So he does take advice from fans, LOL!

** Picture from TaylorHicksNews — Thank you!

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  1. Very nice picture. I loved the shirt , very Vermontish.
    Looks a lot like one I bought for my husband. :-)

  2. Oh and it sounds like Taylor has the perfect day planned.
    I see where the people who are filming his segment for AI are on their way to Hoover. Bet he will be tied up with them for a couple days. And then WA on the 25th. Sounds like a busy week ahead.

  3. Very Vermontish, :lol: ! Perfect description of his new look.

  4. LOL, was going to bring that pic over but I’m still typing for Tommy we are doing revisioins now. Vermontish is just perfect! I think all men have one that looks like that I know Tommy has a couple very close to that plaid, he likes the red’s.

    Henry, It does sound like he will have a busy week, hope he relaxes today BBQing and watching the NFL. haha keep asking Tommy if there is football he wants to watch but he keeps plugging away at these revisions, he took a break to take a shower so I get a break!


  5. I thought I’d bring his banner pic over here for this blog too. Just think it is very cool. If you think about it probably not many remembered him going to school there, just 4-5 years ago. He has accomplished a lot.

    Maybe you can make me a pic, Chill. :-)

  6. Lumberjack girl approves of that shirt!

  7. That picture just makes me wanna jump him! Raw like! :lol:

  8. hahaha!! Taylor got cut out, BRB.

  9. I know, sweetsmoke, the pic is great and my thoughts are impure.

  10. LOL, The mind does tend to wander looking at his great pics, I know what you mean!!!

    Was thinking of Taylor as I was grilling my steaks tonight! It got really hot here again, we were going to close the pool this weekend, Tommy said nah, I’m going back in, was floating around with his cooler of beer and chips!!!


  11. Check this one out. Great song, Great voice. Lots of mind wandering.
    From Skeeter at Bay Shore.

  12. Henry, Saw it, fantastic, what an incredible voice and presentation, mind is wandering, LOL!!!


  13. rosie, saw what you wrote. I opined about it in the last blog. But you got it right, creepy was exactly the right word, without any idea of the details, up his ass telling him what he should do like he was a mentally slow 10 year old, and then telling each other how brilliant they are, and they still don’t get it.
    Never will.

  14. Little reverb but I love watching this.

    i saw a pic of the lady thats interviewing Taylor tomorrow. Hope he doesn’t get too flustered. :-)
    Bet she finds him the most interesting of the idol winners.

  15. Sometimes I have no idea what you all are talking about. I need a road map. haha! Doh! :lol:

  16. haha Is it a little like herding cats? :lol:

  17. i’m going to put HOAD here too. Its such a good one.

  18. Hi lumberjack girl. Are you new here? ;)

    Hi everyone! Reading, catching up, but no time to gather my thoughts or watch vids etc.. DD & family here for their last two days. Leaving tomorrow. Crying many tears already. My life will be less crazy after DSIL leaves on Thursday. Still hoping for southern date announcements SOON. Will be going to NC for 7-10 days late Oct/early Nov. Will die if miss any shows near me.

  19. Rosie, I also read that old blog found it creepy and disturbing. I remember back when it first appeared and I read it, felt the same way. Why would anyone tell someone how to conduct their life, he needs to do what he feels is the right thing for him, not what some think he should be doing with his life/career. I remember thinking what I often think now,” do what I want this is what I want to see from you”, not doing Grease or anything else that might help his career and bank account, just do what I want.

    Henry, Thanks for bringing over the vids wonderful, wonderful!!!

    NolaMar, They are leaving tomorrow, I am sure this is gonna be very difficult for you, my heart goes out to you. Keeping fingers crossed that a southern date happens when you are around!!


  20. THN just put up this “Pictorial Review” of his Vt show, thought I’d bring the whole blog post over, really, really nice pics:


  21. Chuckle–Chuckle–Chuckle–Chuckle :lol:

    Where is that Taylor talk gear Chill?
    The blind leading the blind, the goofy leading the clueless. Its hysterical but rather entertaining , I guess. :lol:

    JI, the reason I thought the word creepy fit so well was because I got the same feeling when that lady in “Misery” was so full of advice for that author. She always knew what he should be doing. She knew what was best. :lol:

    I don’t know why anyone would want to be in his head. I’m pretty sure we would not be welcome there. :-)

    follow-blocked?? :-)

    Great pics, JI. I may have to put a few of them up later if they saved. Just a gorgeous talented man.

  22. Ever wonder how people you have blocked know exactly what you tweet? I think that falls under neurotic and obsessive/compulsive behavior……… just sayin…… ;)

    Karma is gunna come out and bite someone in the ass someday!

    BTW, check out tonight…. they were covering Taylor’s AI Shoot today at Boutwell Studios! Could be some great stuff there!

  23. I think JI from the same person as your pic, I saved 10 or so from facebook , they are all so good I can’t decide which ones to use. When he is working, the emotion just jumps out at you.
    And check out those eyelashes. :lol:

  24. Sounds like Taylors Dad made an impression on the interviewer today. Thats very. very nice.

  25. Henry, Thought the pics were great thats why I bought the whole post over, thanks for putting some of them up. From what I have read Dr H was a hit with the interviewer, must run in the family, LOL!!! Creepy was a good word to describe it, you just can’t get inside someone’s head just not gonna happen, no matter how much you may think you know someone you just don’t know what goes into there decsion making process and you know what its none of anyones business the why’s and how comes, your here to enjoy his career and music thats it.

    sweetsmoke, The only thing I can think of if someone blocks you and still wants to read your tweets they must be using the search and putting in @with the twiiter name. If someone blocks you why would they still want to read what you have to say, makes no sense. I guess to each their own.


  26. I read her blog JI, loved what she said about Taylor, someone said she was tweeting some friends during the show telling them they made a big mistake by not being there.
    I do think these small shows at these really nice venues are doing some good.
    The pics I put up are by her but some different ones she had on facebook. Even better ones I thought.
    NFF has a thread , I think its in their twitter thread with larger pics and more of them, just beautiful.

    I think they had a good time filming that segment for AI, just so much to look at with Taylor, he had a lot more of a life before AI then most others.
    And in many ways, hes had a lot more of a life since AI then many others. He is a fascinating person, always.

  27. She was his Number 1 Bestest Fan. :lol:

  28. I’m hoping these AI segments will be used in conjunction with a possible mentor or guest judging spot on the show, cuz Taylor mentioned at one time that Idol was considering using past winners on a rotating basis at the judges table.

    These segments seem pretty extensive – with family members and all – and filming Taylor at Oasis and in the Boutwell recording studio… seems this is for more than a 30 sec Idol promo for the season.

  29. Just saw Taylor’s tweet with the Alabama in lights and his name on the marque doesn’t get much better than that in his hometown!! I didn’t read her blog but did read her tweets, she seemed really impressed.

    sweetsmoke, I thinking like you its more than a 30 second spot, they went to the winners in their hometowns they are going into detail. I would love to see the winners mentor/judge, they used a second place winner last year Adam, thought he did pretty good he seemed to take it seriously from what I remember he gave good advice.


  30. I saw that marquee in B’ham, 2007. Ah, memories. I hope his spot is great!

  31. Maybe all of Tay’s fans can kidnap him and we can tie him to a big bed. No knives or instruments allowed to break his legs or harm him. Then in groups we could take turns surrounding him on the bed. Those of us who luv what he does can just stare at him and maybe rub his forearms. Those who have complaints or career suggestions can have their chance to surround his bed and verbalize them. Lastly, the 3rd group of fans can have their chance to tell him all about their families and make him look at pics of their children. We’d all could call ourselves, Taylor’s Misery Brigade.

  32. Hi guys!!! So much to read, so little time and then there’s the work thing. :D

    Can you point me to the blog you’re talking about? I’d like to read the interview.

    Watching the Saints -49er’s game. Pretty good tactical stuff.

  33. All I get is forearms?? :lol:

    “Misery” some may be, but he gets quite the kick out of most of his fans and their families.

  34. Julie! Long time no see. :lol: Except on Twitter. I can’t help you with the blog they’re talking about because I’m lost. Jersey, Henry, we need clarification. Where is this blog of which you speak?

  35. juliegr, are you talking about the blog with the tay pics from Vermont? It wasn’t an interview just her impressions of the show.

    Just a guess but I would think the spots will be around 3 to 4 minutes long. Can’t imagine them giving up much more of the show than that. But maybe. And like they always do they shoot hours of stuff to get those few minutes. Kind of a shame that good stuff gets wasted but probably no one can see it but AI. Hope he gets a good editor.

  36. I don’t want the forearms. You take ’em.

  37. Well, I’ll take them if its the only choice I got. :lol:

    The blog with the pics and stuff.

  38. How YOU doin? , old cows. :lol: :lol:

  39. hahahaha!! Somebody is calling us old cows now? You know there’s a freaking full/fool moon, don’t you? Nuf said. :lol:

  40. Well of course. :-) Of course I know what they look like and well Nuf said. :-)

    One of my favorite songs. Love the lyrics and would love to hear Taylors take on it. His would be less country but I bet very good. I better tweet him to get on that. Or better idea, lets all write what we think of his lifes work and tweet that to him. :lol:

    I’m in a silly mood tonight , but I’m trying to stay out of trouble. :-)

  41. It’s true, the full moon is linked to madness.

  42. Moo. I try to stay neutral with the name calling here and there. I should add a 4th group of fans to surround Tay tied to the bed. That group have selected to neither touch him, preach to him or talk about their families. They just surround him and diss one another. The quadruple Misery Brigade. Taylor may have already had a nightmare or two about it. Ps, Guess since ya read, you noticed I got in trouble again…

  43. I took a sleeping pill, so I’m not going to last long tonight. I have a “thing” in the morning. I need to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

  44. Oh yeah, don’t know why I read. Little escapism after a long day. :-)
    I have been hopping from one twitter to another reading, talk about wasting time, LOL I have come to the conclusion most of the world is nuts.
    I don’t know why you don’t just respond to a PM, I think if someone really needs to speak to you its kind of rude not too. But thats just me. Not everything belongs in public. But whatever floats your boat.
    Oh and if anyone is interested there are reasons for the retweets but I wouldn’t begin to try to explain it . It would just start another controversy, I’m sure. :lol:

  45. Be careful NOT to oversleep Chill. See you later. :-)

  46. I’ve always thought that the bright-eyed would be good in the morning but never been sure just what the bushy-tailed does for you.

  47. I don’t even read over “there.” Why am I always getting dragged in? Yeah, I’m a moo-ing. :roll: I don’t think I’d pass the test for slaughter. I don’t weigh very much.

  48. I’m just about to drift off to la-la land and you put that video up! I’m dying over here. Did ya ever just want to quit the internet?

  49. I will quit when everyone else is gone. :lol:

    You liked my cow, I thought it fairly representative. :-)

    You are probably in bed by now, I got caught up in Taylor. Oh, its just MYS, but so nice, I had not seen this one.

  50. Well, I did not want to but I do have to clarify one thing.
    To the stange person who seems to be obsessed with me. What I smack and drool over is none of your business.
    Beyond a shadow of a doubt I know more about music in one little finger than you have ever known in your entire person.
    And his inspirations are none of my business and none of your business.
    Just something that had to be said.

  51. Excuae me, I must correct an error. Being half asleep, I thought I saw my name, I did not. Post was directed to everyone here not just me. But whatever I said is just what I meant for me. And now I am officially , completely, bored with the whole thing. :roll: :roll:

  52. Henry, LOL The Mad Cow vid, hilarious!! Didn’t know being a size 7-8 was considered being a cow, guess I’m really out of touch with the reality of things!!!

    Rosie, I saw, maybe if you don’t want to respond to pm’s you could let someone know on the board itself you got them and taking it all into consideration. I got a pm once in the old Soul Lounge and couldn’t figure out how to respond to it. LOL.

    Yeah we talk about how good he looks and what he is wearing, but I believe the emphasis is always on the music, what a natural he is. If I was only interested in looks, geez I could just download the pics and be done, but I truley look forward to seeing the vids from his shows, he always amazes me how he can change the songs up each time to make them exciting to hear over and over.


  53. WOW!
    From the Oasis facebook. I hope this makes the footage they pick for the AI show.

  54. Henry, Booo!! Vid won’t load for me, I’ll have to wait until Kayla gets home from school tonight, todays a late night for her won’t be home until 9 I’ll see if she can run it on her puter.


  55. Oh, give me a break. I’ve seen him now, I think, about 13 times in 6 or 7 different states. :lol: You think I’ve done that just to look at him?

    Just mind your own business, um, *coughladiescough*.

  56. Now I have a vision Chill of you traveling from state to state going to shows where Taylor just stands there on the stage and lets you look at him. :lol: :lol:
    I bet it wouldn’t be long before you would be yelling at him to “Sing something, already”!!

    Everyone should check out Ragsqueens blog. Taylor is just an absolute treasure.
    MYS from Tarrytown is just very special. The emotion he shows in his face and in his voice is incredible.

  57. And right now I will just zip my lips and enjoy a good laugh. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  58. Some evil lowlifes ‘somewhere else’ would just LOVE to know Taylor is as miserable as they are :lol:…….. unfortunately for THEM, he’s sitting in a sweet spot in his life – doesn’t take a rocket genius to figure that out. The man is living the good life in every possible way most sane people judge success. Can’t wait for the next chapter! More Broadway? (would be GREAT with me), a juice FILM ROLE? TV SPOT? Another great CD like The Distance? Anything and all would be okay in my book!

  59. Just want to explain something. When Diane posted her comment to me and i responded that I never read even 1 pm telling me not to talk about the BB elsewhere, it was true. However late last night I went to the BB and saw she left me a comment on Sept 2nd which I had overlooked. I’m so used to not looking up above where pm’s are noted.

  60. Rosie – why does Diane think she can dictate to you what, where and whom you can discuss anywhere on the internet? Why shouldn’t you be able to air your opinions anywhere you feel like? Who does she think she is?

  61. I am always forgetting to look for PMs too. :-) I don’t think Diane was dictating, just a little protectiive, I guess.
    But I have to agree this business of not speaking of someone elsewhere just isn’t going to work. If you are going to post on the internet, you might as well accept that it may show up elsewhere with someone elses interpretation. Then all you can do is correct them.
    And by the way, someone who was at the show said that Taylor DID NOT announce a USO show. Simply said he was working on something. Well, I don’t know , I wasn’t there but I suspected that, seems like folks do get carried away when things come out of his mouth and then its probably not all that easy to hear every word. USO supports many shows right here in the US so who knows what he might end up doing. I imagine he will be doing some things for the military but don’t think anyone knows what yet.
    And Sweetsmoke, it seems to me that many downplay the importance of owning your own soul. And just having a soul to own is not bad either.

  62. Sweetsmoke- hmmm- thinking about that one. The BB is a hard place to navigate and fit in with all the long time posters, rules and so many peeps knowing each other and having met each other. I read for a month or 2 before i first made a comment in 09. My style of saying what I think and not just saying I agree and lots of thank you’s is a bit different , but I’ve tried to behave there after having made a few goofs. I have found that even so some don’t like my tone there, but I have no clue what I have posted on that board in the last few months which would have upset anyone. As far as what I say elsewhere about such things as the front row group, and my comment about the tweeter getting on Soulman’s case, I don’t know… I have to assume some of the members think I’m putting down the entire board, or don’t agree with me about selfish fans hogging the prime viewing spots at tay’s shows. I had no clue that so many read or care what I post. Worse yet, I had no clue as to how much I was disliked or how many I have offended.

  63. Here’s the local video did when they covered the AI promo shoot yesterday! Taylor looks SOOOOOOOOOO friggin’ cute!~

  64. Admin One is my WordPress blog name for my video blog, but this is Diane. I could not change the name for some reason.

    I apologize in advance for this kind of post being my first post here, but I am so upset and blown away that I feel I have no choice.

    Rosie and Griz, I NEVER, in any reality, said that Rosie should not post about the Boogie Board or about anything else on other boards. What I said, in more than one ignored PRIVATE MESSAGE, was that I was concerned that she took what she read there, misinterpreted it (on purpose or not) and posted it elsewhere in a negative way and as factual. Case in point is the PRIVATE Message that she has apparently once again misconstrued and has seen fit to discuss publicly on Taylor blogs. She neglected to add that I implored her several times to please have a conversation with me regarding this behavior, as she was upsetting people whose words she has twisted; that I valued her humor and input and her point of view and everyone else’s point of view ON the Boogie. But that when she took conversations from the Boogie, changed them up to make them sound negative and posted them as criticisms, she was understandably upsetting people and asked her to discuss this with me.

    It is astounding to me that she felt she could not respond in a PM where we could have a civil discussion and maybe work out these difficulties and instead has even taken my olive branch PRIVATE message and posted a wrong interpretation of it elsewhere so that someone like Griz is asking who do I think I am?

    I will tell you who I am. I am the kind of person who gives people more than one chance, who believes that courteous discourse is the best way to solve problems and misunderstandings, who has never before banned anyone from the Boogie and believes that all people have worth, that all people can understand when they are hurting another person and have the intelligence and decency to take a look at themselves and consider what they are doing without striking back in anger.

    I apologize for this post, again, but I could not let a PERSONAL attack like this go unanswered. I am just floored.

  65. Well just damn! Why can’t I be lucky enough to be in Taylors head, know exactly how he feels , who he considers his good friends and who he doesn’t. To know how he really feels about things and people. Oh, to know when he totally means exactly what he says and when he is just being diplomatic.
    Why, why , why don’t I know these things? I feel so left out. :lol: :roll:

    And he looks very, very handsome sweetsmoke. That danged AI has rooked me into watching at least once this year. haha

  66. Well of course Henry! Don’t you know that only the people who repeat the faux mantra of ‘it’s all about the music’ know what Taylor is thiinking and what his inner demons are saying? Some people are so full of sh*t, I have to open the windows just to read their bull. :roll:

    And furdermore, the day I see THAT FACE up on my local movie theater screen will be a day to celebrate! You see, it doesn’t have to be all about the music because Taylor is a multi-talented entertainer and he can do everything – successfully. He knows that and we, the enlightened know that as well :)

  67. Taylor is liking the red flannel shirt, LOL, he looked really good sounded great and confident. Hope I’m not reading too much into that, its just he comes across very sure of himself and where he is at.

    I don’t know, never will be privy to whats inside the mans head and what his thought process is for anything, nor do I need to be a part of that. Like sweetsmoke said he is an enterainer capable of doing many things in the entertainment world and given the opportunity why shouldn’t he try whatever comes his way. I find it exciting that he is branching out, we not only get to enjoy his music, but possibly his presence in other areas too, its been a fun ride watching his career evolve and him grow to who he is today.


  68. Yep, I think T would be a born actor, but who knows what will happen there, so many things involved in it. Its one of those things I won’t think much about until I see it. But he has so many different ways he can go , so many different things he can do, it will be fun to watch.

  69. Jusr got this in a google alert its the interview on the vid, but its written out, he said he is pretty excited about the scripts both TV and film he has been given to look at:


  70. Standing O! :lol: Sweetsmoke:

    “And furthermore, the day I see THAT FACE up on my local movie theater screen will be a day to celebrate! You see, it doesn’t have to be all about the music because Taylor is a multi-talented entertainer and he can do everything – successfully.”

    See, now that’s how I feel about things.

  71. Sorry you were in moderation, Diane. I don’t always look at the backside. :-)

  72. And just so you know where I stand. I like all of you: Rosie, Diane, Griz; you know that. I haven’t had time lately to go to any other sites to read, so I have no idea what you’re referencing. I love both the Boogie Board and NFF. Talk it out, if that’s what you want to do, but, please, be respectful to one another.

  73. Hey Chill, you still up? Did things go well today?

  74. This is such a great song!

    “Strange days indeed – Most peculiar momma”!

  75. great song, sweet. :-)

  76. macnh posted this at 6:23 this morning, before the blog was hijacked. LOL I didn’t see it in moderation until now, but the comment is great and I didn’t want you to miss seeing it.

    machnh: “Saw a tweet the other day that made me think that T might not mind a little smacking.” Must have missed that tweet.

    Keep up the pics. It’s not ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC with any artist. Music and sex/sexuality always walk hand in hand. Never more than in this case though.

    Thanks for stopping by, macnh!

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