looking forward to the NJ show on Sept 8th. Kayla said she will video the show for me. She took video of the show we went to for my mini class reunion, they turned out really well.

    They had my 30th service anniversary yesterday at work one of the ladies just sent me a few pics from yestereday:


  203. Henry, Saw the video last night with the little strip tease in it. His voice is as strong today as it was back then, his performing/presentation style is more polished and professional.


  204. Nice pictures JI, that’s quite an accomplishment :)

  205. Tish, thanks! It was nice. For every 5 years after 25 you get to pick a gift out of this catalog this time I got a 22″ flat screen TV for the bedroom. It came yesterday Brodie hooked it, just have to go and pick up an HD box for it.

    Looking forward to seeing Taylor on Sept 8th in Carteret at the festival. I went online to see how much tickets were, but it says its a free concert, guess I’ll find out for sure when we get there. Kayla’s boyfriend Steve said this is a big festival the town throws alot of money into it every year. He said they usually have 1 or 2 big names perform and then the rest of the day is all local talent. A band he used to play in did the festival a few times.

    An old childhood friend I reconnected with on FB is in NJ for a few days, a bunch of us are getting together tomorrow meeting at a diner to catch up, should be fun, haven’t seen Bruce since our 20th class reunion. With all these little reunions we are having i’m getting to see alot of old friends, being i missed our big reunion in Nov, it was right after I fractured my ankle and had a bad cold and just wasn’t up to going, its been nice to see so many familar faces I haven’t seen in a long, long time.


  206. parleybluehenry

    Chill PLEASE make me a picture. :lol:

  207. Henry, OMG what a picture!!!

    Busy day today, went to my mini reunion, only four showed up, but it was great seeing them. The pic I’m posting the gal next to me an amazing story. She got pregnant when we were in 8th grade 14yrs old. Her parents sent her away to a convent out where we live now. She was forced to give her son up. Parent’s forbid her to ever see the baby’s Dad again, but they dated through HS and when she turned 18 they got married, went on to have 3 more boys. She lives not far from me, when they moved out this way she went back to the convent to see the Nun’s, told them if her son ever looked for her to tell him she loved him and was just too young to take care of him. Two years later he was in an accident his adoptive parents were killed, had no next of kin, was sent back to the orphange, the Nun’s got in touch with Nancy, and she raised her son from 12 on,hes 44 yrs old now, so she has her 4 boys. Her and Billy divorced but are still on good terms.

    From there Kayla and I went to spend the day with Lily, when Kayla uploads the pics I’ll post a few.


  208. I’m here to catch up. First order of business: make henry a picture. Next up: Watch him do what? Strip? :lol:

  209. Fantastic video!! Little let down by your misleading stripping comment though, henry. :lol:

    Definitely hope there’s more video though!

  210. Henry, Jersey, your babies are adorable!! I want.

  211. parleybluehenry

    Awesome video, awesome tags.

  212. parleybluehenry

    awesome blank spot right now :-(

  213. parleybluehenry

    There it is!! There was a delay.

  214. Henry, Great video, still amazes me how easily he blends songs together, just so smooth, love it!! :)


  215. Hi! I haven’t posted here since forever! Note I made the 1st post back on June 24th. Chill this must be the longest as in time frame thread. Taylor has exited the Indigo without ever sharing a twit pic of his suite. LOL I’ve followed a slew of Vegas peeps all of whom I enjoy and will continue to follow. What a positive and supportive bunch of people! Almost makes me want to move there.

    I have read here but haven’t responded to anything including the vid of the shaggy haired, younger, less gray singer Getting Down. Wonder if he was hiding his eyebrows! Does, did he tweeze? LOL! He was and is something else, although that song and arrangement aren’t my cup of Tay Tea.

    Despite the fact he and Bally’s said no video or recording a few broke the rules. I hate to see that. He did well in Vegas although it was a small room. He does however not get many views of said vids on utube and I believe therefore that it does him way more harm than good when trying to sell himself to clubs, casinos etc. to have the vids on utube. While I did watch In The Ghetto, it upset me that I did so for free.

  216. parleybluehenry

    I truly believe if those vids were bothering Ballys they would be gone. What no one wanted was a whole bunch of fans in a small lounge all trying to video everything and making it impossible for others to enjoy the show. There was some taping done from outside the lounge and everyone seemed to be all right with it. I didn’t really check the last one out but a couple seemed to have been done by someone who tapes a lot of shows in the area. I don’t know of any regular fans who broke the rules. They have not been up long and I for one am glad that at least some of the best were captured for posterity. They may not have thousands of views but at least they are there for the right people to check them out.
    I spend all the money I can on Taylor whenever I have the chance and I don’t feel even the teeniest bit guilty for watching a vid that he may very well be aware of. I can’t imagine that he just wanted all these performances to just be forgotten.
    Without vids I wouldn’t have seen Taylor after AI except for a couple of tv appearances.

  217. You’ve got to watch that vid above especially at the 1:40 mark into the vid……dang….wiggle, tongue, fist pump….just bury me now :D I asked on YouTube when the last 3 vids were recorded and the uploader said they are from the last night of the run at Bally’s.

  218. It says the vids are no longer available due to a copyright claim by Modern Whomp LLC.

    The 17 old special needs boy who was shot at school on Mon. morning is doing better today. I have no clue how the 15 yr. old shooter got into school with a double barrel shot gun and a bottle of Vodka. He wrote on facebook, before he left for school that it was his last day on earth. He had 20 rounds of ammunition. After he fired one shot in the filled cafeteria, a 31 yr old male guidance counselor wrestled the kid, although the kid then got off another shot. Other teachers joined in and held the boy down until the police got there. It could have been much worse. The poor nervous freshmen had a sucky 1st day of high school. My nieces are in the 10th and 12th grades there and they are still shook up.

    A local radio guy reported awhile ago from the convention that the rumor is Clint Eastwood will be a surprise guest speaker tomorrow night at the convention.

  219. parleybluehenry

    Doesn’t surprise me about the vids, as I said if they didn’t want them there they could take them down.

    I swear if I still had young kids in many places today, I think I would have to become a homeschooler. I wouldn’t go to work where many of them go to school and it doesn’t seem like they get much of an education but I know its not all terrible.

    Hoping its Clint Eastwood, that should be good. Wonder if Taylor got invited to any cocktail parties or anything.

  220. I understand why they don’t want the video out there, they want folks to pay to see him. But I agree with Henry with the vids more people have a chance to experience him and what he is like live, he only gets better and better as time goes on.

    Rosie, Read about the shooting in Md, so sad that kids think they have to go to this extreme.

    Nancy P posed an article about a 5yr old girl that was killed. She was staying with her grandmother, and this 23yr old guy would stay with her when he had no where to go. The 5yr olds Mom asked her Mom not to let the guy around her daughter, but he came that night needed a place to stay the grandmother let him stay, he killed her and put her in a dumpster. Nancy’s brother who is a cop found the little girls body. can you imagine how the grandmother must be feeling she let the guy stay in the house and thats how he repays her kindness, killing her grand daughter, too many sickos out there.

    Well finally found something that tells me what time Taylor will be performing in Carteret, he goes on at 6:00. It will only be me, Kayla and Steve going. Tommy asked me last night there is a conference for the town Sept 7, 8 & 9th, the Mayor asked him if he could go to as he can’t make it, told him as long as Kayla & Steve are going with me thats fine, I understand he needs to fill in for the Mayor.


  221. Hey, Rosie, even though I’ve got a ways to go before I can pack up and move anywhere, I have thought about moving to Vegas one day. It just seems to have a lot to offer. I’ve been there quite a few times for a quickie vacation and a relative lived there for quite some time. When I visited him, I got a view into the locals lifestyle, and I think it’s something I could get used to.

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