Happy New Year!


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  1. I become a mother-in-law today. :-)

  2. Congrats!! Were the babies there? Bet it was beautiful.

    Happy New Year to everyone. Tommy and I are going for an early dinner at Cracker Barrel tonight.

    Lily is into this Doc Mc Stuffins had no idea what it was, she is the doctor for toys. My niece sent me a link to order this magnetic set for her. My SIL got her the doll it came with
    a doctor jacket, scope and a lot of other stuff, My niece took a pic with her in the jacket:



  3. Happy New Year’s Eve Chill and everyone! We’re heading to Austin to see Willie Nelson and friends at the Moody Theater. Delbert McClinton will be there also. :)

  4. Happy New Year

  5. parleybluehenry

    Happy New Year to everyone and the new mother in law. Did you get snow there today?
    Heres Taylors pic for the New Year.


  6. The wedding was very nice and although it was cold outside, it was still beautiful. We had lanterns that we let go into the air and sparklers, very nice with the night sky and snow as the backdrop. :lol: Ex hubby, his wife and I hung out. That was interesting. haha!!

    The best part of the night was bonding with the baby. :-) She loves my De Niro imitation. “You talkin’ to me?” “You talkin’ to me?” She laughs and tries to talk back. Love, love, love her.

  7. Hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve!

  8. Hope everyone had a nice New Years Eve!

    Chill, Sounds like the wedding was beautiful!! Don’t you just love when the little ones start to react to things you do!

    Tommy and I went out for an early dinner last night. We were home by 6:00 and just relaxed the rest of the night. LOL, we both fell asleep before midnight, now thats bad. We had a snack around 10, we were watching George Burns and Gracie Allen reruns, they were hysterical together.


  9. Wow, sure is quiet around here!!

    Its been a tough winter here in Jersey lots of snow, ice and just downright cold!!

    Lily’s hair is finally long enough for pig tails:


    With all the cold we have been having, Lily loves the color purple. I love to crochet so I made her a blanket, which kept me warm while making it:


    I am in the process of making one for her Mom:


    Tish, so sorry to hear about your fall, feel better soon! ;)


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