Deep in the Heart of Texas.

The Flamingo Room

Houston, TX

September 16th — 8 P.M.


McKinney Performing Arts Center

McKinney, TX

September 17th — 8 P.M.

Video Credit:  Bloomingproud

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  1. Why doesn’t he sing this song anymore?

  2. Chill, I agree don’t know why he doesn’t sing this anymore, such a beautiful song and he does it so well.

    How are you feeling today, hope a little better.


  3. I’m a little better, but not much. ha! I took Tylenol PM and slept with one of those heat wraps around my hip area. I need to go to the pharmacy and pick up another one though, they only last 8 hours. I’m hoping it’s gone by morning. I have things to do.

    Has he ever played that song in public since we’ve “known” him?

  4. One of my favorite T songs. Always hope he’ll sing it when he’s in Texas.

  5. Never sang it in public in any concerts after AI. I think maybe he’s just not in the same place emotionally as he was when he wrote that song. I think that’s also why he doesn’t sing Somehow anymore.

    But what do I know. :D

    Looking forward to the weekend but anxious also, I always get that way……butterflies in the stomach ya know, LOL.

  6. Where Taylor going to be tonight. I had never seen it so thought I would look it up. Still don’t know if hes performing, think he is but not sure.

  7. Henry, Thanks for posting 19 today, think every Taylor fan has been playing that song today. Ran out this morning and had The Distance on, the song always chokes me up even more today.

    I’m sure whatever he is doing tonight he is thrilled to be a part of it.


  8. That Nineteen video by Karen & Allyn is my favorite of all the videos that have been made with that song. The part about “he might have carried your bags at the grocery store” always gets to me because that was the part-time job my oldest son had all through high school. Neither of my sons is in the military, but I can imagine how hard it would be to be worrying constantly if they were.

    The Grove of Anaheim is a beautiful building! I’m sure Taylor will have a memorable evening there. :)

  9. tishtx, the first time I heard 19 I cried, one of Brodie’s friends was in Afganastan he was only 19 when he left, he is very special to me, his Mom deserted the family when he was 7 and I sorta took over the Mom role with him, he was a bagger at our local shoprite and that really got to me too. Funny he came home the day The Distance was released, and picked right up where he left off. He loved sleeping on the recliner in my den and the next morning thats exactly where I found him sound asleep!


  10. Found one pic of Taylor from the thingy tonight. Didn’t see anything about him performing. Could be he was just there to attend and look purty. He does that real well too. :lol:


  11. Whoops wrong link. Here we go.

  12. Maybe we can get him to do it this weekend! :) Yeah, I want to see him do Somehow too. I know he did it at HOB here in ’07 but I’ve never seen him do it since.

    I just got back from the The Parrish, the smaller venue at the NOLA House of Blues. GREAT show! Wow, Gary Clark Jr. is a fabulous rock-blues (or is it blues-rock?) guitarist. He reminded me of Anders Osborne on some songs, but very different on others. Little Freddie King was good too. That was the 3rd or 4th time I’ve seen him. His harp player was fabulous! I’m glad it was over early. Another show Monday night – should be fabulous!

    It was an emotional day. I watched some of the coverage but had to remove myself from it. It was just too much sorrow flooding back in for me to deal with. God bless all the families of the victims though. They’ve been through hell & I’m sure will never be over it.

  13. Wow, JI, moving story of the 19 year old. Joel was also a 19 year old Marine when the towers came down. His battalion deployed several months earlier than planned, but they never went into Afghanistan. He was in Iraq though, when The Distance dropped and I heard 19 for the 1st time. I could not listen to it again until he got home.

  14. I found this late, but I did find it.

  15. Another touching video and song henry8, I had never heard that one.

    Wowza! That’s all I have to say about the picture of Taylor at the LCL event. :)

  16. Oh my Henry, what a touching song/video the tears are streaming.

    NolaMar, When Will came home he was still 20 didn’t turn 21 until the end of March, like your Joel so very young.


  17. Taylor has much nicer feet than Lee. ;-)

  18. And Taylor wears his clothes much better than Lee. :)


  19. After seeing those pics of him last night, I am more excited than ever to see him this week-end. That man gets me all weak in the knees and elsewhere……….DAMN

  20. Heres some good ones. Wish I knew what they were singing.…5266439_VcwGHSr

  21. Well, that didn’t come up like it was supposed to but Taylor is on Page 11. You’ll find him. :-)

  22. Okay, the dog one did me in. :lol:

  23. NolaMar, Saw the puppy one you put up on twitter, so so cute both of them!!!

    These pics are just wonderful!!


  24. Yep the puppy pic did me in too :)

    I have some good news. The Taylor fans that lost their house in Bastrop to the fire were able to print their tickets to the Houston show & are going to come to that one and the McKinney show. :)

  25. Wow! I didn’t hear about fans losing their house! So very sad!

  26. Chill, the fan that goes by the name of Skate. I think you have seen her posts here and there.

  27. Yes, it was Skate and her husband that were among the over 1.500 homes lost due to the Texas wildfires. She sent me a map of the area where she lived showing all the confirmed houses destroyed. It’s staggering. Bless her heart, she called me the day after they evacuated to get the numbers of the concert venues so she could call about her tickets to Taylor’s shows. She said she guessed it was a silly thing to worry about, but she had forgotten to bring the tickets with her. That was before she found out her home was gone.

    Good news about the tickets though, they were able to reprint the Houston tickets & the McKinney PAC was very accommodating when she called. They are living in a hotel now which their insurance is paying for and they are coming to both Taylor’s Texas concerts this weekend. :)

  28. Well, thank God she had insurance and they’re being taken care of. I can’t imagine what they’re going through. So much disaster this year. A Taylor show may very well lighten the load. My prayers are with them.

  29. It’s just such a horrible tragedy!!! I’m so sorry for Skate and her family. I hope coming to the show lightens their hearts, at least for a little while. Any rain in the forecast yet? Still praying for Texas!

  30. Thanks for all the comments on the pics on FaceBook Tish. Really looking forward to our reunion this weekend. I wish all of you could be there! This will end my Taylor adventures for a while.

    Oh, and if ANYONE has a chance to see Trombone Shorty DO IT!! Seriously, and amazing performer and his band kicks ass.

  31. So sorry to hear anyone loose their home to this crazy weather, hopefully they will recover with the insurance. Glad she is still getting to go to the shows.

    NolaMar, You pics are always the best!!!


  32. OMG Skate lost her house, so sad. I’ve been to many, many concerts with her and her hubby, such a sweet couple.
    I’m glad she will be able to take a break to see Taylor.

  33. Just so its handy, heres the link to vote for Wesleys friends poster. Poster # 3. Its really a good Widespread Panic poster.

    In case anyone doesn’t remember, Wes is Bills brother and he said his friend could use the help with the poster cause he just had twins. :lol: Its definitely one of the best of the bunch.

  34. Voted! :-)

  35. Voted also. :)

    I know the concerts this weekend will really help Julia/Skate and her husband with the distress caused by their loss. You all know how much Taylor’s concerts lift your spirits and your heart. :)

  36. Can’t wait for you guys to recap your shows! Next best thing to being there!

    And jersey, that link you put up to Getty Images, hahaha!! I think that’s the longest link I’ve ever seen. :-)

  37. Oh, and Taylor is way better looking than Lee. For sure.

  38. Chill, I know when I saw that link thought I did something wrong, LOL!!! :)

    Glad you figured out what was bothering your back. Those innersoles if not the right one for you can cause you pain. Never even thought of that, when Brodie started working full-time and got work boots he bought Dr Scholl innersoles came home the first day was in agony, thought it was the boots just not broken in. I read the package of the innersoles he had gotten and they were not what he needed, once he got the right ones for him he was ok. I tried them a few time just never worked for me either, didn’t have pain but was very uncomfortable in them, was better off without them.

    Hands down Taylor is way better looking than Lee. Lee just always seems so disshelved to me.


  39. I think Lee is cute without the facial hair..but nobody ever holds a candle to Taylor. He is the entire Package…heh

  40. I have a thing for lips on harp:

  41. NolaMar, That is one great shot, my, my!! :)


  42. NolaMar Are you trying to kill me with that pic?? I wish those lipsmwhere elsewhere……his gal friend is a lucky chick

  43. I voted for #3 Wes friends poster, despite the fact you could not see the deets, an essential for an advertising poster.

    The kitty Tay Tay’s illness has turned me into a tired emotional wreck, who reads about Cat diseases on line and I checked out two library books about cats. The first Vet visit cost me $245 for the vet to tell me he has Feline herpes, a virus. I’ve been having to give him a pasty medicine 2x’s a day and he has not eaten from a bowl since Sat. I sit with him in a steem filled bathroom several times a day. I love the little guy and am doing all I can for him.

    I think Tay stayed with lotti, gal friend. I think Taylor is seeing some positives about S. California, career and life style wise. Taylor looked stuning at the Ali thing. He truly does have movie star looks and oh my does he have charisma. Love his facial expressions!

  44. NolaMar Thanks for all of your great pics. I’ve managed to view all of them but have been too pre occupied to comment.

    One thing for sure, Taylor in person, face to face, just chating or signing something looks younger than he does in many of his performance pics. He gives his face a workout when he performs and plays the harp. So some pics show up his wrinkles and creases.

    By the way, I recently got around to reading all the tweets to me for the past month. One fan said she has read what I’ve written on blogs and my tweets and questioned how I can be a fan and write such negative things about Taylor. It never ends. Seems I got a bad rep in some circles. So I assume my prior paragraph will be adding to that rep. geesh! Makes one want to just quit posting.

  45. Don’t worry what other people think. I don’t. I’m over all the drama. Keep doing what you do!

    I’m glad the little kitty has found his way to you. You’re taking such good care of him. (((hugs)))

  46. Yea rosie, I agree he stayed with Sahara Lotti during this last trip, based on the tweets last night. What the extent of their relationship is is curious! lol Oh well, the pondering is fun! I’m hoping she has some connections in Hollywierd to get him an in there…. when I see lesser talents like Jordin Sparks getting cast in movies with Whitney Houston, I’m wondering how much money is going under the table. Eh, Taylor looks more than content with his life, so it’s all good!

  47. That harp picture is killer NolaMar! One more day till our Taylor Hicks weekend :)

  48. Hope Tish, NolaMar and Patty have fun seeing Tay.

    I’m taking Tay Tay to the vet to see about an antibiotic and find out how much weight he’s lost from not eating. Poor thing just meows at his food dish.

  49. Wow! I checked out the home page of the gal who tweeted she was with T. when he picked out his suit. Lots of pretty pics of her.

  50. Rosie, Hope TayTay does ok at the vet today.

    What home page? I went and looked at her twitter and her fb is private. Didn’t see any pics


  51. Yeah, I had a lot of fun discovering harp shots from the Flora Bama yesterday. LOL Today I’m concentrating on packing – Texas here I come!

    Still rooting for Tay Tay to overcome this illness Rosie. You are doing all you can and taking such great care of him.

  52. So you Texas gals get to have some fun tomorrow!! Safe travels to all of you! Get pics, video and tweet us. :lol:

  53. Tay Tay is eating a perscription can food that is for ill cats and dogs. It’s a pate loaded with meats, fats and vitamins he need. Thank goodness. He had normal temp at the vets and while she gave me amoxocillin she doesn’t want me to give it to him unless he starts doing worse. Can’t believe my 65$ dollar shelter kitty, cost me $397 in vet bills in 1 week. Next comes his balls snipped and 2nd dose of shots on Sept 29th. Tay Tay is worth it, but I was totally clueless about what I was getting into.

    Looking forward to pics, vids or whatever.

  54. Rosie, They can run you a small fortune when they get sick. The vet I go to is a farm vet, his prices are really good a visit with shots is only $24.00. When Lucky was so sick and I had to give him the IV here at home all the needles, fluid was only $25.00. Its worth it if TayTay is getting better. Have you let the shelter know that he is sick? I know when we got Maggie our dog from a shelter and when we picked her up a woman who had gotten a kitten that was sick the shelter helped with some of the vet bills, might be worth it to give them a call.

    Looking forward to hearing all about the show tonight, the ladies are all ready for it!!!


  55. I know you’ve read it but we must have the article here. :-)

    Taylor Made: How One Man’s Dream Redefined the American Idol

    It’s not about fame, it’s about having your voice heard. Given the overwhelming success of American Idol and now knock-off shows such as NBC’s The Voice, the facade of having your voice heard, especially if it’s truly worth hearing, is omnipresent among the media. However, most artists worth the salt on their skin know that there’s a price that is paid when commercial success becomes the goal. The world owns you if achieved and your “voice” becomes just a talking head among the masses.

    In today’s under-budgeted and overly politicized arts industry, it is not just difficult to “make it,” it’s damn near impossible. And when I say “make it” I mean working until all of the traditional adult responsibilities are covered without losing sight of who you are and were and who you want to be.

    Recently I came across a living, breathing, bonafide definition of success. As a matter of fact he has tailored his success to fit the real version of himself. A rare treat indeed. And boy was I impressed, surprised and kicked off of the music critics “purist” throne.

    Taylor Hicks, the American Idol Season 5 winner, started on the show as the underdog. Simon Cowell wanted nothing to do with him during the audition (Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson having the good sense to see past whatever blinders Simon wore that day) yet Taylor poured his heart out just to get his voice heard. In the end every musician that season had to eat his bluesy, talent laden dust. Now, an admitted five seasons later, people are asking questions … where is Taylor? His name has seemingly disappeared from mass media (no scandals, no gossip … tsk, tsk) and his music has dwindled from commercial radio stations.

    Fortunately, I found him.

    While covering the Telluride Jazz Festival I had the distinct opportunity of not only hearing Taylor along with his Little Memphis Blues Band but meeting him, albeit for only a brief exchange. But what I saw on stage and later during a jam at the Sheridan Opera House was NOT the Idol version of Hicks. Instead, the real Taylor Hicks made an unannounced appearance. My jaw dropped when I realized that this was the same shy, syrupy sweet man during the American Idol audition. After seeing him in Telluride, it was quite clear that his dream has not suffered and this life, his life, is working out well. More importantly, he isn’t selling out to anyone. Taylor has stayed true even with his fateful Idol win. He did not play the commercial card to the extent as his runner-up Kat McPhee. It’s clear that Taylor maintains two-fold the talent of his AI opponents. His hard working heart is sewn into the quilt of all-things Americana, the blues and living “the” dream.

    To watch him perform is to live. There’s passion, excitement and a clear message to anyone who’s ever wanted to be bigger than their beginning, that all things are possible if only you stay true to yourself. Don’t play. Be honest with yourself and everyone else too. Leaving that path known as the straight and narrow is a disservice to all involved. This isn’t about a single work, it’s about living a life regardless of the expectation of others. And in this short life, opportunity, especially one as grand as American Idol, doesn’t present itself to most of us.

    The only bedfellows that lie next to artists at the end of the day are regret, guilt, and shame when you live in a country that believes in cubicles more than it does classical music and collections of rare art. Notions of what is “good” are skewed through mass media outlets and those photoshopped lives most of us live. But as jazz legend Tom Harrel once said, “…there’s a loneliness where art leads you, and sometimes it isn’t always fun, but the reward is always there.” Hats off to Taylor for proving the masses wrong, for tailoring a dream to reality and giving us all something to sing for.…-_b_965485.html

  56. Henry, Saw that earlier today, excellent, excellent article so very well written and ACCURATE about who Taylor is and that he hasn’t fallen off the face of the earth, he is doing his thing and doing it well!!


  57. NolaMar and tishtx both posted on twitter the show was amazing last night. Have only seen one pic that Louis took. Nola said she was having problems downloading was gonna try tonight again.

    Lord, the temps have really dropped here, the other day almost put the air on it got so hot again, today its 52, brrrr!!

    Rosie, so glad to hear TayTay is eating better for you today. Sometimes those upper respitory infecs
    are tough to get rid of, sounds like hes coming around.


  58. I love that write-up!! And the article went viral! Good for Taylor, good for her.

    I’ve been away for a day, but I’m up early and ready to catch up. Bring on the Texas media! :-)

    I’m happy kitty is coming around.

    Jersey, yes, it’s kind of cold-ish here too, but I haven’t turned the furnace on — yet.

  59. i was starting to wonder where you were Chill. I was getting ready to draw up a milk carton pic but I doubt my stick figure would have been helpful.
    Several said WRIR was totally amazing at the Houston show and there is video. Can’t wait. Whats amazing is how he can take the same song and make it different and amazing each time.

  60. Chill, We haven’t put the heat on yet either, just put some blankets back on the bed.

    Henry, Yes saw the same thing that WRIR was amazing, I’ve always said he is a master he can take the same song and change it up enough that you never get tired of watching/hearing the same song over and over.


  61. You need to go to NFF and read tishs recap in Taylor Tour 2011, McKinney Mashup.
    Taylor did his own guitar solo and I’m doing the happy dance for him. He works so hard. Hes one of a kind.
    Really sounded like a fantastic show.

  62. Henry likes Taylor!!!

    OT but I saw Rise Of The Planet of The Apes last night and James Franco’s poor acting greatly detracted from the movie. I was going to do a tweet saying so, but decided to be kind to the guy. My 4 over the top animal rights friends loved the movie, but for me the special effects were the best part.

    Waitin to see vids and pics from the Texas shows. Ya know me, I always wonder about the attendence and Tay’s money!

    Can’t debate with the 4 gals who IMO over use Fantourage on T.s twitter. My preference is when I go there I like to see new peeps comments and chit chat from regular fans in real time about what’s current. Patty’s comment the other day about getting her hair done to look pretty 4 Tay, was so refreshing in the midst of all the fantourage.

  63. I’m exhausted. :lol: Really, this first breath of cold air is getting to me. I hate winter.

  64. Can’t wait to see video of “the solo”.

  65. rosie, I saw that the turnout in Houston was not huge. I am not surprised, the Houston press has routinely been very unkind to Taylor and they have made people think hes not worth the effort. Its really too bad because I’m sure there are many there who would love him.
    The other venue sounded beautiful but a fairly small venue I think but a good crowd. They certainly got their moneys worth.

    Yes, I certainly do like him. Basically thats why I’m on this friggin computer. And the fantourage stuff does not bother me. Everytime one of them goes up its one more time Taylors name is mentioned and everything is counted. Don’t doubt it.
    So its annoying to some? So what? Twitter was made for everyone.

  66. Man oh, man, what a weekend! I drove about 1200 miles in 3 days. The 2 shows were definitely worth it! I’m gonna be crunched for time. I fly out to Vegas on Thursday but I did get all my vids uploaded. Definitely had some lighting & focus difficulties but I hope they are worth watching anyway. This was the best one so far:

    Also, The Fall in McKinney. Too bad it’s overexposed. :(

  67. Drat, I forgot the embed codes don’t work! Let me try again:

  68. If you go to watch at YouTube you can see in HD!

  69. :lol: I just came back to see if I could embed them. They are great!
    I agree with that woman at the end of The Fall when she got up and said “Wow, that was awesome”

  70. I swear, Taylor, Brian, and Jeff are three of the best in the country. I hope more people figure that out this year.

  71. Don’t you wonder why youtube has an embed code that doesn’t work and hasn’t worked for a year or so now.

  72. It works everywhere but here. LOL Chill’s blog is cursed I tell you! ;)

  73. NolaMar, The vids are wonderful, those guys just feed off of each other and the result is pure magic!! :) Thanks for taking the time to do this for everyone.


  74. I agree about Taylor, Jeff & Brian Henry. They were all phenomenal. I hope to get some pics of Jeff & Brian up later today. I did get them quite a bit in my vids. I had a great view to watch Brian play in Houston, perched way up above the stage like we were.

  75. You know years ago, shortly after Taylor was on Idol, I found my first taste of Taylors pre AI music. It was the Christmas show at Workplay. I had not been on the internet during AI and knew nothing about anything or anybody. But when I heard that show, the first thing I said was “Who is that on keyboards?”
    Didn’t take me too long to find out.

    Embed works everywhere but here? I did not know that. It worked fine here for several months after they added it, I wonder what changed.

  76. NolaMar, You should put a warning on that first pic oh my!!


  77. I’m pretty sure it embeds with just the You Tube link, :-)

    Sent from my iPhone

  78. Oh yeah, Chill it embeds just fine. It just that their extra special, whoop de doo, look what we did just for you embed code don’t work.
    Theres something about a court reporter on the WRIR tags, is that you Chill?? :-)

  79. Henry, LOL, I’ll keep a look out!!!

    Excellent review about his performance at McKenney Performing Arts:


  80. Which is better? Gonna put one or the other on NING.

  81. Feeling the inevitable let down after 2 great concerts in a row, sigh. Taylor and the guys couldn’t have done any better. What a wonderful gift for the TX fans!! And I’m sure there are a lot more Taylor Hicks fans in TX now. :) The people at the McKinney PAC were so nice! It added to the whole feeling of warmth that evening. The Houston concert was more of just a rocking good time.

    This is the reason we always feel like we can’t miss any of his concerts, even though we can’t make them all. Every one is different and you feel like better than the last, if that could even be possible. :)

    The article from Cicely Janus about Telluride concert was awesome! It’s so great to see someone that knows great music acknowledge Taylor’s & LiMBO’s talent. And of course I’m just in heaven over the review of the McKinney concert. :)

  82. NolaMar, Like them both #2 is a little softer with the coloring.


  83. Hey Y’all, we had a great time!!! Taylor was HOT and funny and amazing!!! I have some pics at my facebook, but nowhere near anything the quality of NolaMars. There is a cute one of me with Tay though, I got as close as I could.
    The guys are all so talented and extremely sweet. What a great and talented group, I LOVE them all.

  84. henry8 – what’s your handle on twitter? I want to send you a DM! Thanks!

  85. Never mind! I got it :)

  86. Henry, He always looks like he having a great time!! Thanks for posting!!

    Came across this while looking for old family pics. This is the night I met and had dinner with Joe Namath at a dinner honoring him, I have a pic with me and him together I’ll be damned if I can find it, LOL!! :)


  87. I’m here catching up. I’ve had a rough week. LOL, Jersey! Broadway Joe, isn’t that his nickname? haha My memory isn’t what it used to be and my brain is working kind of slow right now.

  88. Chill you work entirely too much! I’m worried about you, girl!

    Tish,I know I was on a high for a couple of days. I worked on my pics & vids but now am having to focus on other things. Cool how Taylor just took off for a Mexico vacation right from the TX shows. He sure is getting attached to the West Coast, no?

    Between the FloraBama concert, two NOLA shows, and the two Tx shows, I did about 1700 miles in weeks. I’m not even interested in listening to music – I’m sated for the time being. LOL I have been sick though for 2 days. I leave for Vegas tomorrow evening for 4 days! Whoohoo! Have not been since I was 18. That was many moons ago.

    Chill, did you see the pic of T on the couch at that club in Baja? My oh my.

  89. Chill, Yes they called him Broadway Joe, LOL

    NolaMar, Have a great trip!

    Hahaha!! Going through the pics found one of me in my white GoGO Boots, classic!


  90. Love it JI! And how do you get your scanned old pics to look so great? Mine always look horrible!

  91. NolaMar, Kayla showed me when you scan them and open them, the little box made of dashes, click on it and surround the pic, copy then go to paint and paste it, save it from there, they come out beautiful. I have been having so much fun going through all the old family photos have come across some gems completely forgot about!


  92. Looking great in those boots JI.

    Taylor was on fire in Texas.

  93. Thanks, Nola, for the What’s Right is Right from McKinney! LOL What on earth made him sing about court reporting? Maybe he’s had his deposition taken lately. haha!! I wanted to tweet to him that we use both hands. :-) And, of course, that one’s in the vault. #thankyouverymuch I guess he was saying, in his way, that his every move and every word is being reported somewhere. :?: Man, I love that guy. :lol:

  94. Nola, I’ve been out of the loop. Now where are you going? I hope you have air miles.

    Now on my way to see Jersey in her go-go boots. I had a pair, but they were only made for walking in my own yard, because I was too little to go off the block. :-)

  95. Oh, sorry, I see you’re going to Vegas! haha!! I’m trying to get a crash course in what I’ve missed. And where is the Baja couch picture?

    Yeah, I know I work too much, but I’m working on reducing the load. I’m involved in intense negotiations. :-)

  96. What a cool chick you are, Jersey!! I love those boots. We’re going to kick ourselves one day for not hanging onto them.

  97. Chill, the McKinney Performing Arts Center in in the old historic McKinney Courthouse. The original judges bench, spectator seats, wood floors, etc are all still there. We were in an actual courtroom hence the comments. :)

    I’m off to Vegas for 4 days! Remember the San Diego thing last year & in the spring? It’s the same thing. The smaller mid-year board meeting is in the fall, then the full blown convention will be in the spring, also in Las Vegas. This is sort of like a preview trip for the board members & spouses.

  98. Try this link for the couch pic. There a bunch of him performing with the house band at this resort he’s holed up in.

  99. hahaha!!!! Now I get it! OMG, I am out of the loop — way out! That is so freaking great. Have fun in Vegas, Nola!

    Now off to look at couch pic.

  100. Oh, thats where the court reporter remarks came from. I wondered about that.

    Don’t feel bad about being out of the loop Chill.
    There are times when I run on to things here and there that make me wonder if I have ever known what is going on. Things that make me go hmmm and what??
    But enjoying the music and hanging around the periphery of Taylors adventures is good enough.

  101. Yeah, thought I was something else in those boots!!

    NolaMar, One thing I forgot to mention in the paint when you save the pics. Where you write your description there is a drop down below it change it to JPG or it won’t save to your album. Have a wonderful time in Vegas.

    Love the couch pic, he just looks so relaxed and natural.

    Henry, On fire for sure in Texas!!


  102. Hi! Haven’t been here in an age due to little Tay Tay. He is spoiled and getting fat and sassy, although he still sneezes and I’m beginning to think he always will. Nothing like having ur face, furniture and food and drink sprayed with cat snot!

    NolaMar, when you met Tay in Texas is he aware you are the one who posts all those great pics of him?

    Luv the boot pic JI.

    henry, the fantourage postings still drive me nuts and don’t think anyone is counting those. Seems Taylor’s new twitter strategy is to ask a ? to occupy fans, or post a tweet linking to a pic or some promo of him or his buds. I think he is a bit sick of all of us regular tweeters. Hope none of the fans he follows send him DM’s. Can’t understand why any fan of anyone would think a celeb would want to read DM.

    Chill how is your back? All better I hope.

    NolaMar thanks for all the pics and vids.

    Just being a gossip and speculator, but T. may have been to Mexico with his CA female bud. Must say that girl is fun and spicey from the tweets I’ve read. I just loved those 2 serious/non smiling pics he allowed her to take and post. Serious couch and boat pics were so sexy and real!

  103. Cochem thanks for the snippit, very cute, he better be careful asking for more, they might give him what they are wearing. :lol:

    I just zip by the fantourage, no big deal. I don’t think there is anything on the internet that isn’t counted somewhere. Its a little crazy.

    Rosie, I think Taylor has a lot going on both work and personal and tweeting probably isn’t uppermost in his mind. I read somewhere the other day that most celebs don’t care that much for twitter. But they do it. Some are quite talky , others don’t do much of anything. At least we can say something to him once in awhile and he does seem to be reading them.
    I think you are probably right about who T is with.

  104. Howdy from the Palazzo everybody! Vegas is pretty amazing but since I’m not a gambler I think I would get bored here after a few days. I would rather be at the Grand Canyon. LOL We are going to see a show tomorrow night – The Beatles Cirque de Sole thing.I’m sure I butchere3d that spelling.Let me look out my window at the huge billboard and get it right. LOL OK, my zoom was not strong enough. :)

    JI, I ADORE the pic of you in the boots!! It’s so wonderful!!

    Rosie, Taylor does not talk to me. In fact it seems like at every encounter with him he intentionally avoids eye contact. I think he knows who I am though. I just don’t think he likes to acknowledge or give attention to any one fan. He knows his fan base. I was so overwhelmed after the McKinney show I just had to go all fan girly on him and tell him how amazing he was when I got my Flora Bama poster signed. But I think he prob sees me as just another fan with a camera in his face at his shows, though I have been staying back the last few times.

    I should have put more effort into my TX pics. I decided to shoot less and not even bother with changing lenses. I do wish I had shot a few with my better prime lenses in McKinney. (But with Louise being there I didn’t bother and as usual, she got some A++++ shots so I really didn’t need to!)

    Rosie, so glad Tay Tay is better but I do hope he quits blowing kitty snot everywhere!

    I DO wish I could attend the Brooklyn Bowl show as my one last hurrah before withdrawing for a while. That will be a great show all around with that line up.

  105. Chill, you have a LOOONG day today! Hope you get a nice restful Saturday.

    I agree that Taylor does not seem to enjoy interacting with his fans on twitter. Sad – his twitter parties were the best ones of all.

  106. Rosie, Glad to hear TayTay is coming around. When they have had kennel cough your right the cough may never go away or take a real long time for it to disappear, even though they are no longer sick and in need of meds. Years ago I worked for a vet and those kennel coughs were always the thoughest.

    I think alot of it is he is very busy right now and just really doesn’t have the time for twitter parties. Think about it if he is away with a very beautiful lady he is gonna be concentrating on her not worrying about updating twitter and having parties. NolaMar think your right that he does have an idea who is who, but chooses not to acknowledge it.

    Raining really hard here, LOL when I went to the Dr’s today it was pouring and I can’t get my leg wet so the receptionist ran got soaked and got my car for me. Lucky for me I beat the rain home and got here within minutes of the downpour here.

    NolaMar, Have a great time in Vegas!!


  107. This looks likes so much fun. These people don’t know how lucky they were to get these two instead of that god-awful Robin Thicke. :lol:
    They really had no rehearsal but they are good performers and I don’t think Taylor could remember the words to the verse :lol: but it was great.

  108. Henry, Love when he forgets, doesn’t know the lyrics, he just keeps going anyway!!! Did look like they were having a whole lot of fun, but Taylor usually looks like hes having fun when he is on any stage performing.

    So glad to see Nola’s son made it out to Vegas to see her and DH, know they must be thrilled!

    Rosie, Came across some bathing suit pics but none in that one suit we both said we had back in the day. Also saw some other pics with the boots on but they were mostly covered that was the only one with the full view of them, LOL!!!


  109. The performances I’ve seen show a loosly put together show. LOL! Why does it sound like T. substitutes the F word for his forgotten lyrics? Michael jumped in for the rescue, probably thinking Tay was having a seizure! Fun also when Lee sang bout singing out of tune and getting by with a little help from his friends. He was known for occasionaly singing out of tune on AI.

  110. Getting called at the last minute and no rehearsal makes for a loose show. But it was good and fun. They are all good performers.
    And lucky for the people there they didn’t have to listen to that squeaky voiced Thicke. Now thats pitiful.
    People were up and dancing and they got good reviews. Still haven’t seen Taylors harp solo he got mention for.
    After all this time, I’ve sort of grown to like Lee Dewyze a bit, he does wander off tune now and then but when hes on hes not half bad.

  111. Henry, I like Lee’s style of singing. I always thought Michael Johns had a good voice and was shocked he was eliminated so soon on AI. Taylor just sounded so much better than the two of them at the gig and he is the one who most looked and acted like a star. But I’m sure Lee’s fans and Michaels thought they were the highlites of the night.

    Chill, where are you?

  112. MJ finally headlined the Taylor/Lee/Johns video from last week! If ya get a chance, please go over there and make a cool comment! :)

  113. haha I’m in moderation. I’m trying to consolidate names into this one and no more changes unless I become Englebert Humperdink. :lol:

  114. LOL!!! Sorry, Henry! ParleyBlue/Henry! hahaha I’ve had a zillion things to accomplish this weekend. I haven’t been home except to crash out. Next week is going to be worse. :-( After that, things will hopefully calm down.

  115. PBH, LOL, another new name!!

    Rosie, I liked Lee also, but he does go off key quite often, which takes away from the song he is doing. Taylor was the pro and handled himself as such, Michael seems to be a really good showman also.

    Chill, Hope it all calms down soon for you!!

    Well they said today was supposed to be the worst of the rain that was on its way, its been sunny and beautiful all day that works for me!!


  116. I’ve been keeping up with you all as well as I can with my phone. I hope you’re all doing well!

    Oh, and someone has a birthday coming up. :lol:

  117. Feel free to call me Henry :lol: Its easier. I just wanted to get the names together as many places as i can. This is the one I like best.
    When I first got on the boards and blogs after Taylor won idol, I was so uninformed that I didn’t know you could keep the same name everywhere. I thought I had to come up with a new name for everything I joined. When I finally figured it out I was all over the map. And for a few things I don’t want a familiar name, its nobodys business who I am.

    Don’t you wish we all had enough money we could plan a big birthday party for Taylor in Vegas and get so wild that the police came and we could make the papers
    ” Taylor Hicks fans arrested at big Hicks birthday bash”
    Publicity for Taylor. :lol: :lol:

  118. Chill, You and Taylor have a Birthday coming up very soon!! Can’t believe my Brodie will be 25 10/14, where does the time go?????

    Henry, You’ll always be Henry to me, I do get what you are trying to do. Before I started posting I didn’t realize folks had so many names they went by. When I started posting I would talk to someone go somewhere else and they would talk to me there, for awhile I had no clue they were one in the same person!! BL was the one who told me I what I didn’t realize, LOL!!!


  119. So when’s your B’day? I guess I’ll just text you happy B’day for the next week or so. Eventually I’ll be right. ; )

  120. I always remember that when I started reading and posting in 08, I thought just about every fan was nuts. Now I can see how cliques started and trouble began. Being truthful, the gung ho fans seemed as nutty as the so called haters.

    There are still cliques. I don’t do the FF thing because for one thing, I’d be afraid I’d exclude someone and it is so time consuming. I think it would be a good idea for those that do the FF to list Taylor along with 4 or 5 other celebs they like, especially celebs with lots of followers. I don’t get why the SP buds choose to FF each other on his timeline.

    Funny that Tay was tweeted about being on the plane and then later going to see that Broadway musical. He can’t even hide in the Big Apple. God love him. Also Ms. Lotti missed tweetin for 5 days while T was in Mexico. Spies and detectives everywhere! lol

  121. I try to keep up with the FF stuff, but it is time-consuming. I try to include Taylor with other musicians and Ore with celebrity chefs and food people. LOL! But as of late, I’ve had no time for Follow Friday.

    Hey, Rosie, how’s the kitty?

    So Wednesday he’s at the Brooklyn Bowl? Or am I confused?

    And I don’t know anything about me having a birthday soon. Taylor’s the one having the birthday.

  122. Oh yeah, chill has a birthday coming up , when is that? :-)

    I have never really understood the whole #FF thing. I guess its to help people get followers but I dont’ really care for myself and its hard for me to believe anyone reads them. Maybe they do. I do try to stick Taylors address wherever I think someone might be interested since its important that he get followers.

    That paticular Broadway play interests me. Good one.

    Don’t think we have the “Get By With a Little Help From Your Friends” . MJ put this up and a few tried to turn it into a “My Idol can beat up your Idol ” thing. You just got to laugh. :-)
    I really thought they all did a good job. They ain’t Taylor but I like Lee and Michael. I think Michael and Taylor have known each other for awhile. I remember Michael going to a CA show of Taylors. I would love to know what Lee said to Taylor when he walked over to Taylor at about the 3:36 mark. Taylor seemed pleased. Hard to say.

  123. The only entertainer I know on that stage is Taylor. Guess I’m out of the loop. The audience looked like they were really having a great time and that’s what is important.

  124. I don’t have birthdays anymore. :-) I swear.

  125. Oh, by the way, happy birthday chill! WOOT!

  126. It was your birthday yesterday chill? It was my oldest son’s birthday yesterday too. He’s your birthday twin. :) Hope you had a good day/evening.

  127. Aw, how did we all miss your birthday Chill? Hope you had some fun and something special happened!

  128. I did not have a birthday yesterday. hahaha Honest! And I’ve told you, I’m not having any more. :) So stop already. :lol:

  129. You guys are hilarious! Hook me up to a lie detector; I did not have a birthday.

    But thank anyway!

  130. Well who started that rumor that you were a year older? LOL

  131. Can’t wait to watch the LCL vids when I get home!

  132. I’m the guilty one about someone’s birthday! Knew it was near Taylor BD but we won’t mention it anymore, LOL!!!


  133. Happy B’day chill!! hehehehe

  134. Happy Belated Birthday Chill. I swear it seems like just a few months ago that we were tweeting Tay to wish you happy birthday. I’ve only been tweeting for a yr. but I recall tweeting him to wish you something, so it must have been your 2010 birthday.

    Taylor must like NYC given he arrived there yesterday. I swear he loves the celebrity lifestyle, as in fame and wealth and luxuries. Wish he had more of what he deserves.

  135. just watched the video, Taylor really shines, and after the Mckinney performanace, I can’t for the life of me figure out why he is not a mega super star, blows my mind.

    Happy B-Day CHILL!!

  136. patay, he’ll get there…..Taylor was made to be a star.

  137. You gotta read this interview by American Blues News with Taylor!!

  138. Tish, Very nice interview, thanks for bringing it over!!


  139. hahahahaha!!!!!!! Um, sorry, it’s not my birthday!! I keep tellin’ ya.

  140. Hoping some sort or audio or video surfaces from tonight. I saw where an associate producer of a espn nascar show tweeted last night that he was listening to John Popper and Taylor Hicks shredding it on harmonica. Popper is considered to be one of the best ever. Good on Taylor.
    Personally I think Taylor is ever bit as good. Heres a little of Popper.

  141. Here’s your chance to own a pair of autographed leather lounging shoes autographed by You Know Who! I’m sure he touched them! :lol: Pass the info around!

    This auction is for the American Humane Association (Studio City, CA)

    Time Left 8d 17h 54m
    Online Close Oct 7, 2011 8:00 PM EDT
    Number of Bids 0
    Opening Bid $130.00 (Value: $260)
    Next Minimum Bid $130.00


    American Idol Taylor Hicks Autographed Shoes – Leather lounging shoes with “Soul Patrol” signed on each. Also includes a 5 x 7 photo of Taylor Hicks.

  142. John Popper is great on the harp & a good blues singer, but the pitch of his harmonica’s hurts my ears just a bit. He seems to stay in a very high-pitched range. I don’t know much about harmonica’s other than they come in different keys. It seems the key he uses isn’t compatible with my hearing. I can listen to him, but only for a little while.

    Taylor’s tone and pitch on the harp is pure joy for my ears. :)

    I hope the shoes bring in lots of money for the charity.

  143. Not sure this is gonna work, my brother’s best friend since they were 5 yrs old they are now 60 is Danny Kass’s dad. Danny won the Silver Medal in the 2002 & 2006 Winter Games for the Half Pipe, my brother is his Godfather. His Dad just put up this commericial Danny will be in for Nike thought it was great, BTW Danny is the spitting image of his Dad:


  144. Henry, I agree Taylor is just as good, he makes that harp scream when he plays has a style all his own!

    ss, Thats pretty good “lounging shoes” I call them slippers, LOL!! :)


  145. He’s cute, Jersey!! And how cool! You know quite a few famous people, can you hook me up with Keanu Reeves?

    Finally a night off! It’s going to be a Taylor Hicks marathon for me. Starting with the interview tish posted, then onto the Brooklyn Bowl.

    And, sweetsmoke, LOL!! Value of the lounging shoes is $260, want to wager on the winning bid?

  146. Chill, haha! He is a cutie! His Dad would always defend me when my brother would tease me as only big brothers can. Craig actually lived with us for 3 years. In their sophmore yr of hs he just never went home, stayed until he left for college!
    Another famous one who used to live up the street from me was David Cassidy! My Dad used to date his Mom in HS they went to the senior dance together. My brother and David used to play together, we moved what was called up the hill when our house was built but Kevin and David stayed in touch through HS. Also found out that Kelly Preston John Travolta’s wife was born and raised in my hometown, never knew that one. Carol King lived a couple of blocks from me, she was very good friends with my friend’s sister, they still keep in touch. On this site about my hometown they had a whole thing about the song “Pleasant Valley Sunday” that she wrote and the Monkee’s sang. that Carol wrote it about the street I grew up on, the guy who produced the Monkees album also from our town said thats exactly what she wrote the song about! i have been having a blast on this site. Tom Cruise grew up in the town next to us, vut he worked in a ice cream palor in my hometown while in HS.

    So glad you have some time off to yourself!!


  147. Love that Nike ad JI! Very cool about your connections to him.

    “Lounging Shoes” is hilarious!! Yeah, my first thought was “they look like slippers to me.” Ha!

    Well, now, I just found out who the young guy we hung out with (the Jeff, Mitch & David) after the McKinney show was – Freddie Long! I can’t believe it. My f***ing hearing. It was noisy in the bar and I couldn’t follow the convo. Later on the porch, the bar had closed but I had brought an extra six-pack. I shared it, and in the end divided the last one between me, Freddie and Mitch Jones. Someday when he’s famous I’ll be able to say I shared my beer with Freddie Long. ;) Haha!

    Mac’s harp duet vid is absolutely killing me. Seriously!

  148. Henry, that’s a great popper clip! I like him. I’ve seen some really great harp players here. Taylor is my favorite but I love Johnny Sansone & Jason Ricci, and the guy that plays harp for Little Freddie King is REALLY good. His name is Bobby Lewis DiTullio. Saw them open for Gary Clark Jr at HOB a few weeks ago.

    Here’s Johnny playing with Anders Osborne & Stanton Moore at the Louisiana Music Factory during Jazz Fest. It’s right across the street from the NOLA HOB. (The first time I ever brought T a “present” it was a t-shirt from here, some CDs & Pralines.)

  149. Chill an you embed vimeo? I know we can’t.

    Taylor Hicks and John Popper “Fortunate Son” with Jamie McLean, Brooklyn Bowl

    EDITED BY ME: I don’t think I can do it either, Nola. I tried. :-) I can’t be late for work. I’ll be back on Sunday when I have some time.

  150. Chill, my son was in a movie with Keanu Reeves.

  151. Keanu Reeves, I die! I’ve watched all his movies. Couldn’t tell you what any of them were about though. :lol:

  152. Chill, I’ve never met Keanu Reeves, but a couple of ladies I work with going back about 10-11 years ago, they were in NYC and he was filming, they watched. Later they stopped at a Deli to get lunch and who walks in but Keanu, sat right next to them, was very friendly, took pics, signed autographs and paid for their lunch!

    Rosie, So cool your son was in a movie with Keanu!

    I agree the harp playing vid’s are killers, he has such a gift the way he makes that harp come alive. Thought Popper was good, but there is something about Taylor’s style that just grabs you and won’t let go!


  153. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHILL!!! Have a great day!!

    Hope it embeds!


  154. Thank you!!! I’ll be working the next two days. :-)

  155. Haha JI! That’s cute! I usually tweet or post the one of Paul doing the song live.

    Sorry you have to work Chill, but hope you have a great “last” birthday anyway!! We love ya girl!!

  156. I was so happy that Taylor got into a twit party mood while waiting to fly out of NY. I think he does a great job with the back and forth quips. I prefer his twit parties to his scheduled chats, although the last chat he had was a good one because he was loosey goosey.

    My favorite thing Taylor does is his singing. I’ll take him singing some of my favorite covers over his harp playing anyday, although it is obvious he is proud of his harp skills. I think it was a good thing he was not allowed to play the harp on AI. because I would not have wanted to miss a second of his singing. I got all caught up in watching him do You Are So Beautiful, the other day. All 3 of the top three were good singers who brought their game top 3 night, with their 3 songs, but I was surprised their votes were so close.

    Chill, Happy Birthday! You are still young! Can’t believe I have 3 middle aged kids! When does middle age start these days? Is 35 still young or is it middle age?

  157. haha!! Rosie, Brodie will be 25 on 10/14 said to me last night, have less than a month then I’m over the hill, its all down hill from there!!
    I love his singing too, but when he starts wailing on that harp, he is just so intense, put it with the fantastic vocals, oh my!!

    NolaMar, Thought the vid was cute and funny!


  158. Good question, rosie! Hmm, middle age is, I guess, 50. Isn’t it? Ah, hell, it’s all downhill after 40.

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

    I guess 9/140 characters was too much to ask for. :lol:

  159. Happy Birthday Chill!! :)

  160. Aw Chill sorry you didn’t get your BD tweet. I sent him a few about your BD, guess he wasn’t in a tweeitng mood.


  161. My niece just posted this Lily standing with a little help from Dad:


  162. Cute picture of Lily :)

  163. My name was messed up, let me see if this is working.

  164. Anybody seen any vids from the Frog Festival yet? I will be looking. I think Tays pool pic must be in the Gulf Shores, hes got a Birmingham show tomorrow.
    Cute pic of Lily, JI!

  165. My avi should have changed. Get with the program wordpress. :-)

  166. Henry, there are vids now from Fayette. And that is not Gulf Shores. See the cliffs, the rocks? LOL Nothing like that on the AL coast. I think it’s a pic left over from his visit to Mexico 2 wks ago. Unless he flew out there again after the Frog Festival, and is flying back for the Tuscaloosa show tomorrow. Is he that crazy? Maybe. :)

  167. I wondered about the cliffs Nola, but I am not real familiar with the geography down there and thought there might be somewhere that I wasn’t aware of. He usually tweets from wherever is is at the time but you never know. It could be a leftover from last week, but Yeah, he just might fly out and and back that quick. :lol:

    I have to go grocery shopping so the vids will have to wait till tonight. Wanting to see Midnight Rider. Hoping that one is there. Stick some vids here if you get the chance.

  168. I figured it was a leftover pic, don’t know how he would do that fly out then back for tomorrow, but I guess hes done stuff like that before.

    I’ve looked for vids haven’t found anything yet.

    Yikes, north Jersey is expecting flurries tonight, not us, I’m so not ready for that to start again!


  169. Had to put up the one I took time to look at. Great jeans!!

    I think he hurt his finger probably because he doesn’t use a pick. :-) Love that dancing.

  170. I think Taylor said one time that playing without a pick is tough on the hands. Maybe he’ll start trying to use one, but that would be hard to juggle when switching out with the harp.

    Here’s Midnight Rider

    Taylor’s getting skinny…had to hitch up his jeans in one of the videos. He’s looking good. :D

  171. Anyone know what song he was tagging in this video?
    What’s Right Is Right

  172. Henry, He did seem as though his finger might be hurting.

    tish, Thanks for finding and bringing these over, loved both of them. Couldn’t figure out what song was in the tag either, he did a great job though!!


  173. I think some people think Taylor is rude when he is not very talkative. At the Flamingo room in Houston, he seemed to tired before the show and I noticed in my pic with him his eyes are all red. He wasn’t rude but was just signing, taking pics and getting people through the line; he still had VIP M&Gs to get to. The next night he was very funny, talkative during and after the show. I’m sure he gets wore out at times.

  174. tish, i could not figure out what he tagged…but diane has up on her video site the setlist

    Setlist 5:00 pm show
    Hey Pocky A-Way
    The Deal
    Back to Louisiana
    What’s Right is Right
    ***In the Afternoon (variation)
    ***Wild West End (Dire Straits)
    Maybe You Should
    Why Does Love Got to be so Sad?
    I Live on a Battlefield
    Seven Mile Breakdown
    ***Running on Empty

  175. i couldn’t figure out that tag either and it was driving me nuts. I thought he said something about Wild West. I’m off to look it up. Sometimes I think he takes bits of songs and makes them his own. Nobody does it better.

  176. Thanks for that set list cochem. There’s a lot of songs he knows that I’m just not familiar with but the cool thing is that I’ve learned a whole lot more about music since following Taylor’s career. :)

  177. I love how Henry is the defender of the shirt. LOL I never said a bad word about the shirt and in fact like it. I just teased Taylor cause he had worn it so often and fans had been tweeting about it behind his back. When he responded back to me with get a grip, I was a bit worried I offended him. But, who knows he just might have been in the mood to engage in some smart ass tweets. Touche.

    Due to this male kitten, running havoc everywhere in my condo, I’ve had no time to check the Frog vids. I think Tay Tay’s balls removal is happening about 10 days too late. This is worse than when I had 2 male toddlers. No one warned me bout all the poop, the scattered litter, the tripping over, the 3 knocked over lamps so far, and that all funiture and every possesion would be his plaything. And forget trying to use dental floss in his presence. Seriously hoping his balls excision will help.

    I see I left out the r in furniture! Ha Funiture Fits!!!

  178. rosie, I had a feeling T got a laugh from your response when he told you later to “keep dreaming” :lol:
    Its also possible that he didn’t appreciate being told he wore it too often. Who really knows? I’m so fond of it, I don’t think he can wear it enough.
    I hope peoples unsolicited opinions don’t make him abandon it altogether. Not every audience has seen it by a long shot.
    My main beef was someone telling him to burn it. Pissed me off. Like they would know what a good stage shirt is.

    I think the cat will calm down some with the removal. Should help.
    They are all different. I remember one male cat we had that was never fixed but he was so calm I had to wonder if he was alive at times.

  179. Rosie, TayTay should calm down a bit after he is clipped. They can get into so much! just replaced a lamp in my LR they knocked it over one to many times, LOL Brodie had this stuff that keeps it in place on the table and won’t tip as easily!

    I like that shirt. I think he wears what he feels comfortable in no matter how many times he wears it. Think he was just being a smart ass with you Rosie. Even when he tweeted me that day, not sure if when he said “sure” was sure I’ve met and sat in with Nasty Ned or sure you’ve met him, LOL. With him you never know.


  180. I’m trying to hold off on a new post for you-know-who’s birthday. :lol:

  181. chill- I’ll take a wild guess…Simon Cowell?LOL

  182. Cochem!! Ding-ding-ding! LOL Yes, I adore Simon!

    But Facebook tells me it’s Josh’s birthday too. Learn something new every day. :lol:

  183. Chill, hahaha!! Taylor, Simon and Josh all share the same Birthday! I’ve only watch a bit of the XFactor think the show is terrible, no reason that some of these folks are being put through, Tommy and I think they are putting some through to make fun of them in the next round, no other reason cause they can’t sing to save their life!!



    Check out the photo gallery, 2nd pic, Taylor with the gymnastics team.

  185. Word on the street is that Taylor taped a cooking segment and more for Talk of Alabama this morning. May be on tomorrow.

  186. Thanks Henry. I saw the article but didn’t realize there were more pics in a gallery.

  187. Taylor really looked nice at the DCH event. He always dresses up a little more for charity events which I think is shows respect for the people that give their time to put on the events. Just one more concert this month and then Taylor will be going into hiding for a while……I hope some of that time is in Nashville working on the new album. :)

  188. Tish put this on twitter. I don’t know how he does but every version is different. Never get tired of any song he does. I really can’t think of another artist I can say that about.
    Check out the girls that come up to the stage to get a pic with him while hes singing. hahaha

  189. Henry, I’m with you, never get tired of watching/listening to the same song over and over as he changes them up each time to keep them interesting.

    NolaMar, My cousin put this pic up on FB don’t know where she got it, its a rare sunset in the North Pole, just beautiful:


  190. Taylor taking a picture with pretty girls in the middle of a song just cracked me up!! :D

    Beautiful photo JI, it almost doesn’t look real.

  191. Another on Tish put on twitter. I love how he starts this out like country rock and then inserts jazzy sax in the middle of it. Damn, he is good. The gymnastics coach that said he was amazing got it right. I’m liking Wynn with the band.

  192. Henry, tish, Nice!!

    Here is the wording that was attached to that pic of the North Pole:

    Sunset at the North Pole. This is one of the rarest pictures that you will ever… see in your life when the moon was closest to the earth. The date the picture was taken Thursday, the 13th. of March 2011.
    This is the sunset at the North Pole with the moon at its closest point last week.
    a scene you will probably never get to see in person, so take a moment and enjoy God at work at the North Pole.
    And, you also see the sun below the moon, an amazing photo and not one easily duplicated. You may want to pass it on to others so they can enjoy it.
    The Chinese have a saying that goes something like this:
    ‘When someone shares with you something of value,
    you have an obligation to share it with others!’
    I just did..
    Your turn


  193. Gotta have this one here ;)

  194. Hey Chill & everyone! Thanks for the awesome vids. If Taylor does go into hiding, I hope it is in Nashville. Maybe he could resurface occasionally at the Exit/In, Mercy Lounge, Cannery Ballroom….can I get an amen?

  195. Amen! LOL!

    I’m here on the backside trying to line up video for Taylor’s Happy Birthday post. :lol: I’ve come across some that are hilarious!

  196. Can’t wait to see what you do for T’s birthday this year. Last year’s was pretty awesome :D

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